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    American Holocaust- The Killing Of The Spirit (Note: Judicial Accountability will go a long way toward alleviating this problem. -Ron J4J) We are a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2000
      American Holocaust-
      The Killing Of The Spirit
      (Note: Judicial Accountability will go a long way toward  alleviating this problem. -Ron J4J)
          We are a frightened, voiceless, majority. We should be frightened, and we should also be outraged. We are bombarded with violence and crime. We are so exposed to the subject that we now believe if we go out after dark or don't lock our doors we will be raped, robbed, or murdered.
          Since the 1980's violent crime has either held steady or declined, while our prison population has tripled. 
          RAPE- what happens to our boys that are imprisoned because we are passing absurd laws that fulfill the promise to the stockholders of our ever-growing private prisons. "If you build it, we will pass the laws to make sure they come"
          ROBBED- Of the right to make decisions, based on the truth, about issues that are critical in our society. 
          MURDERED- The spirit of the people that have lost hope in a society where the poor are an expendable commodity.
          What they don't say is that CRIME PAYS, and it pays big. I am not talking about the crack dealer on the corner either; I am talking about corporate America. Our crime rate has not risen since the 1980's but our prison population has tripled. It has become such a lucrative business to incarcerate people since the privatization of our prisons that we create laws to insure that the masses of prisons will be filled to capacity upon construction. 1 out of 6 federal prisoners in 1999 were incarcerated for marijuana charges.
          Prisons are competing in the job market; they will furnish labor to companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, Victorias Secret, Texas Instruments, and many more, it is good business with prison wages being .20 to $1.20 per hour. I do not know of another business in this country that can compete with those wages.
      Taxpayer Supplies The Employees,
      Prison Industry Gets Rich

          Slavery is alive and well in America and being controlled by less than 1% of the population. These are the same people that control the media content, and our politicians. Our politicians are doing exactly what we ask them to do, protect us from the
      dangerous criminals, put them in prison. Our exposure and our reactions are very much manipulated. We are dosed with propaganda and polled to be sure it is having the "correct" effect. Any candidate seeking office in this country will be "hard on crime" or he will not be! 
          I do believe it can be stopped, as soon as we come out of the deep sleep and think for ourselves.
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      "When tyranny comes to your door, it will be wearing
      a uniform."                                  --Jack Mc Lamb
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