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We Can Sure Use Your Help

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  • victoryusa@jail4judges.org
    We Can Sure Use Your Help! Hello Patrick James, ppendergast@satx.rr.com: You sound like just the gentleman we need to take this issue to task. A hacker is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2004
      We Can Sure Use Your Help!
      Hello Patrick James, ppendergast@...:
      You sound like just the gentleman we need to take this issue to task. A hacker is hacking into all our Yahoo egroups, and also posing as our email of VictoryUSA@..., and sending viruses.
      Particularly, this hacker is hitting the jail4judges egroup on which over 700 have subscribed, and who are complaining to us. I have thrice filed  complaints with Yahoo abuse, and they do not even acknowledge the submitted complaints. I notified the people on this egroups and asked them to also complain to Yahoo.
      So you seem like the proper person we need on our side to get to the bottom of this problem. I have even changed all our passwords. Please track down either the source, or how to get Yahoo's attention, or the process of reporting this crime. This would be greatly appreciated. Since you have email tracking ability, may I ask if you have anti-hacking ability?  This is clearly manifest criminal activity,  just like jamming TV or radio signals, or intercepting U.S. mail, as well as identity theft to commit a crime. Whoever this is must be getting paid full time to disrupt J.A.I.L.'s outreach. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give us.
      -Ron Branson

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      If you send me another message that has a virus, I will personally find where you are and fly out there and rip your head off.  You had better believe this asshole.  I have been tracking your messages since the first one hit my computer.  I promise you.  Your mother won't recognize you.
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      >Lovely animals

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