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*** Fully Informed Juries v. Judicial Tampering

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    Fully Informed Juries v. Judicial Tampering De facto jury tampering systematically comes from the bench. Bad law has brought to light the outrageous fact that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2000
      Fully Informed Juries v.
      Judicial Tampering

          De facto jury tampering systematically comes from the bench. Bad law has brought to light the outrageous fact that jurors are systematically kept ignorant of their right to Conscience. This offends common sense, since the only real Conscience in our legal system is the jury.
          It is not jurors, i.e., the People, who are to be faulted for disrespecting the law, but rather the representatives of the People, who disrespect the People by creating and supporting laws repugnant to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. By creating and supporting such laws, these "servants of the people" violate their oath to uphold the Constitution. They are frauds, and fraud is intrinsically criminal.
          Unfortunately, many criminal defense attorneys who support fully informed petit juries are vehemently opposed to fully informed Grand Juries. This is a moral contradiction that demands examination since it appears to be an example of the power of money to assert itself over Conscience and the Constitution. No indictment, no trial; no trial, no legal fees. 
          Like petit juries, Grand Juries are assembled from ordinary citizens who are unlikely to be favored by the Establishment. Unlike petit juries, a Grand Jury neither convicts nor acquits; it is an accusatory body that is responsible for the issuing of presentments ordering that indictments be drawn.
          It is essential that Grand Juries as well as petit juries be made fully aware of their power and their duty. It is of crucial importance that Grand Juries be made aware of their independence, so that DA's and prosecutors will no longer be able to manipulate them into indicting "a ham sandwich," i.e., citizens who have done nothing intrinsically criminal and have been wrongly arrested in the first place. Furthermore, those public servants who commit crimes in order to make an arrest can be summoned by the Grand Jury to answer for their crimes. 
          Since America's fundamental problem is legal rather than political, Grand Juries, aware of their power to order investigations, and their duty to issue presentments when emerging evidence indicates culpability, could do more to bring about honesty among public servants than elections can ever hope to do. Does it really matter who holds office if the office holder is forced to obey the undistorted Law of the Land? 
          If "knowledge is power" then the lack of it is surely impotence. Fortunately, there is a cure for the lack of knowledge that has brought us the tyranny of the Prosecutorial State with its parasitic Judicial Industry. The impotence of ignorance can be eliminated by the acquisition of knowledge.
          There is a constitutional remedy for every injury. WE the People must learn to use it.


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