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Unofficial "JAILers"

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    Unofficial JAILers (By Eddy LaBarr, toxic1@ocinet.net) J.A.I.L., J.A.I.L., everywhere J.A.I.L. The fantastic fact about defacto JAILers, is that they come
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2004
      Unofficial "JAILers"
      (By Eddy LaBarr, toxic1@...)
      J.A.I.L., J.A.I.L., everywhere J.A.I.L. The fantastic fact about "defacto JAILers," is that they come in so many colors, circumstances and locations. More and more people are contacting us who are not JAILers, but are JAILers at heart.
      Witness the words of Eddy LaBarr below.
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      From: toxic1
      Sent: Friday, June 11, 2004 7:33 PM
      Subject: Hello Ron

      Hi Ron:   Eddy LaBarr in Colorado here. We're back now after retrieving my 16 year old son from the jaws of Arizona's meat-grinding D.O.C.  He's alright except for Parkinson's type tremors left in the aftermath of reckless medication administration - for profit. We've got a mess here and a big fight brewing up.
      I'd sent you some e-mails regarding JAIL banners on our Libertarian Party site and discussed our fight with the local system here. 
      We won't be able to faithfully be official JAILers here in Colorado, but will be promoting the JAIL agenda and initiatives at every available opportunity.  
      An article appeared in our local paper regarding the local D.A. and a (former prosecutor) judge pushing weak, unmeritorious cases before juries. The jury actually confronted the judge after acquitting a person about this, and it was published.
      I sent in a letter to the editor praising the press for publishing the unbiased critique and expose' and shoved in our case - along with links to JAIL's Colorado Initiative.
      I just wanted you to know that we admire the efforts of JAIL4Judges and appreciate the info on your site and to link to it for reference. We will push the JAIL Initiative towards all available publicity in our travels, yet won't be reliable for official positions in JAIL... Too much other stuff on-going.
      We will continue to stay in contact and briefs.
      Eddy LaBarr
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