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  • jail4judges
    READER COMMENTS ON RANDY WEAVER ARTICLE After reading of Randy Weaver s, pain over the loss of his son, wife, the needless carnage, the loss of a young boy s
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2000

          After reading of Randy Weaver's, pain over the loss of his son, wife, the needless carnage, the loss of a young boy's life, the end of a mother's caress, a wife's kiss.
          The haunting of the ' shots fired ' the crack of the leaves as a young boy falls dying the moans, the shock, the reality that it isn't some demented stranger at the other end of the gun, but a protector, with a badge... sworn to protect the innocent, pulls
      the trigger, not once but enough to erase the lives of mother & son, even the family pet. I can only, gasp and say, My lord, My lord, God, oh sweet Jesus, that this could be, isn't love, isn't protecting the little child, isn't being my brother's keeper,
          Its cold blooded, evil.... Its something far worse than evil, and it is among us...
          God have mercy on those who slay the little child, the mother... for they too shall reap what they plant..
          Can any among us even begin to imagine the pain and sorrow that Randy Weaver has had course threw his soul ?? 


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