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Where are all the gurus?

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  • jail4judges
    This is a question for the egroups out there. ... From: Ed Lewis To: VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 9:22 PM Subject: Re: Nick
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2003
      This is a question for the egroups out there. 
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      From: Ed Lewis
      Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 9:22 PM
      Subject: Re: Nick Jesson Needs Encouragement

      Dear Ron and Barbie,
      I, too, would like to know where all the support is along with Mr. Jesson.  There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of tax gurus spread out across this land leading people to the fact that "federal income tax" does not apply to the domestic earnings of American Citizens within the states.  In fact, unless completely stupid, they know the IRS or any other federal agency has no authority within the states but only have authority in federal jurisdiction areas, including States of the United States (the island States), the District of Columbia, and areas in which states have ceded jurisdiction, such as for arsenals, Dock-yards, and other federally controlled property and territories.
      The gurus have in some cases collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from Americans and, yet, when push comes to shove, they bow out of the issues when confronted by the government.  Not all suffer from this lack of spine but most do.
      Furthermore, tax courts nor other territorial courts have any jurisdiction over the American people but only over those in territories.  The many states are not territories and therefore Article IV courts or any State created courts are not lawful courts in relation to the people. 
      No American can be held to answer for any crime lacking an indictment issued by a Grand Jury on the complaint from another flesh and blood man or woman that they or their property has been damaged by another and that such damage to person or property is defined as a crime.  Lacking a natural person - the prosecutor - making such a claim, there is no crime.  In other words, lacking a victim, or a claim of damage by a human, or an indictment based on probable cause that a human or his property have been damaged, there is no crime possible.
      Government hasn't any rights to violate as it is an artificial entity, without human rights.  And, no creation of an artificial creation (the government) or of the people, has any human rights to be violated, and cannot lawfully sign an Affidavit of Truth.
      The whole thing is a scam, from start to finish so the gurus should be flocking out there to help out this man and his family, and the others that are unlawfully "tried", as it would support the facts they give people for a price.  Instead, they bicker amongst themselves, quote tens of thousands of statutes that mean absolutely nothing to the American People within the states, and continue inducing others to pay them for their findings, while attorneys simply demand money, and then make deals with their partners, other attorneys.
      Not all fall into this but most do.  And all fall into the below discussed "fraud upon the court" and the destruction of separation of powers.
      So, I ask - where the hell are the gurus with all their expertise?  And, this doesn't just refer to tax gurus but also the giants that allegedly understand the difference between federal and state jurisdiction, and the difference between liberty and servitude, and the difference between the one supreme Court, and the territorial District of Columbia's United States District Court. 
      Where are the experts on jurisdiction and the many frauds perpetrated by the government outside their jurisdiction?  Fraud vitiates everything, and every claim made by the IRS is based on fraud, including fraud being that full disclosure is lacked.  Fraud on the court is committed in every case, in which their is a "prosecuting attorney" as such did not even exist when the unanimous Declaration of Independence of the thirteen united States of America and the Constitution for the united States of America were written.  Thus, such changes the court process and is therefore "fraud upon the court" established by Article III, and such has been defined by the justices in Bulloch v. United States, 763 F.2d 1115, 1121 (10th Cir. 1985 and in Kenner v. C.I.R., 387 F.3d 689 (1968); and in 7 Moore's Federal Practice, 2d ed., p. 512, ΒΆ60.23 
      Thus, the many treasons practiced by officials have led us to think that such actions and "courts" are lawful when they are as criminal as sticking a gun to someone's head demanding their money.
      So, I want to know - where are the gurus when Americans are forced by armed and dangerous federal and local law enforcers to appear in non- and anti- constitutional courts to answer to "crimes" that cannot be defined as crimes in the system of justice and liberty established by our founders?
      I do not care if you all answer this but what I am really interested in is answers from the alleged "gurus", as I can support every statement I made through American Jurisprudence, the unanimous Declaration of Independence, the Constitution for the united States of America, every state constitution, and through hundreds of supreme court opinions that I realize are not law but that every court must respond in accordance with unless overturned by a higher or equal Article III court of law.
      Best regards,
      ed lewis
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      Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 9:53 PM
      Subject: Nick Jesson Needs Encouragement

      To:  All JAILers
      California JAILer, Nick Jesson, Needs Encouragement
      Last month we put out a reminder to all California JAILers about Nick Jesson's court hearing, giving the date, time, and location, and encouraging as many as possible show up to give Nick and his lovely wife moral support in this oppressive battle. Here's what was sent:
      R E M I N D E R
      Nick Jesson's Criminal Tax Case Continued
      to Friday, Nov. 21st 9:00 a.m.
      Nick Jesson, Orange County JAILer, njesson@...,
      was happy to see a number of people in attendance last Friday for his preliminary hearing in Dept. W17 of the Superior Court of Westminster, Orange County. His counsel requested a continuance to Friday, November 21st at 9:00 a.m. in order to review and study legal documents in preparation for the hearing.
      Let's again show Nick our support by showing up at that time at the following location:
      Superior Court
      West Justice Center
      8141 13th Street
      Westminster CA
      This is one block east of Beach Blvd., south of Westminster Blvd. and north of Hazard Avenue, in the City of Westminster in Orange County.
      Dept. W17 is on the second floor at the rear portion of the courthouse.
      Thanks to those who came last week, one from as far away as Simi Valley. We look forward to seeing more of you there November 21st.
      For those of you who don't know, Nick and his wife are under attack by the California Franchise Tax Board (the state equivalent of the IRS) and his original message below expresses what this has done to him.
      The day AFTER we sent out the reminder, Nick emailed us and simply said "Please tell them not to come" without any explanation, as follows:
                               Hello Barbie, would you please e-mail everyone that you have e-mail about our case to please not come on the Nov.21st. Thank you, and may God always bless you and your family, sincerely
      Although we had asked him for an explanation because the California JAILers deserved one, we didn't hear from Nick again until day before yesterday (Dec. 8th).
      After reading the below, I felt that all JAILers should be aware of Nick's feelings and depression. All of us can empathize with Nick, and many of us can identify with what he is going through, having gone through similar circumstances.
      I forward Nick's December 8th message below unedited, just as he wrote it, because of its sensitive nature. Nick will appreciate any words of encouragement as our hearts go out to him and Mrs. Jesson. His email address is NJesson@...
      Thank you,
      National JAIL4Judges

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      Sent: Monday, December 08, 2003 7:01 PM
      Subject:  Explanation

                              Dear Ron and Barbie, I'm sorry for not responding before now. However let me see if I can explain
                  what is going on.
                              First of all you must know that my children and family come first and for most, other than God. Second
                  we are grateful for the few people that take their time to help support this issue. However that is the problem in
                  it's self. Only a hand full of people care enough to show up in support.
                              For us that only hurts us because the Judge and DA will do their worse to us, just to show those few
                  people what will happen to them if they do the same thing.
                              All of this is so disappointing to Trina and I. With all the groups out there and most of them for ten years
                  and longer, no one can seem to get together more than a handful of people for support. What is needed is for
                  10's and thousands of people to show up. However after all these groups being around for ten years and longer,
                  if they cannot get more than a few people out, then they never will. Which makes it bad for those of us that are
                  fighting for their rights and freedom because we are being picked off one by one.
                              When I started this researched ten years ago I believed in the American people and the future of our Country
                  and children. I still believe in our children because they are to young to fight for themselves let alone know what's
                  going on.
                              I not sure why these groups cannot get more than a handful of people together at one time, while I can see
                  50,000 people turn out for other types of events. Even in Tennessee they had enough turn out there to stop the
                  State tax. In fact in Tennessee the government cannot even get a conviction on anyone for taxes.
                              My children are only 9 and 11 and stand a great chance of losing the Mother and Father because I decided
                  to help stop what I thought was illegal. Little did I know that they would ever turn this into a criminal case and little
                  did I know that we would end up with so little support.
                              Over the years we have helped many others with money, travel and what every support we could give. Even
                  after our raid 2 1/2 years ago our company has not made a profit in any month since then. You can guess why.
                  However when we found out about Dick, we managed to get together at least $200.00 to help him. When Bob need
                  money for the U.S.A. we sent him over $17,000.00, when Larry wanted to do his law suit on the 16th amendment
                  we sent him $10,000.00 and there where many people we sent a few dollars to here and there.
                              Now since we are broke and cannot help even ourselves, we have heard from only a very few people. My
                  e-mail list is over 300 people which I have e-mailed out 4 or 5 times asking for help so that we can hire a lawyer
                  that will fight for us. Not one penny has come in nor have I even seen anyone put out a story about what happened
                  to us.
                              My heart is truly broken over this, I have put my family and children in great danger thinking I was doing the
                  right thing and that if ever needed we would have a lot of support from all over the Country. Now we feel like the lone
                  ranger. My lovely wife only said it once, but that was enough, because she saw how hurt I was when she said it. Her
                  statement was; where is all your support?
                              I can only thank God day and night for her, for she surely had nothing to do with any of this, yet she trusted 
                  me and now stands a chance of going to prison right along with me. With all of this and a chance of losing our children
                  she is still by my side. She still holds me when I down, she stills smiles when all seems lose, her eyes still light up when 
                  she see me. And the only thing I can think of is how could I have gotten her into all this trouble. This has broken my
                  heart so much that it is hard to even keep going from day to day.
                              We are not criminals, yet we are treated as so, and as I set here writing this e-mail,l you can believe the court 
                  will do everything they can legally or illegally to put both of use in prison.
                              I pray all day that God will send his Angles to protect us and that he would touch the hearts of thousands 
                  a pond thousands of people to show up and stop the illegal process of our system. I pray to God that for once that
                  every group out there will bond together and have 50,000 people show up when one is in trouble. Without that the 
                  corruption will just keep getting worse and worse until every person is a slave or in prison. 
                              I don't know what else to do any more, the lawyer we have and the only one we can make payments to will
                  not fight the tax issue, they will only try and make some deal or they will drop the case. Well I'm sure you know
                  what type of deal we will get.
                              The person we want to hire wants $75,000.00 up front, flat fee plus $15,000.00 for travel. Over the last
                  2 1/2 years I have sold everything I could to keep this business going and to try and get new customers. However
                  the F.T.B. keeps running their own media on us plus now they even put this on our company Dun & Brad credit
                  report. That report states that Trina and I were arrested for tax evision and that the State is demanding $500,000.00.
                  We have not even had a trial yet and the State has reported this on our company credit. Plus this is personal taxes
                  the State is after, which was paid, and has nothing to do with company taxes. In fact the F.T.B. knew we had paid
                  the tax for 1997 and 98 yet raided us anyway stating we had not paid. Once we proved that we had paid two out
                  of the three years the search warrant covered they took 2 1/2 years to file criminal charges, now stating that we 
                  under reported what we made. So as you can see they will say or do anything they can and get away with it.
                              I hope this helps you to understand why I ask not to have anyone show up. I also hope you understand that
                  until we can get 10,000 or more to stand up and show up they will keep picking us off one buy one.
                              May God always bless you and your family and keep them safe, sincerely, Trina, Nick, family and the lone 
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