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** Rogues in Robes **

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal _____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California October 25, 2003
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                        October 25, 2003
      Rogues In Robes
      Real change will come ... only when the people are sufficiently organized to speak out in SOLIDARITY in opposition to the
      "Rogues in Robes."       -- David Donley
      Cecile M. Allcock  gemni@... writes to Dave Donley, Vermont JAILer-In-Chief, the following:


      You don't know me, but I read a letter you wrote for a meeting Feb. 2003. It was found by a family member. Wish we were there. Hope things went well.

      Anyway, to get to the point, we would love to be a part of your organization. I have been trying and fighting alone for years. It is refreshing to hear someone else out there saying the same things. We
      have lost all our rights, but few out there will fight back. The cost is so
      great that they are afraid to fight.

      This is our (Friend and Family's ) belief: We have a new Mafia- we call it the BLUE MAFIA (Police) who work for the INJUSTICE SYSTEM.   It is a corporate system. If justice is to be found, then it is paid for with lots of money. Job security [exists] for those who abuse the power. 
      If you believe the same and more, then we will be there whenever you need; and maybe we can win this war for freedom-- the one our ancestors fought for us to make us free-- [culminating in] our Bill of Rights and the Constitution. 

      There IS POWER IN THE PEOPLE, but the people must yell together in order to make our voices heard. Alone, we will only win or lose small battles; but we are losing the war.

      Cecile M. Allcock  gemni@...

      (Response from Dave Donley):
      Hi Cecile:

      I thank you for your endorsement and welcomed offer of support.  I do believe you will find we share many value "systems." Many make the analogy you do regarding the Mafia and government authorities.
      I have posed the question in articles for the Children's Rights Council, "what is the distinction between the Mafia that shakes down legitimate businesses for 'protection money' and the courts which plunder and pillage everyone forcing them to pay to protect basic Constitutional rights and 'purchase' justice?"  We pay for the courts with our tax dollars. Yet the BAR Associations have turned them into "money mills" for the legal fraternity, less concerned with truth and justice and more concerned with generating business for the "system."

      Our whole system of justice has been subverted, but I don't think it is hopeless as long as there are those of us who realize as you have recognized, "There IS POWER IN THE PEOPLE but the people must yell together in order to make our voices heard. Alone we will only win or lose small battles, but we are losing the war."  You understand more about the remedy for the corruption that prevails in our courts and government than many law school graduates, lawyer -wanna-bes,
      habitual litigants, legislators and would-be social engineers.
      There are many groups forming in direct response to the abuses being heaped upon us all. We all have the same common enemy "corrupt judges" that refuse to honor their oaths to "uphold the Constitution" and the people's rights as opposed to the "system's" agenda. I only wish more people would understand as you do.
      I have been able to cost a few of the miscreants their positions, but it doesn't change the "system." That is why I advocate for JAIL4judges legislation. There are a lot of people trying to change the courts with the
      courts and their one-in-a-million case. They never realize they are only feeding the beast by providing it more business, respect and credence than deserved. They are knocking on the wrong door, asking the thief
      that stole their rights to "pretty please" give them back.
      Real change will come from the legislative forum and then only when the people are sufficiently organized to speak out in SOLIDARITY in opposition to the "Rogues in Robes." 
      JAIL4judges legislation provides a remedy. The group, for all intents and purposes, should be the common ground for all to gather and work from, because it would create ACCOUNTABILITY where we all need it for all our various issues - IN THE COURTS. Peruse the articles at both
      their web sites
      www.jail4judges.org and NET (where past articles are archived-- there are articles dealing with every issue) providing many reasons why this Nation needs Judicial Accountability Legislation. 

      Sincere Regards,

      David Donley, JIC
      VT JAIL4judges

      The Criminal Justice System Big Business":

      "Federal Judge Downplays Official Corruption":

      "Everything Funnels Down To The Courts":

      J.A.I.L.= Judicial Accountability Initiative Law - www.jail4judges.org
      JAIL is a unique addition to our form of gov't. heretofore unrealized.
      JAIL is powerful! JAIL is dynamic! JAIL is America's ONLY hope!
      JAIL is taking America like a wildfire! AddRemove@...
      JAIL is making inroads into Congress for federal accountability!
      E-Groups sign on at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jail4judges/join
      Get involved at JAIL_SALE_USA-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      Send donations to J.A.I.L., P.O. Box 207, N. Hollywood, CA 91603
      "Those who say it cannot be done should not interfere with those of us who are doing it."                                       --S. Hickman
      "..it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.." - Samuel Adams
      "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is
      striking at the root."                         -- Henry David Thoreau    <><
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