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    J.A.I.L. News Journal _____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California October 24, 2003
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                           October 24, 2003

      Government's Concern
      Over Elder Abuse
      (By Ruth Howard, har@...)
      "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widow' houses, and for pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation." Matthew 23:14.
      What you are about to read is horrifying, and if you think about this woman as your own mother, it is even more frightening. -Ron Branson
      ~    ~    ~
      I am happy for Terri, [the Florida patient whom the court ordered the removal of her feeding tube,] but something needs to be done about guardians and conservators.

      I was working on a case as a advocate for an 85-yr-old woman, that was in good health and of sound mind. The county in which I live are taking elderly women, locking them into a nursing home, melting down their assets and property to pay the nursing home costs.  Then, when the money is used up, they are placing them into a retirement home on state aid.
      This woman I was helping sends me magnificent letters; and tried to call me on the phone, but she is not allowed to use the phone. [Even an arrestee in custody is permitted to make a telephone call. -ed.] She tells me what they are doing to her. I checked out what she told me and found it to be the truth. The conservator will not even allow her to leave the nursing home to go to church, have visitors; and I was barred from seeing her by her court-appointed conservator. 
      I received an email from the nursing home director telling me I cannot come to visit this woman by the order of the conservator.  The county DHS kidnapped her off her porch, while her five-year companion, age 55, was shaving in the bathroom. When he came out and could not find her, he was given a summons for a restraining order to keep him away from the home and his companion, based on false allegations from a DHS social worker.  He was thrown out into the street, not allowed to get his personal belongings, tools, car, etc. was arrested seven times for walking down any street in town, based on false allegations of violating the restraining order. It was all finally dropped when I stepped in to investigate.... I stepped in and tried to help, but I cannot stop all the political crimes by myself. There are no psychological reports, no doctor in court-- only lies from the conservator appointed by DHS as a emergency guardian, who then months later becomes the conservator.
      The director of the nursing home is also newly appointed to the city as
      an Alderman. Looks like and smells like a conflict of interest to me. A big developer got her river property; her other six properties were sold; two trailer houses given away by the conservator to his buddy that owns a retirement home into which he wants to put her.
      Then I went over to the trash hauler and found a copy of the bills from the real estate man's business that sold her house on the lake. He threw away her personal belongings by order of the conservator. 
      She cried so pitifully telling me how they threw away her keepsakes,
      pictures and clothes and stole her antiques and homes. She has been locked into the nursing home without her purse, slippers and robe, and 
      personal belongings of any kind. ...
      The woman sold real estate all her life, and could sell real estate today.
      She is sharp-- not senile as they would like to make everyone believe....
      I called in the Ombudsman, the State Attorney, and no one cares to stop this crime. The county lost so much funding in the last two years, they have developed a new way to recoup their operating money for the county, by placing older women in nursing homes and melting down their assets, so they are eligible for state Medicaid and housing for the elderly.
      This lady wanted to go home. She cried when she found they sold her mom and dad's home she inherited. ...  She has been locked in this nursing home since last September. She told me there are many other older women in the same situation in the nursing home. I have been barred from visiting anyone in the nursing home. It seems they are scared of me, as I know what they are up to. (Their political agenda is so obvious).
      I volunteer my services as a state-trained advocate for people with
      disabilities and the elderly. If I were to bill the state for my advocacy,
      this would put me out of work. According to the MN state rules and statutes, they cannot keep anyone in a nursing home for more than 90 days in a calendar year.  She has been there for 13 months consecutively.
      This is the dirtiest and most criminal thing that can be done to our
      elders; DHS, court-appointed attorneys, and the emergency guardian lied threw their teeth in court, locked her up and sold her assets, no due process of law. There are no civil rights or Constitution followed in this country for the elderly, sick, and disabled.
      It seems it's an open field for any opportunist to take advantage of
      anyone they want to, and especially if they work for county or state
      We need to gather all the human and civil rights violations and post
      them for all to read and send them to the legislators, so they can see how they are destroying our country with state statutes that eliminate our rights everyday.  The perversion of the Constitution is in every state in every legislative state capital. Every year they whittle away more of our rights and freedoms with statutes that are not even in the Constitution. ...
      It makes me laugh when I remember how so important public schools made seniors think the Constitution was, and mandatory before they graduate, "only if they pass the Constitution they teach in high school."
      I remember quite clearly what was required and taught; it is no way, shape, or form to what the Constitution really means and represents. Funny we never studied the amendments.
      This problem is much larger than anyone can imagine, Partners n Policymaking List Serve has many parents coming forward with violations by the thousands across this country.

      Ruth Howard

      The best way to predict the future is to create it. Its time the sheep stand up and develop their spine.

      The above account reminds us of net fishing, dragging in the daily catch, skinning and filleting them. This government behavior will halt once J.A.I.L. becomes the law of this Land by calling the judges to account to the Constitution. Remember this experience next time you hear the government cry crocodile tears in expressing their concern for elder abuse. We are now seeing "Stop Elder Abuse" posters on the side of our Public Transit Busses here in Los Angeles. This is what they are talking about.
      By way of my own personal experience, I was shopping in the market the other day picking through the bananas when up walks a woman and does likewise. We struck into a friendly conversation, and she told me that she has to get back to work. I asked her what kind of work she does, and she told me that she was a real estate agent. I said, "Oh, you work for a realitor company!" She said no, I own the company. Then came the shocker. She told me she was ninety years old, and I like to have fell on the floor. She didn't wear glasses, she walked straight upright without a cane, and was as sound of a mind as myself. I asked for her business card, and she dug in her purse and gave it to me. She lives not far from me. I would have estimated her to be about seventy.

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