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Can Resolving The Judicial Issue Resolve Other Issues?

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal _____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California October 14, 2003
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                           October 14, 2003

      Can Resolving The Judicial Issue
      Resolve Other Issues?
      (By Janell Kirkland, tarzpurz1@..., new CO. JAILer)
      Sent: Sunday, October 12, 2003 11:13 PM
      Subject: Re: * * * J.A.I.L. Absolutely Unique * * *
      I fully support your agenda. However, I really am confused regarding whether or not you really believe that targeting ONLY judges, will somehow "fix" all the other "criminals" in uniform and in positions of authority and power who continue to destroy our country and the lives of private citizens.
      At the risk of sounding cliché, it's time to remind the citizens of this country that WE are the government; that "Freedom Isn't Free"; that if our corrupt system is to be rectified, millions of citizens need to make their concerns known; and ACT upon them.
      This is what it will take to first contain and then the process of identifying ALL of the "system criminals", holding them accountable, or outing their butts, and redefining the principles and procedures upon which the "system" is intended to function.
      Janell Kirkland

      Ron Branson Responds:
      As the Author of J.A.I.L., although I believe I was moved upon by divine intervention to write J.A.I.L. in its original form in a two-day period, I did not come up with the concept out of the sky blue, lacking experience and knowledge, as though my fingers just automatically moved upon the keyboard as if driven by a force. I had to learn my enemy by suffering the long and hard rocky road of years of rebuttals, denials, shame, lies, torture and oppression.
      I do definitely believe, however, that all these things worked out for good by the Hand of God to educate me regarding the wiles of evil and darkness in high places. When I started years ago, (around 1981) I was just the same as everyone else, i.e., disgusted over government injustice inflicted upon me, and I began to go into the courts seeking, and fully expecting, redress of grievances addressed. That was the only logical thing I had left when I saw that appealing to the City and the County of Los Angeles was getting me nowhere. (Yes, I thought in the beginning that even my enemies had some scruples of right and wrong, and that they knew we had laws that governed the affairs of our life, and that they could somehow be reasoned with.) But now I understand what George Washington was stating when he said, "Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force; and, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master!"
      Those were my naive days in the early 80s when I actually thought my redress was to be found in those who eventually became known to me as my prosecutors. When I say "prosecutors" what I mean is that those from whom I sought relief eventually became the defense for the government agency which I had to sue. Eventually, they would turn the whole case around in court by the help of the judges to make me the defense and them the prosecutors, while on paper, I was the plaintiff of the action. (Attorney Linda Kennedy, WBFLegal@..., has done an excellent exposition on this phenomenon in her Holodeck Law series, with which I was totally unfamiliar at that time.)
      Every time I sued a government agent or agency, it was the judges who invariably came to their rescue every time without fail. After repeated attempts of seeking redress against government officials, I began to learn the ropes, and discovered that the problem in society was not corrupt government officials, but judges who covered for these corrupt government officials. This premise is what became likened to me as an out-of-control spoiled kid who is consoled and rewarded by their mother every time the kid did evil. I used to blame cops for being out of control, but I had to learn that they were only doing what the courts were allowing them to get away with, and even rewarding them for their evil.
      This education took me to the next step of learning to sue corrupt judges, who covered for corrupt government officials, who oppressed everyone, which acts depressed all society, but I was met with the blockage of judicial immunity. Every time I sued a judge, he hid behind judicial immunity, which I learned was not really judicial immunity as set forth in law, but was actually in practice "absolute immunity," i.e., the judge can do no wrong.
      Through years of suing judges and seeking to overcome their "so-called" judicial immunity doctrine defense, I became a expert on the subject. Then came my final law course. I had to learn that law has absolutely no meaning whatsoever, and that was my problem. I had been thinking that the law was the law, and one could count upon the law as defined by judges in the law books. What I was finding, however, was that no matter how clear the law was, or the cases defining those laws by the courts, not one thing could be relied upon as an established truth in fact or law, whether you were the plaintiff or the defendant.
      I had to learn that I was playing in a chess game in which my opponent was making up the rules as we progressed. No matter how cunning I got, when I trapped my opponent up against the wall with absolutely no place to go, they just played a "Houdini" and declared there was no such wall and played off the chess board. I tested this theory many, many times. It was the lesson that was to be indelibly hammered into my skull, to wit, you just will never win in pursuit of redress of grievances in our current judicial system. (If one does, it is not because of the legal skills in law, but because even Las Vegas needs someone to win their money on occasion, otherwise no one would ever gamble in Vegas.)
      Unwilling to accept the concept that there was absolutely nowhere in government that anyone could go for redress. I went everywhere, including the California State Legislature, the Attorney General, the Governor, Congress, the FBI, the Justice Department, and even to the President himself, none of which offered a solution, but completely ignored me.
      Several petitions of grievances now rest with Congress, which I sincerely believe they merely discarded, even though I offered to come before them personally with a crew of attorneys. J.A.I.L. was born out of petitioning heaven.
      So now you ask me if I "really believe that targeting ONLY judges, will somehow 'fix' all the other 'criminals' in uniform...?"  to which I respond positively, "Absolutely and unequivocally Yes!" I not only believe it will, but I know it will from my years of real and practical experience, and I further know that redress will be by no other means.
      Does my experience make me a "hard man?" Yes it does, but I know we must deal with reality, not fantasies or wishful thinking, and delusions of grandeur of redress of grievances through other means. And I know that I must bear the put-downs of those I must slap across the face with the unpleasant fact of reality that there is no other way.
      Thanks for asking your question that puts truth to the test. God bless you.
      -Ron Branson-

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