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Dear WND

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  • jail4judges
    Dear WorldNetDaily (By Pete Fettig) ... From: The NetProphet To: whistleblower@worldnetdaily.com Cc: jail4judges@mindspring.com Sent: Tuesday, September 16,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2003
      Dear WorldNetDaily
      (By Pete Fettig)
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      Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 9:14 PM
      Subject: Letter to the Editor(s)

      Dear Editors at WorldNetDaily:
      I recently read the August issue of Whistleblower, which discusses judicial tyranny in all of its "glory".   I was flabbergast that the issue did not even mention, much less discuss, possibly the one most promising way OUT of this tyranny, that is, the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law or J.A.I.L. for short.  (See www.jail4judges.org for more information.) This is possibly the most promising way to "Take Back America" from these tyrants that are running it now. 
      Start with the judiciary...when someone can actually get a fair and impartial trial, it means jurors can decide trials on both facts and law, there will cease to be this legislation from the bench crap, bad laws will be held unconstitutional, legislators will quit making bad laws, the people will force government to obey the laws written for it, and suddenly, we have our republic back! 
      I read and devour each issue of Whistleblower. It is a fantastic magazine, but given that Joseph Farah, and I'm sure most of the rest of the writing staff, David Kupelian, Vox Day, etc., know  of JAIL4Judges, yet did not include any mention or discussion in this issue, is indeed a travesty and a tragedy. 
      You need to do another "Take Back America" type of issue and/or a "Judicial Tyranny" issue and give a mondo section on JAIL4Judges alone.
      Or...do you fear these tyrants will try to wreak havoc on WND for bringing this worthy initiative to light?

      God Bless and Kindest Regards,
      Pete Fettig
      "aka The NetProphet"
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