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** The Wench Before The Bench **

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal _________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California September 13, 2003 The Wench
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                  September 13, 2003

      The Wench Before The Bench
      By Attorney Hardy M. Parkerson, hmparkerson@...
          The judge ascends his lofty bench,
          Calls first case, a lowly wench.
          The whore just winks, begins to smile;
          She thinks she knows him; it's been a while.
          "Why, you're a judge!" the whore exclaims;
          "It's been a while ... forgot your name."
          The D.A. struggles to choose his terms;
          The courtroom giggles, the judge just squirms.
          "Order! Order! in this court!"
          Cries the judge who sits and snorts.
          His face is red, his ears like embers;
          That night in the motel he still remembers.
          The judge exclaims, "You are confused!"
          "No, no, Judge, it was you!
          How well I remember the night we met.
          Why, Judge, how could I ever forget?"
          "Quiet! Quiet! Young lady, if you will;
          Mr. Prosecutor, please now read the bill!"
          "Judge, I shall, if you insist;
          But first please take a look at this."
          The judge's head begins to shake.
          "A short recess this court will take.
          You're free to go, Jury Members.
          Defendant will please meet His Honor in Chambers!"
          Court resumes, case dismissed.
          Defendant blows the judge a kiss.
          And whispers, "Mr. D.A., I think we've met."
          The D.A. just wipes his brow of sweat.
          Throughout the morning the docket moves;
          The thief goes to jail, the truant to school.
          High from the bench above us all
          Such fine men dispense the law.
              Attorney Hardy M. Parkerson

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