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Fw: (Fwd) [pt-freedom] IRS GAG ORDER

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    ... From: Dee & Alta Baird To: jail4judges Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 5:36 PM Subject: Fw: (Fwd) [pt-freedom] IRS GAG ORDER Hi Ron, This e-mail forward is
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 5:36 PM
      Subject: Fw: (Fwd) [pt-freedom] IRS GAG ORDER

      Hi Ron,

      This e-mail forward is about a law suit done by Dr. Beresford, maybe you know about his suit already.  We were just wondering if jail4judges could do something with these judges and attorney's and agents that have put a gag order on Dr. Beresford's suit.  What these criminals have done and are doing
      to Dr. Beresford is a total outrage in regards to voluntary compliance, which IRS agrees it is, yet they are running over him like he is nothing more than garbage.  We want to help him, but what we are able to do is not enough, Dr. Beresford needs lots of help to put this nonsense to bed once and for all.  Everyone who is the defendent in this suit needs to be hung
      from a gallows.  Dee & Alta
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      Subject: Fw: (Fwd) [pt-freedom] IRS GAG ORDER

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      Subject:       [pt-freedom] IRS GAG ORDER


          In my current lawsuit against the IRS, Judge King issued a gag order (Protective Order) a few days ago PREVENTING DISCOVERY.  My Requests for Admissions and Productions are potentially devastating to the IRS and they are desperate to stop this.  All major court documents are posted at http://www.beresford-v-irs.com/ as soon as they are filed.
          If you haven't already visited the website, plz do so without delay. The action is taking place right now in Federal Court, and you need to know about these developments.  Some major issues are being tested in Court right now and my Requests have the potential to literally rip the IRS apart.
          When you visit the website, go to the Site Directory, then Requests for Admissions and Productions, then the Motion for Reconsideration. What you will read will blow your mind.  Feel free to download and use any of the information in your own struggle against IRS tyranny.
          At this very moment, Judge King is about to rule on my Motion For Reconsideration, which argues that the 'United States of America' is not the correct defendant.  This is really hot, my friend, and you should follow the action as it happens.  The truth must prevail.
          Let me finish by thanking everybody who is supporting me in this lawsuit.  From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate all the help, hope, and encouragement you have given me.

      Steven Beresford
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