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**Pre-J.A.I.L. Survival**

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California June 14, 2003
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                           June 14, 2003
      HotSeat4Judges/M-Th/5pmPT   TheJAILerMakers   What?MeWarden?
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      Pre-J.A.I.L. Survival
      Living in Tyrant-Infested Waters
      The Mission of Attorney Linda Kennedy (Virginia JAILer)
      by Barbie - victoryusa@... 
      What a rich and rewarding experience it was for Ron Branson and me to finally meet in person Attorney Linda Kennedy who needs no introduction for most of J.A.I.L.'s subscribers. She likes to be called "Kennedy" and so we shall do so in this report. Kennedy has been the host of HotSeat4Judges on CrusadeRadio.com for approximately a year, and she is probably best known for her writing "Holodeck Law -- Litigation Vortex" which was posted as a J.A.I.L. News Journal, February 22, 2002, and is pasted below for review and reference. Also pasted beneath that is a followup JNJ dated March 2, 2002.
      Since we posted those two JNJs, the positive feedback we received was tremendous. One person even said in essence that if Ms. Kennedy endorses J.A.I.L., that's good enough for him.  Kennedy has greatly contributed to the integrity of J.A.I.L. by opening people's eyes to the truth of what we are really facing in the judicial system today, thus evidencing the dire need for J.A.I.L.
      Kennedy arrived in Los Angeles just before midnight on Friday, the 13th. We then asked if she had time to stop for something to eat and visit, and without hesitation she said "Absolutely" --even though she was operating on eastern time, 3 hours earlier than our time. So when we arrived at Denny's Restaurant enroute to the hotel at close to 1:30 a.m., her system was on 4:30 a.m. But she was as bright and chipper as she could be!
      Folks, it was hard to imagine that she was going through the legal battle of Disbarment Proceedings and had just finished appearing in the Virginia Supreme Court. Her spirits were flying high, which evidenced the fact that whatever tactics she is using, is working!  She gave us a synopsis of what happened in front of the "Supremes" (as she calls them), and it was like listening to a comedy skit. She was having a ball, putting the Supremes on the spot time after time, one punch followed by another, embarrassing them to the point of speechlessness. She explained how important it was to know ahead of time what they would be up to, and "beat them to the punch" every time. She had her ducks all in a row, and every time the Supremes tried to pull their punches, Kennedy was able to block it and throw a few of her own at them.
      I wish we could have been there to watch the charade!  I'm sure it would have been worthy of an Oscar, from what she described to us. Kennedy has become an expert in "Litigation Chess," always thinking several steps ahead of the opposition, including the court. She disclosed the fact that she has learned the pattern used in exercising their tyranny-- and she said once you learn that "secret" --you're always on top. She's learned how to prepare ahead of time for the legal fraud that was sure to be forthcoming in the proceedings, and how to use it against them!
      The only way this could be done was to have the benefit of plenty of experience in the system, knowing the actual law and how they would twist it around, and being ready to foil them in the act-- boldly stopping them right on the spot and exposing for the record what they were really doing. One thing she said is that you cannot be intimidated or afraid to speak up immediately-- no more Mr. Nice Guy-- and state exactly the fraud that is going on while it is happening. She said that's how the system operates, by catching people off guard-- never expecting what was about to happen to them. Once it is after the fact, and it has been allowed to "happen" --you're cooked.
      Let me tell you, Kennedy is putting her writings into practice and finding that she's definitely on the right track. What's important to her is to educate the people on how to successfully fight in the tyrannical judicial system themselves-- not relying on an attorney. That's the downfall of many. Attorneys are not able to do for their client what the client can do for himself.
      So, she says her mission is to train people to first, have the right mindset-- realize we are at WAR with the legal system, and that it's a matter of survival against the evil powers, especially those in black robes. As Kennedy says repeatedly-- "No more Mr. Nice Guy." Know who the real enemy is and be prepared to fight the war! Kennedy described it as empowering the people to do battle-- be bold. Soon people will come to know what actual cowards the enemy is, when they can no longer succeed in pulling their stunts and later change the record to cover up the fraud. As Kennedy says, there is a pattern that people can learn to expect, and be prepared to stop the game plan before it actually happens.
      Ron made the interesting observation that Kennedy is from the east coast, and we're on the west coast-- which shows that this game plan is universal. It doesn't matter where you live. Kennedy said that she is willing to go wherever she is needed, so long as her travel, food and lodging are taken care of.  As she put it-- "If people can get me there and back, I'll be there." She is committed to teaching people what she knows in order to save the victims from being devoured in the sea of tyranny. 
      Kennedy is filling an important gap while we wait for the passage of J.A.I.L.  As she pointed out to us, she sees the program as a two-pronged process (A) teaching people how to survive the holodeck system at this time, and (B) passing J.A.I.L.  While she knows that J.A.I.L. is the final answer, she also knows that people must know what to do NOW!  And that has been a real source of frustration for us, with countless people writing to J.A.I.L. and asking "What do we do now?  We can't wait for J.A.I.L."  And we can't deny they have a legitimate concern. We just didn't know how to advise them as long as all we have is a broken system to work with-- how can you get justice out of a tyrannical system?  All we knew to do was refer people to our J.A.I.L. Legal Discussions Group for suggestions others could give them. That was indeed one aspect with which we felt very helpless, and we were sorry that J.A.I.L. wasn't happening soon enough to stop the legal carnage going on daily across this nation.
      Then came Kennedy!  Kennedy to the rescue!  Yes-- indeed the J.A.I.L. movement is a two-pronged approach, as Kennedy points out. And that first prong is important.
      Kennedy's website is www.WBFLegalReform.com and I'll close by quoting what she has written as part of her email signature:
      " 'There are moments in history when a door for massive change opens. Great revolutions for good or for evil occur in the vacuum created by these openings. It is in these times that key men and women, even in entire generations, risk everything to become the hinge of history, that pivotal point that determines which way the door will swing...'  --Lou Engle."  Certainly Kennedy has become a "hinge of history" for J.A.I.L. for which we are so grateful!  Thanks to Kennedy from all of us!
      -Barbie-  (see the referenced JNJs beneath the J.A.I.L. signature)

      J.A.I.L. is an acronym for Judicial Accountability Initiative Law
      JAIL's very informative website is found at www.jail4judges.org
      JAIL proposes a unique new addition to our form of government.
      JAIL is powerful! JAIL is dynamic! JAIL is America's ONLY hope!
      JAIL is spreading across America like a fast moving wildfire!
      JAIL is making inroads into Congress for federal accountability!
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      Ask not what J.A.I.L. can do for me, but ask what I can do for J.A.I.L.
      "..it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.." - Samuel Adams
      "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is
      striking at the root."                         -- Henry David Thoreau    <><

      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                          February 22, 2002
      Holodeck Law -- Litigation Vortex
      By Attorney Linda L. Kennedy

      The "Holodeck Law" where nothing is as it appears, and where the plaintiff is never to be seen again -- with money.
      When you voluntarily go into court you will find that many times, you will lose even though the law is clearly on your side.  Then, after the loss, due to your sense of right and wrong, you begin filing lawsuits or complaints against judges, you appeal decisions, and spend time and other resources thinking of other legal strategies for seeking recourse, etc. 
      In essence, everyone is asking the judges to find themselves corrupt, and this logically just will not happen. Even worse, they become occupied for years on a course that costs them money and keeps them busy with very little to show for it, except perhaps high blood pressure. Most often, they become more broke than when they innocently started their path many years before. Simply stated, this is what I call the "Litigation Vortex" where nothing is as it appears and where the plaintiff is never to be seen again--with money. 

      I will tell you that I have actually found ways to win in court. It is not impossible, but unless you know the "real" rules of court, you will not be able to endure and succeed in it. This strategy takes a lot of understanding of the facts, the law, and the real strategies of the opposition. It requires 
      a thorough understanding of the overall corruptness of the system, and an understanding of military strategies. It  becomes very case specific and tailored and must be tweaked as the case progresses.  I will tell you that this strategy is also a very dangerous one, especially for lawyers who use it, since by implementing it, you are  showing the other side that you know their game and are not willing to play. An attorney or citizen may get to use this strategy between two to four times before he/she is exposed as the enemy of the state (not playing along with their game on their court or turf).  This is when they will implement the "and two" part of the "Triangle and Two Defense," which I discuss elsewhere.

      These submissions are vignettes which I hope will help you understand where you are in your litigation, what happened if you are already through your litigation nightmare, or will help you understand that this battle has to be fought off of the courts' turf. 
      This writing is fairly short and not all inclusive, but I think it will help us be more effective and help us not continue doing the same things our poor predecessor citizens have unsuccessfully tried because they did not understand the real rules or the real game. We must know what the opposition is doing, so that we know how to combat it in all legal, nonviolent ways available.


      To summarize the "Litigation Vortex," whether you enter in willingly (suckered though naively -- don't feel bad, attorneys have done it too), or whether you get sucked into the vortex (like some alleged "criminals" and some attorneys on alleged "disciplinary" charges), you enter into the "legal holodeck" where nothing is as it appears. 

      You are a hard working man, hardly ever missed a day of work in your life. Unsuspectingly, you are in the legal system where your grade school teacher taught you justice would be served. You learn to research your case, and try to make everyone understand your facts and why justice should be served by finding in your favor. Initially, everyone seems to understand. The Judge, and sometimes even the opposing attorney appear to want to understand and get to justice . . . and the clerk was so pleasant. You know she saw that you were an honest man.  And the "legal holodeck" stage is set. . .

      Having no reason not to believe what you heard in grade school was absolutely true, you spend your money on filings, legal advice (even if an attorney will not take the case), or legal fees, if an attorney will take it. Sometimes you even "count yourself blessed" that you have found an attorney who is willing to help you -- so you think. You know your case is a slam-dunk win. And thus the curtain of the court-holodeck opens and the bait-and-switch begins . . .     

      Certainly the first couple of rulings must have been a misunderstanding you think. I have to do more legal research and write more clearly you may tell yourself. They will certainly see that I have been wronged. So you continue to spend your money, and your time. You even miss increasing amounts of work because you are in this thing to right a wrong just like your grade school teacher has taught you. You certainly can't turn around now--you've come too far, and you are just getting the hang of the legal research.
      You may still cry when the National Anthem is sung--and you certainly put your hand over your heart like any good American would. Perhaps you even fought to defend our freedom like so many honorable men and women like you have. By now, they have you in the clutches of the "Double B." What is the "Double B" you ask? "Busy and Broke!" Due to the bait and switch maneuver, you are now on the defense even though you are listed as the plaintiff.  Next comes the final preparations for the dog and pony show -- the final preparation for your day in court on  the holodeck stage -- and the implementation of the "Triple C" is ripe and ready . . .

      As you get thoroughly busy and go more broke trying to answer the defense's frivolous motions, you continuously have to show that it is they that have lied, and not you, as they have accused you. You spend day and night trying to explain yourself to the court. You answer their accusations by repeatedly explaining, for example, that you did not claim your wife on your income tax form because she did not work; or that you injured your back 10 years ago in a LEGITIMATE workers' compensation injury, or that you and your wife went to a marriage counselor 15 years ago after your youngest son died. 
      Yes, the "Triple C" is being implemented against you just in its proper time. What is the "Triple C" you ask again?  This is when good citizens, who's only crime is that they naively asked the courts to rule justly, are made into either (1) criminals (who will believe him, he is a criminal tax-evader), (2) con-man (who will believe him, he lied on his tax return, and was a malingerer from work), and/or (3) c(k)ooks (who would believe him, he went to a shrink and is a paranoid delusional--(get an I.M.E.--[Independent Medical Exam] quick and get this psycho diagnosed. "Call some doctor who needs our repeat business," yells the defense attorney back stage). The "Double B Triple C" is in full effect now. 
      You are not only exhausted, but now you have to worry about your reputation, the IRS audit that is bound to happen due to the allegations made, or an insurance company claiming you were fraudulent in that workers' compensation injury so long ago. As the labyrinth of the Litigation Vortex sucks you down further and further into its clutches, you can no longer see the path in which to exit. "What have I gotten myself into, and how did I get here," you think as your friends start expressing that maybe you are a little too obsessed about your case?

      As soon as the dust settles, albeit for a moment, you finally begin to realize that maybe your grade school teacher missed something. By then you are thoroughly engulfed in the "Litigation Vortex" and the only way out is to ask your "mast-a" if it please the court, if you could be excused from the case. The Judge rules that you are dropping the case as he slams down his loaded gavel. You then learn that you are indeed a money maker --but for the other side as he rules that you must pay the other side's legal fees for filing such a frivolous law suit in the first place. (Usually known as displaying "vexatious conduct"), and in confusion and with a cold, tightly knotted anger in the pit of your stomach which will not go away, you quietly and sadly bend your knee and humbly go back to picking the "master's" cotton.  
      And so it goes with the Litigation Vortex on the stage of the holodeck court where nothing is as it appears, and where a plaintiff is never to be seen again--with money.

      This description of course, is just the beginning of the Vortex, because now, you decide you are going to appeal, file a complaint against the judge, and continue asking the judges to find themselves corrupt.  Although you now know that your grade school teacher was wrong, there is still something in you that cannot accept it. So you continue in the Vortex. I liken these subsequent filings to someone who is a compulsive gambler who only wants to win his money back. His biggest problem is that he has not realized that the odds are against him and that the deck has been stacked. 
      We must not be like that gambler who refuses to accept reality. We must know that in the "Holodeck Law" the odds are against us and the deck is stacked in the Litigation Vortex.
      In the "Triangle and Two Defense," which I have written, which may be particularly interesting for anyone who has ever played basketball I try to help you learn who your real enemy is. I describe who really has you turned upside down in the centrifuge of the court while you spin violently until every last dime is centrifugally spun from your pockets. Thanks and I hope you now understand the Story of the "Litigation Vortex."

      Copyright, 2001, Linda L. Kennedy, Esq.,
      Virginia JAILer

      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                        March 2, 2002
      Author of "The Holodeck Law"
      Responds to Inquisitive Law Student
      Attorney Linda L. Kennedy, Virginia JAILer, wbflegal@... has done a masterful service for many victims of the judicial system, and for those who have been fortunate enough to learn through others' tragic experiences without themselves being ground to bits in the legal meat grinder (i.e., being sucked into the "litigation vortex").  As she says, there's no formula in trying to survive the H-system (Holodeck), but it's truly an art-- just as witchcraft, magic, and sorcery. "Nothing is as it appears."  Thank you again, Kennedy, for your words of wisdom on this difficult philosophical strategy. It helps us to know that we're not the crazy ones in this game!          -Barbie- 

      From:   e_law01@...
      Date:    3/2/2002
      Subj:    Re: The "Holodeck Law"

      Well stated (of course). I am a 1L California law school student. I have some highlights AND questions below (w/ in the body of your Email message
      ) in case you are interested. 
      As a law student, I am interested in finding ways to beat the odds. Military strategies definitely have their place along with everything else you can pluck out of the air (or wherever) which will be effective, if not in the short run, in the long run. Also, judges are not totally immune, and I have heard (Michael Brown a long time ago) that "They've got to Know you can hurt them." 
      Do you think this could be a factor? At least in criminal defense, you are to vigorously represent your client in the midst of the conviction mills (the courts appear to work for the RailRoad) which violate the right to a fully-informed Jury (of true peers --- Ha!), the maxim (and in accord w/ "supreme law") of being innocent until proven guilty, and not being proven guilty except beyond a (true) reasonable doubt rather than conveniently via mere inferences (even where your client is charged w/ a specific intent crime), etc. 
      The good thing about Criminal Defense, besides having (perhaps) more latitude to vigorously represent your client, is appeals on constitutional issues, and thus making needed positive changes in Con Law for the sake of true Justice, and actual Liberty (as well as getting your client off or in an improved position).   
      Dear elaw:  Some of what you ask is what I have learned in years of experience, observation, the study of other topics like Military history, an ability to play some really good poker and chess, and having a strong belief in God. 

      I will try to explain a little but realize that I teach at a law school and your questions are topics for entire semesters (and still--this is not a formula but an art).  But I caution you, any time you focus on what the law says--you set yourself up for the same defeats that most everyone in this movement has already experienced--thus the movement's inception. 
      Also, you mentioned Mike Brown.  Little did either of us know, that we each use the same strategies and thought processes, his in criminal and mine more in civil courts.  Mike is one of the few that I would consider able to hold his own in the courtroom b/c (1) he understands what is really going on and (2) he is not an attorney, so is not subject to bar punishment.  If you are an attorney and try these tactics---2-4 times is all you get--then you go through the bar's disciplinary process for upsetting the holodeck and the rapists' money machine. 

      The "real" rules of court that I refer to is the holodeck system.  If you have not read Triangle and Two Defense, that is another chapter out of holodeck law and if you need it, I will send it to you.  Other than this, the rest is in a book called "Holodeck Law" which I am still finishing.  Your first step needs to be to learn what is really going on.  If you slip even once and think it is about justice--you are very vulnerable to its sucking motion. 

      Your question on how you enforce a commercial lien is the same question everyone else has about the facts of their case.  That is why organizations like J.A.I.L. exist.  There are going to be times that you have no choice but to enter in the Vortex, but you must understand thoroughly the real game being played.  Mike Brown's courses are very good.  Hopefully if I can get this book out, my book will also help. 
      Also note, if you have big dollars, and you are not connected, then you are prime meat for the Vortex--just be careful and know what is really at work b4 you enter. Then take all precautions and think of strategies to get what you need out of there--then get the heck out.  So many want me to give a formula, and it is not a formula but an art backed by a lot of experience and understanding.

      There are some basic things I can share that may help. In any battle you must know your real enemy. You must put your enemy into division and fear before hand (there are legal ways to do this--but it has nothing to do with filing complaints against judges). They must have a lot of false information they rely on before hand. You must take them by surprise, etc. (military strategies need to be learned here).  Then you need to find out what each court/all courts are most afraid of--then you use it to your advantage. 
      J.A.I.L. exists b/c they know what the courts are most of afraid of--having the light shown on their darkness and having the people wake up and realize en masse that these courts are not acting on behalf of the people.  There are ways, but I can't summarize in an email what I can barely summarize in a book or a semester.

      Keep observing, reading, learning--if you plan to go into the most evil profession on earth, you will need this information if you intend to be honest.  Kennedy, Att, VA  wbflegal@...

      *   *   * 
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