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    J.A.I.L. News Journal _____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California June 10, 2003 ...
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                          June 10, 2003

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      Of the three branches of the federal government, the most important, in terms of preserving liberty, is the federal judiciary. It was designed to be the ultimate bulwark against injustice. The final resolutions of all controversies in law and government in America, no matter how small, are eventually determined by judges. Judges are supposed to enforce the limitations on lawmaking power upon the other two branches as dictated by the Constitution. They do not have the power to make law, but to strike down unconstitutional legislation and edicts of the executive branch.

      Of the three branches, the judiciary is supposed to be the most impartial and the least political, since its members are not directly elected by the people. Sadly, almost all constitutional safeguards and restraints on judicial misconduct are now dead. For decades, until just this year, Federal judges were nominated, unconstitutionally, by the American Bar Association (ABA), an organization controlled by a committee of left-leaning, anti-constitutional attorneys. As of this year, nominations once again publicly come from the President, but the ABA still maintains its control through key allies in the Bush Justice Department. Judges are confirmed by the Senate in a very politicized process as well, also controlled by the ABA. The result is that, regardless of the party in power, the vast majority of judges who are confirmed are strongly liberal. Although a small percentage of judges are conservative, these judges have a reliable track record of taking orders from higher judges when necessary--thus, their conservative leanings are easily overridden.

      Despite increasing public evidence of judicial misconduct, Congress has refused to invoke the constitutional remedy of impeachment to remove a judge, at least for many, many years. State watchdog agencies remove, on average, only 10 judges a year, compared to the approximately 10,000 cases of alleged abuse reported annually--and most abuse is never even reported.

      There are two types of corruption with judges: individual corruption and systematic, or institutionalized, corruption. The only type you will ever see evidenced in the media is the individual or "rogue" type of corruption. The Powers That Be want you to believe that the judicial system is above reproach, an honored profession, and that only an isolated judge here and there would be caught taking a personal bribe, or bending the law to protect crime.

      The same is true regarding the woefully corrupt police system: the establishment only admits to the occasional rogue cop, never to systematic corruption. But strangely, even rogue judges--blight that they are on the sterling reputation of the courts--usually receive only a token slap on the hands, and they almost never serve jail time. This is because the bribe they were caught taking is usually only the tip of the iceberg, if they are part of a broader conspiracy to protect government illegal operations.

      The PTB in the Justice Department work overtime to make sure the systematic corruption and collusion of these judges is kept hidden so as not to expose the broader and deeper conspiracy for government control--of which judges form an integral part. The judges who do get harsh punishment, sadly, are usually the rare few who obstinately refuse to go along with the systematic corruption of the judicial system, and these are set up in some form of sting operation to remove them "for cause."

      Significantly, there have been almost no defectors from the judicial ranks who have admitted to the institutionalized corruption in the system. That’s because these judges know exactly what kinds of penalties and threats they would face if they did so. One of the most significant ways in which judges aid and abet the conspiracy within government is to participate in the "take down" of federal agents and military personnel who get cold feet about illegal activities.

      When the CIA or FBI wants to silence an agent who is threatening to expose corruption within the dark side of government, they almost always set him up for prosecution by giving him orders to carry out a secret operation that, like many before, is illegal and corrupt. Only this time, instead of ensuring that the operation is protected, the agency anonymously calls the police and has the agent compromised and arrested. In the ensuing legal proceeding, presided over by one of "their" judges, they disavow any relationship with the accused. The two most common illegal practices used by federal judges to assist in the prosecution (and conviction) of the defector are: 1) deny as inadmissible the introduction of crucial evidence pointing to the accused’s employment as a government agent, and 2) give carefully crafted, prejudiced instructions to the jury, dictating a narrow course of action that can only end in a guilty verdict.

      At least one defector from the high ranks of the CIA has detailed the system of payoffs the government makes to judges through gambling casinos and foreign banks. Such details, plus many more specific stories of federal criminal activity, are found in Rodney Stich’s blockbuster book, Defrauding America (1-800-247-7389). I have mentioned this book numerous times before in my briefs because it is perhaps the most complete catalog of government crimes and cover-ups presented in a single volume. It obviates the need to read a dozen other books. This is one that should be in every library. Many of you complain about how hard it is to convince your friends that a conspiracy really exists. Hand them this book, and if they have even half an honest heart, they will come away shaken. If they don’t believe Stich’s documentation, they won’t believe until the thugs are at their door. Stich’s exposé not perfect, but at least he has done independent verification of the stories that no other author has done.


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