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    J.A.I.L. News Journal _____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California May, 14, 2003
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                               May, 14, 2003

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      Reality vs. The Constitution
      (By Ron Branson - Nat'l J.A.I.L. Commander-In-Chief)
      So many times I have attested that America's political power, in reality, is "vested" in the judiciary of this country, and not in Congress; that all the attention given to Congress and to the passing of legislation is off point.
      Back as early as 1996 I stated, "Give me just five men that I can place within government any place I wish, and I could completely control America. With these five people I could overthrow America and bring it to ruins, or with these same five people I could restore this nation to the glorious country envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Would I arm these five men with guns? No! Would I give them tanks, jets and bombs? No! No! No! And where would I place these five people to accomplish this mind-boggling task? In Congress? No! The Presidency? No! I would place them on the Supreme Court of the United States of America.
      Did the people heed my voice back then? No, not really. A few may have, but most ignored me and went on spending their money trying to get good legislators elected; seeking to influence Congress; and striving to gain the attention of Congress in obtaining redress of grievances. Here we are years later, and these people are still appealing to Congress, and spending millions of their dollars on the electorate, but now we are no better off, but worse. Why? Because they believe not the truth that it is the judiciary that controls America, not Congress! It will not be until the people of America focus their attention upon the judiciary that they will realize a change in American politics!
      It is for this very reason that America's ills will never be remedied through political parties that seek to the legislature as a cure, for at best, were it even possible to bring the legislature over to their party, their good efforts would be overridden by those who hold the political powers of this nation, i.e., the judiciary. 
      I once addressed a Second Amendment group, and here are my words on that speech. "All I have heard here tonight is the effort to get good legislators elected into Congress. Now why do you want to get good legislators elected to Congress? Oh, you say, you want them to write good gun laws. Well how about a gun law that says something like, 'The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed?' Does that sound like a good gun law? But wait a minute, that sounds familiar. Now where have I heard that before. Oh, you say, 'That's the Second Amendment of the Constitution.' Oh, yes, you're right, it is the Second Amendment! But that's been on the books for over two-hundred years. Why are we still here today arguing over the Second Amendment? Is there something wrong with it? Do we need to amend this Amendment? or must we pass some kind of a new law through our good legislators want to get elected into Congress that says the Second Amendment means what it says?
      But wait a minute, doesn't the Constitution carry more force and effect than a law? Oh, you say, 'But the courts do not respect the Second Amendment of the Constitution, and we need to pass some good laws in order to get the judges to respect it.' Really now! Do you honestly believe judges who hold no respect for the Constitution, are going to respect the law if it says the same thing? Oh, but you want to clarify the Constitution, you say. So what you really believe then is that the judges of America are just too stupid to understand the Second Amendment, and just need to be educated by a good law written by good legislators that we get elected to office.
      Folks, if out of two-hundred years of American history the judges of America cannot understand the Second Amendment, then they are not going to understand any good gun legislation no matter what it says.  Wake up! You are fighting against a corrupt judiciary who will never see or respect anything that does not fit their preplanned political agenda. We need judicial accountability, not more gun laws, or more education! You're wasting your time."
      Did they wake up! No! Not one person approached me afterwards, or said anything about "You're right," or "I enjoyed what you said," or "I disagree with you," or "Go fly a kite!" Not a thing! Zilch! It was if I had spoken to a brain-dead audience of zombies. And so they go on week after week, month after month, and year after year collecting dues and seeking to "get good legislators elected to Congress."
      The subversives plotting against America just love these people! They know what they are doing, "Watch the birdie." "Watch Congress." Never mind the  judiciary, you don't even know their names anyway. Just punch the ballot ignorantly for that man on the bench. Keep him in there. He's got such a nice smile. They know that the real power of legislation is from the bench, and that it is always easier to pass laws from the bench than to bother with Congress. They leave you to monkey with Congress.
      Now our Constitution sets forth in its preamble, "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice..." What does that say? "Establish justice?" The very highest of all priorities of our Founding Fathers in writing the Constitution was to "Establish Justice!" And where, in our form of government, is "Justice" supposed to be brought to bear? By laws passed by Congress? No! For why then did our Founding Fathers create a judiciary to be a check and balance upon Congress if all laws wrought Justice merely by the fact that they were passed?
      I would like to refer here is excerpts from a May 7, 2003 article entitled, "What do courts solve," by Columnist Al Knight, alknight@..., as found in the Denver Post, and I quote: 

      "Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor spoke to a college group the other day and commented on some social and political problems that deserve a closer look.

      Justices, as everyone knows, typically don't say much during their speeches for fear of commenting on something that might eventually come before the court. That's why they tend to stick to generalities with which almost no one can disagree.

      Most of O'Connor's remarks were in that category - with one exception. O'Connor said the Supreme Court hadn't quite "solved" the problem of race. There are two important implications to this remark: It is up to the court to "solve" the problem and that, given some more cases, it can somehow do so.

      Many people might find this comment perfectly reasonable since they hold the view that it is up to the courts to decide important matters and up to the rest of us to follow instructions. This view is consistent with the commonly held belief that the Supreme Court is a kind of super-legislature which is supposed to resolve the really tough questions that face the nation. These would include whether there is a right to die; whether and where God may be mentioned in public; when life begins; and what society must do to redress the ancient wrongs of the slave trade. .... 
      As it is, the nation is stuck with a broken judicial selection system precisely because it is too widely assumed that each appellate nominee is no more than a front for the pet projects of a political party. The answer to this puzzle should be obvious: The first step is to make the courts less, not more, important." (unquote.)

      In conclusion, I quote from Article I, Sec. 1 of the U.S. Constitution, "All legislative power herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States..." This is and has been the law of this Land for over 200 years.

      But reality is as set forth by one of the most famous lawyers in this country today, Gerry Spence, who says the "...Power in this country is vested not in Congress, but, as usual, in the black-robed, wily, silent minions of Power. All the lobbying in Congress, all the maneuvering and wrangling for bills, all the positive, creative, reformatory legislative labor, is for naught -- for the ultimate power, rests in the hands of the judiciary." ~ Attorney Gerry Spence, -- With Justice For None, (1989) ISBN 0-14-013325-9.

      I now rest my case on "Reality vs.. The Constitution. - Ron Branson

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