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Re: JAIL4Judges and Million Dad's March, June 8

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  • jail4judges
    Dear Lessman and Baskerville: This is to acknowledge receipt of your below email, and that I am sending a copy of this response to our JAILers. I am pleased to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2003
      Dear Lessman and Baskerville:
      This is to acknowledge receipt of your below email, and that I am sending a copy of this response to our JAILers. I am pleased to hear both of you affirm that the plight before all of us within the courts is not a gender issue. I am further pleased to hear that the cause of J.A.I.L. will be echoed at your June 8th Topeka, Kansas demonstration, and at other demonstrations at state capitals around the U.S.
      As you state, we all benefit from a coalition effort. But it is on this term "coalition effort" that I wish to make comment. Quite commonly the understanding of a "coalition effort" is where different organizations with differing causes assemble for the common good, having at least one cause that binds them all together.
      Now, let's apply that definition to J.A.I.L., which is but a single issue organization -- passage of J.A.I.L. amending all 50 states' Constitutions. The tie that binds, then among the coalition would be passage of J.A.I.L.  If any of the organizations within the coalition opposes this objective, there can be no accord, for we differ on the basic purpose of what we are getting together to accomplish.
      As a point in background, I have been informed by the leader of one existing prominent coalition of organizations, which is not necessarily a part of your coalition, but probably is, that they oppose J.A.I.L.'s single issue purpose for its existence. Hence, by their own admission, they oppose J.A.I.L. So this experience raises the question of why J.A.I.L. would want to join hands with organizations that hold contrary to its  purpose of existence? Isn't this cannibalistic? Does this not promote disunity in the name of a coalition?
      I realize the single issue message of J.A.I.L. may come across as egotistical to many leaders and organizations, but we cannot, and will not let this characterization distract us from our mission of passage of J.A.I.L. in all fifty states.
      We will have unity of purpose as organizations move in behind and support the sole issue of J.A.I.L. If an organization has a tough time accepting this, they will just have to live with it. J.A.I.L.'s response to these organizations is that they will eventually see the light and move in behind J.A.I.L., for it will become apparent to them that they have no other choice. And for those who have ears to hear, J.A.I.L. IS that coalition everyone is seeking for, but cannot find outside of J.A.I.L!  Believest thou this?
      Please know that I really appreciate the two of you writing me, and that I have sent this out to the JAILers to respond directly to you on their participation as they will. And lastly, thank you in advance for heralding the message of J.A.I.L. around the country.
            - Ron Branson -
      J.A.I.L. Commander-In-Chief

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      Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2003 10:26 AM
      Subject: Re: JAIL4Judges and Million Dad's March, June 8

      Hello Ron!

      On Sunday June 8th there will be a demonstration in Topeka, KS. and other state capitols for victims of the "Family" court systems.  These demonstrations include grandparents, mothers, fathers, children, and people from all walks of life. 

      One great solution to ending the destruction of families is the JAIL
      initiative.  I would like to get word of JAIL4Judges to any participating in or watching our protests.  This would help you get more coverage for JAIL, and would help us end the abuses of "Family" courts!

      Please advise Ron, our movements will both benefit from working together!

      Thomas Lessman
      Chairman of the Million Dads March

      Quoting Stephen Baskerville, baskerville@...:

      I think your presence would be a great addition to this, and would help create the broad coalition that is needed to make it a major event.  It is above all an issue of judicial abuse, and when I speak you can be certain I will put it in those terms. 
      It is no accident that fathers are being bashed, but some mothers do get it too, so you are right that it is not a gender issue.  (My theory, which I cannot yet prove, is that mothers get bashed when the father has political connections: the exception that proves the rule.)
      All successful demos in the past have been the work of broad coalitions that do not necessarily agree on every point.  You would help bring in others.
      Stephen Baskerville
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