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Excited About People Waking Up

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  • jail4judges
    EXCITED ABOUT PEOPLE WAKING UP Ron, have you ever seen buzzards fighting over rotted corpses? The police mentality across the nation has long been the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2000
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          Ron, have you ever seen buzzards fighting over rotted corpses?  The police mentality across the nation has long been the dominant vulture.  When they steal something from a citizen they do not want to turn it loose.  It's not about any war on drugs.  It's about money.  There is somebody (or somebody's) in the loop raking off the cash and they simply don't want to relinquish the perk.  I'm happy to see other vultures recognizing the obvious conflict of interest that exists where the robber gets to keep the money if he can figure out a good reason for the robbery. ... Basically, cops want to retain the turf on particular kinds of robbery and thievery that they commit.  I have known plenty of people who cops have robbed, who had nothing to do with drugs.
          I am elated to see the world catching up with me, Ron.  That old widespread blind faith in all government functions is fast disappearing from the public perceptions.  People everywhere are beginning to wake up.  Isn't it sweet?  Some time ago I perceived a new order overtaking humanity in general (not connected with the "New World Order" that simply represents the age-old grabbing for power.)  The order I perceived is a natural outgrowth, or consequence, of man's general continuing quest for perfection.  I discovered it during the late 70's and early 80's.  I realized that democracy was dead, or at best remained little more than a vestige.  I traced it back farther than my perception of it, of course, but there is not room here to go into the whole thing.  By the time I perceived democracy's demise, the concept of democracy had already been supplanted by what I labeled the "Ideocracy."  My life was wrought by the Ideocracy.  The Internet may be its brain.  You are a shining example of Ideocracy in action. 
          Ideocracy equates with government by ideal.  In the early days of the democracy, precursor to the ideocracy, people trusted heads of this or that to tell them how to vote, for example.  Everybody trusted government implicitly.  All policemen were wonderful helpmeets who always did everything perfect, right and just.  All judges were sacred quantities because the position was a sacred quantity. 
          In the Ideocracy, everybody seeks the ideal, and is not satisfied with only believing in the position.  When a man of position is discovered to be corrupt, the position no longer shields him.  He must stand beside the ideal and be judged now, not the position.  Ain't it sweet?  
          In a democracy, the position is paramount, not the man.  In the ideocracy, this is reversed.  It is the man, not the position, that must stand beside the ideal.  This is why so much corruption is being exposed in all the "high places."  I thought I would never see California exposed, as that bunch has corruption sewed pretty tightly.  It is so tight that most people in California only three or so years ago believed that it was impossible to bribe a California official.  The person who gets into the position thinks himself to be in the old system and it is just business as usual.  The whole thing is, he is not in the old system--he's in the new.  The revolution has come and we are all in its midst. 
      I'm glad to see the world catching up.

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