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JAILer John Kinney Writes...

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    JAILer John Kinney Writes... ... From: John Kinney To: jail4judges On a note to our local, or should I say, state level JAIL4Judges groups, if we can send a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2003
      JAILer John Kinney Writes...
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      On a note to our local, or should I say, state level JAIL4Judges groups, if we can send a $10.00 donation to our national group, can't we put the same effort or contribution towards our state program as well?
      Ron Branson Replies
      Dear John Kinney and all JAILers:
      There is absolutely nothing in our J.A.I.L. Constitution and By-Laws that prevents the requisition of local or state funding from its own JAILers. Indeed wisdom dictates that some amount of support be directed to local and state efforts of J.A.I.L. As to what the definition of "some amount" would be is a question of discretion on the part of your state JIC. I would only advise the JICs to use caution and wisdom to not set the bar too high as to discourage those who are merely struggling to exist.
      Also, the JICs should assure that the funds collected for their state, or their counties by their Wardens faithfully go to the J.A.I.L. cause. Monetary mismanagement is the downfall of many organizations.
      J.A.I.L., as designed, exists on a federal, state and a county level, all in need of substance, each potentially drawing resources from the same well, i.e., the JAILers. As the Commander-In-Chief, I was once criticized by one concerned JAILer that it was immoral for everyone to draw upon my time and resources for nothing. Indeed the Scripture instructs that we are not to muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn, and the laborer is worthy of his hire.
      While we have yet to reach the standard of corn for the ox, or worth of my labor, I have indeed imposed $10 twice annually (March and September) for all JAILers to support National J.A.I.L. This amount merely addressed the criticism of everyone in J.A.I.L. receiving a benefit without paying anything for it.
      This month being March, it is time for everyone to send their $10 to P.O. Box 207, North Hollywood, CA. 91603, if they have not already done so, and I know that a lot of you have not.
      I would remind you that every dollar given to J.A.I.L. is equal to a $1000 given to most any other organization or cause because of the mileage J.A.I.L. gets out of a dollar. I don't suppose their exists an organization on earth that has grown so far with so very little support, (less than a movie ticket), giving rise to the miracle of J.A.I.L.'s existence.
      So JAILers, get out your wallets and place that $10 in the mail. You should be happy to have the existence of J.A.I.L. that you can send your money to. Thanks to all of you. Together we shall prevail. There are no armies on earth that can defeat and idea whose time has come!
      Ron Branson
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