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Judge Accused Of Sending Herself Threatening Letters

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal _____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California November 13, 2002
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                          November 13, 2002

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      Judge Accused Of Sending 
      Herself Threatening Letters
      6 men targeting judge
      Say she ruined then accused them in hate-mail ruse
      By MICHELE McPHEE ~ DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER ~ Tuesday, November 12th, 2002
      Judge Marylin Diamond
      A wealthy New York City contractor. A Park Ave. businessman. A high-profile investment banker. A former talent scout from California. A prominent New Jersey doctor. A Putnam County architect.

      They call themselves the Diamond Support Group and have one objective: to get Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Marylin Diamond thrown off the bench.

      The six men say Diamond ruined them financially during their divorce cases - and then fingered them as possible stalkers who had sent a slew of threatening letters over three years.

      The NYPD closed a two-year investigation into the alleged threats after a criminal profiler told cops he believed Diamond wrote the letters herself.

      Now the six men, who have been cleared as suspects, want the state Commission on Judicial Conduct to investigate her. They say they're also considering filing a civil suit against Diamond - charging she slandered them.

      "We want to band together and get her off the bench, so she doesn't do it to someone else," said Neil Eversole, a former talent scout who now lives in California. "It has been heartening to speak to these other men, because people just don't believe a judge could do what Diamond did - accuse me of a crime, send detectives to my house and then bankrupt me. This judge has so much power to affect your life, she can destroy you - and she will."

      Diamond turned over a list of about 20 men to investigators shortly after the letters began arriving in 1999, saying the litigants were potential suspects with possible motives to write menacing phrases such as, "Die Bitch."

      Eversol said detectives came to his Sutton Place apartment numerous times during his divorce from a Manhattan bank executive.

      Architect Ralph Brill said he was photographed by detectives in Diamond's courtroom during his divorce case.

      Park Ave. businessman Tom Snowdon was followed by NYPD detectives for weeks during his high-profile divorce from fashion designer Cathy Hardwick.

      The others did not want their names used, fearing that going public could affect their appeals of Diamond's rulings.

      "Now that I have talked to a number of other people she accused, it's mind-boggling how apparently crazy she has been on the bench, and how long she has gotten away with it," Snowdon said.

      "We've all been terribly beaten up and abused by her," Brill said. "It's been high drama all the way through with her." They've written letters to Gerald Stern, the administrator of the commission, demanding an investigation into Diamond's actions.

      Stern refused to comment about a possible probe when contacted by the Daily News.

      Seeking others

      Brill also has filed a Freedom of Information request to get the names of other people on Diamond's list - so he can reach out to them to join a possible civil suit.

      Diamond was shadowed by security, primarily state court officers, for three years because of the series of threatening letters she reported receiving.

      Detectives from the threat assessment unit, part of the NYPD's elite Intelligence Division, tried to determine who was writing the hate mail.

      The leads turned up nothing, so investigators turned to Ray Pierce, an FBI profiler and retired NYPD detective. Last month, The News reported that Pierce had concluded the 61-year-old jurist was behind the threats.

      'Pig in a poke'

      Cops have no hard evidence linking Diamond to the letters, and she has denied writing the bizarre rants, said her lawyer, former federal Judge Harold Tyler.

      Tyler also defended Diamond's list of suspects, dismissing the group's complaints and its threat of a civil suit as "a large pig in a poke."

      "The police said to Judge Diamond they wanted to get names of litigants so they could perhaps corroborate whether someone was guilty of sending the notes," Tyler said. "It is still legal for citizens to cooperate with the police."

      Tyler, who was hired by Diamond after The News' stories appeared, also scoffed at Pierce's findings.

      "The police have been investigating this for over three years, and there is nothing to this charge that she is writing notes to herself," he said.

      Tyler added that Diamond's security detail has ended.

      But that's not enough for one Manhattan lawyer, who also was questioned by investigators and is considering joining the Diamond Support Group.

      "She has destroyed lives," said the lawyer, who asked not to be named because he is embroiled in a custody battle in front of another Manhattan matrimonial judge. "Some of these guys will never make a comeback."

      Ron Loeber, New York JAILer-In-Chief, valortoo@..., comments on the above:
      Subject: 6 men targeting judge

      Another reason for J.A.I.L., and another story about the people we all love and trust -- "judges."
      A while back we sent you an email about Judge Diamond, the Manhattan judge who was found to have been sending threatening letters to herself.   Thanks to one of our newest JAILers, someone who has personal experience with Judge Diamond, here is the latest update.  Its gonna be fun watching this one.
      Ask yourself what the fundamental difference is between Judge Diamond fabricating a bunch of threatening letters and filing false reports... and Judge Teresi repeatedly throwing people in jail illegally and in clear violation of law & our rights to liberty, property, and due process.
      If the Commission on Judicial Conduct, headed by Gerald Stern in that fine office in New York City, merely says (via a public censure) "tsk, tsk... you shouldn't have done it Judge Teresi" -- and Chief Judge Judith Kaye happily goes along with it --  what do you think they will do to Judge Diamond?  Will they admonish her, perhaps?  Or will it be different because of the influence of the 6 businessmen?  How many false reports may a judge file and still remain a judge?  What's the number, Judy?  Is it the same as the number of people a judge can throw in jail illegally and still remain a judge?  What's it gonna take before Judge Judy looks upon judges like Diamond and Teresi for what they are?  They're nothing more than Common Outlaws when they function outside the law.
      It was only back in April at the Dedication Ceremony of the new wing at the Albany Law School that Judge Judy looked me in the eye and told me how wonderful she thinks it is that citizens are becoming interested in the judiciary.   Yeah... right!  We are interested... more than she may realize.
      If we could only get the addresses of the 6 businessmen mentioned below... and get a copy of J.A.I.L. into their hands, we could really have some fun.  Oh well... all things in good time!
      Ron Loeber,

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