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* * David Donley, Vermont JAILer-In-Chief, speaks out * *

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal _____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California August 31, 2002
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                          August 31, 2002
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      David Donley, Vermont JAILer-In-Chief,
      Speaks Out About Injustices in Vermont

      The following is in response to a JAIL News Journal published last week, entitled "America's Future Without J.A.I.L. by Lawrence Agee."  From that article, Mr. Agee, a former practicing physician in Vermont, describes how he was robbed by the legal system of his medical license and everything he had for speaking out against the system's treatment in his divorce case. Mr. Donley adds to the credibility of this all-too-familiar scenario, having checked the record himself and verifying this travesty of "justice."  For those of you who have not seen Mr. Agee's lamentable story, we include it in text form below, followed by Mr. Donley's statement.
      America's Future Without J.A.I.L.  by Lawrence Agee 

      Night after night I lie awake, sleepless. I am sleepless because of what lawyers and thieves have done to me. I have been robbed and abused by the very courts where I expected to turn for justice.

      All that I have seen is injustice. They have stolen my money, my home, my life, my career. They have stripped me of all I have worked for, and left me with nothing.
      I wonder if I will ever sleep again. I wonder if I will ever risk owning another home for fear of seizure. I wonder if I would ever risk marriage again for fear of another financial rape. I wonder if it is safe to place my money into a bank for fear it will be removed. I wonder if I will ever work again. I wonder if it is worth getting another career where I am obligated to obtain a professional
      license for fear my license will be unjustly seized.

      This is not liberty, this is tyranny, a fraud, a big lie, an illusion. When judges cease to honor the Constitution and comply with it, they cease to serve a legitimate purpose.

      Lawrence Agee (Oregon JAILer)

      Response from Dave Donley:
      Having reviewed many of Lawrence Agee's files I would like to note that he had been a successful practicing physician for over thirteen years with no complaints ever lodged against him by any of his patients when Vermont's Medical Practice board revoked his license to practice medicine.
      It was not until he wrote letters of protest over the way our legal system
      handled his divorce (after only six months of marriage to which he had entered into with a pre-nuptial agreement drafted by a Vermont Licensed Attorney)noting that the judge totally ignored the pre-nuptial agreement and awarded his bride of six months well over half of his lifetime's worth of work and holdings (houses, cars, bank accounts,....).  One should note his ex-wife is a practicing psychologist who had been gainfully employed before, during, and after the divorce.  She employed a co-worker to initiate charges against Lawrence.

      Lawrence's case is a good example of why the boards policing the legal and medical professions (it isn't just the legal profession that enjoys the abused
      privilege of self policing -protecting- the medical profession is just as self serving) should be more open to public scrutiny. There have been many reports of abhorrent conduct on the part of Vermont's legal and medical professionials with little or no action taken by the boards to safeguard the public.
      Our legislature has tinkered with creating accountability as a result of public outcry and many legislators have publicly proclaimed the boards' policing professionals need to "have more oversight, be more accountable, less secretive" but little more than lip service is paid to the issue.

      That there have been many publisized accounts of the unsavory behavior of Vermont's professionals can be verified by a key word search of the state's
      newspapers archives as found on the state's internet home page library link. This will give you the date and title of the reports and a brief description which
      is all that is neccesary in many cases.
      One doctor had complaints pending for years for many things including having raped a sixteen year old girl in his office. (In Vermont, 16 and under is statutory rape). It was publisized in the Burlington Free Press on June 27, 1995 along with accounts of his having lured another mentally-ill woman from her physciatrist with promises of providing prescription drugs, which he did, and
      then proceeded to sexually exploit her for some period of time.
      What might interest a lot of family court litigants out there is that Dr. Delozier successfully retained his license and legally defeated his victims' attempts to get temporary restraining orders against him, despite their fears and documented abuses. This was all publicly reported in the papers. ... [M]any ... non-custodial parents were being criminalized with temporary restraining orders for
      frivilous claims like, "I think he will," or, "I fear he will,...," ....  Yet, licensed doctors rape and seduce their patients with prescription drugs and the courts deny their victims' restraining orders while the Medical Practice Board covers up the doctor's malfeasence. 
      But we are a country of laws not of men, right. There is no disparity in the application of the law and no, Virginia, justice is not for sale like any other
      commodity or service in the market.
      Dr. Delozier was able to keep his license just because he could afford the most expensive lawyers in the state and his victims didn't need restraining orders against him-- he is a state licensed doctor!  Government knows best and
      can best protect yours and my interests if left to operate in secrecy. Our founding fathers didn't know what they were doing when they drafted the First

      The State Disciplinary Boards for lawyers, judges and doctors (all other professionals are monitored by the Secretary of State's office of Profesional Licensing) say they require secrecy to "protect the innnocent" and the public welfare.  If you believe that consider the Agee and Delozier cases. 
      Two licensed physicians operating in the same jurisdiction (state of Vermont)
      one has never had any complaints made against him by any patients; the other is a public menace and spectacle with published complaints of his criminal
      behavior with a sixteen year old girl.  One exercises his right of free speech and speaks out about the abuses of the legal system and its licensed puppets, and is retaliated against with license revocation. The other plays the game, pays into the extortion racket to cover his criminal behavior and retains his license.
      Makes me wonder, what is the difference between the Mafia that shakes down legitimate businesses for protection money and the courts that shake down everyone for all they can, just to ensure basic constitutional rights?

      Lawrence's case demonstrates how the boards' policing professionals can act as what one Vermont State Senator and lawyer, Illuzii, termed "Star chamber" in a pleading during his interactions with the professional conduct boards. Lawrence was prosecuted not for what he did but for what the board's one lone witness said he thought he might do (act incompetently) as a result of the stress he was under-- stress that was created by his unjust persecution; and,
      as one expert who analyzed him, Karen Huffer, author of the book "Legal Abuse Syndrome" concluded, "the legal abuse he has endured for speaking out against the 'system'."


      David Donley, Paralegal
      JIC VT Jail4judges 

      Please direct any comments or questions to Mr. Donley.

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