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20% Of Judges Abandon Ship!

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal _____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California August 19,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2002

      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                               August 19, 2002

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       20% Of Judges Abandon Ship!

      The judiciary has been called the "Stealth Branch of Government." While the media is saturated with the distraction of the political war games and finger-pointing that dominates the other two branches of government, the judiciary has enjoyed a reasonably stealth existence, going about silently, overthrowing the very foundations of our Republic.
      However, now this stealth existence is starting to surface in to the public eye. Within the last two years more heat has been placed upon the judiciary than at any time before. Judges are getting more and more nervous knowing the eye of the public starting to watch what they are doing. JAIL4Judges has had its lion share in refocusing the public's attention to watch this "Stealth Branch of Government."  Note the following news article as an example.    - Ron Branson
      Rocky Mountain News
      Karen Abbott 
      August 5, 2002

      One in five judges facing retention elections in Colorado this fall is choosing instead to leave the bench.

      One hundred thirty-one judges face public retention votes Nov. 6, and 26 have said they won't return for another term, said Michelle Stermer, who tracks the list for the state judicial branch. More could bow out by today, the deadline for judges to declare. Some judges are leaving even though they aren't scheduled for a retention vote this year. ....

      A few judges prefer to avoid the possibility of public criticism by committees that recommend to voters whether individual judges should be retained or voted off the bench. ....

      The wave of departures gives Gov. Bill Owens an unprecedented chance to reshape Colorado's judiciary.

      Owens has named 60 judges since he took office in February 1999 and is expected to name as many as 30 more by the time his first term ends early next year. That's more than former Gov. Dick Lamm appointed in all 12 years he was in office - 59 - and is approaching the 114 judges former Gov. Roy Romer named in his 12 years.

      It means that by early next year, a third of Colorado's state judges will have been chosen by Owens.

      Lawyers and judges are looking hard at his picks.

      Twenty of the 60 judges Owens has chosen so far were serving as prosecutors when he tapped them for the bench. Fifteen others worked as prosecutors earlier in their careers. ....

      He said defense lawyers are the most critical of his prosecutorial appointments. But lawyers and judges of all types - even some Republicans - have voiced the same worry. Most don't want their 
      names used for fear they'll have to argue a case before a judge chosen by Owens who might take their criticism personally. ....

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