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*** Here's What's Happening In Florida

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    HERE S WHAT S HAPPENING IN FLORIDA (Sherree s motivation for running for State Senate) Hello, Kimberly Well, things are still pretty bad here in Florida, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2000
      (Sherree's motivation for running for State Senate)
      Hello, Kimberly

          Well, things are still pretty bad here in Florida, and it will take some doing to get it cleaned up, as in every place. There were threats against our families, jobs, and we were told that we had better pack and run. I am referring to those few of us who were opposing the system. For a time we were very scared, but as we gathered our wits, we decided on a counter-attack-- we faced them down, and I declared my candidacy for state senator.
          Okeechobee has always been known as a laid back, quiet little town with good schools, very low if any crime rate, and supposedly a nice place to live. Only there is no housing, just trailer park after trailer park, and some areas that are doublewides.
          The jobs are at the courthouse, a few lawyers, one hospital, two clinics, a super Walmart, and a couple small plazas that are struggling to keep the doors open. There are many churches, and a few local bars (nothing to really speak of), a bowling alley, a movie theater, a couple of auto dealerships, some dairy farms, a few restaurants, and, --Oh yes, and prisons.
          The streets in front of the courthouse are always lined with cars  --the busiest place in town!
          Underneath the laid-back atmosphere is an undercurrent of fear and anger, because although there is really little crime, the Department of Children and family, the attorneys and judges, have cast so much fear into the residents of the county, by CREATING criminals of its people, taking the children, and breaking the will of the people.
          There is no assistance for the poor, the single parent, no justice in the court. Once you are in the system, you are kept there-- you can't escape, or serve your time and put it behind you. You just keep paying and paying! If you are lucky enough to get probation, it will be violated at the end, and you start serving your time all over again.
          False accusations from a neighbor, or a phone call, can destroy you and your family, and every member of your family
      -- no ones ever gets away. And this is all done without the opportunity of due process of law-- total violation of all civil rights! There is no way to escape!  The elderly are thrown into nursing homes for their social security checks, and they are terribly abused, and even beaten.
          You watch the people, they have strained faces. There is no laughter, no happiness, everyone just goes through the motions of living, neighbors afraid of each other, and the biggest thing around is the fishing tournaments, and the fish are getting less and less because of the fertilizers and chemicals soaking into the ground and polluting the water of the lake.
          The school system demands the children be drugged to keep them under control; they are taught how to pass the FCAT tests, instead of being taught so they can pass through having learned. When they are reaching puberty, they begin to resist the drugs and as teens become unmanageable and out of control, and the parents are being blamed for this. The crimes against the children are being committed by government, and yet they claim they want to protect the children! The only children who are safe from the system are the children of the wealthy, who are not forced into the welfare system and public schools, or the children who are home schooled by parents.
          We have become a controlled community, and the fear now is, what will happen next, when they have all the children? Will they build facilities to then lock up the people?
          When I became aware of what was happening, I began opposing the system, protesting, and trying to help the victims by contacting the various groups for them and even to locating an attorney who would take the cases and file a class action suit.
          As I researched, I learned this is a nationwide thing and it is all sanctioned by the state governments; the people are being used, and our federal government has taken away all the rights of its people, by allowing the states that are using and abusing the system to cash in on the federal funding --which never reaches the people because there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY!
          The groups are formed, but they really can't do anything, because they are just small groups. But if they will come
      together as a mass, then we will be heard; and if we can educate the public, and make them realize this is happening because we are letting it happen, we can stand up as a nation of people and take back our country!
          We have to clean out the bureaucrats and the corruption, and
      restructure, or be forever under the yoke of slavery, and in a sense, we are already enslaved. Most of what we earn goes to the government, to build the fancy buildings to house the officials, the hefty pay they receive, and the raises they keep giving themselves, while making the poor and the low income class foot the bill for them.
          We have written our elected officials, we have called, and they turn a deaf ear to the people.
          If a parent dares to take a child and flee, they become a criminal and get their pictures plastered on milk cartons and posted in the post office, and then the people are talked into standing and asking for donations to help recover these missing persons and prosecute the parent that takes the child and runs.
          We need to put things right, put families back together, and educate the parents and future parents of this country. These children that are being taken and placed in foster homes and adopted out are going to turn into a nation of angry, bitter, lost souls, so full of rage that we are going to be embroiled in war unlike any we have ever known!
          There is talk of that happening now, if that anger surfaces; and if we can't make changes to start turning this nightmare around, we will have massive killings and slaughter. The evidence is already surfacing in the young, with the killings in the schools, and the out of control teens, and the young women are the next targets for incarceration, because they offer the most resistance to the system.
          You cannot strip children of their families, and reprogram them --mothers love their children, fathers love their children, and children love their parents.  And they will always want to know who their real parents are, who their siblings are; and they will hate the people who raise them and keep them from the natural parents, and families. Families raise children, with
      love. Foster care allows the children to exist, for pay, and the
      children are often abused and neglected.  More die in foster care
      than with their own families.

          I hope that I have answered your question. I am so full of the injustice and the hurt that the people of this country are subjected to that I often go into overload trying to impress the issues to others.
          I am constantly praying for the Lord to guide me, for I am only a mother and grandmother. But I am feeling the pain of a nation, and I now have so many children and grandchildren, that my heart is constantly weeping and searching for a way to cure this terrible disease that has spread across the land. 
      Perhaps I can be persistent enough to make these lawmakers make changes to turn the path of destruction around.
          What is happening in Florida is no different from what is happening everywhere in this country  --only I happen to be here, and I for one will not sit by and watch what is happening without trying to do something!
          Doug Shaffer said to me "only victims listen to victims," and that I found to be true. But I intend to find a way to make this country listen to it's victims.  Otherwise, this will be a country where everyone, unless you work for the government, will be a victim; and even then you won't be safe, because you will not have a choice of what to think or what to do.
          The very thought of the future is frightening.  If we cannot
      get the government and the Judicial system turned around, there will be no future, for we are on a path to self destruction!

      Sherree Lowe/ Florida

          Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Sherree for sharing this response to Kimberley's question "What's happening in Florida?"  It is my intense hope that this important message will serve the purpose Sherree so eloquently stated: "[I]f we can educate the public, and make them realize this is happening because we are letting it happen, we can stand up as a nation of people and take back our country!" 
          We at J.A.I.L. salute you as a true American patriot who is "willing to do something about it."  We wish you Godspeed in your run for State Senate in Florida, and we are truly grateful to have you as Head of our Florida JAIL State Chapter!
          -Ron Branson-

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