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Looking for Lawyer who can help us

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  • jail4judges
    The below can afford a lawyer, but can t find one. Area is Ohio. Can anyone help? ... From: Dawn Klein To: jail4judges@mindspring.com Sent: Monday, July 08,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2002
      The below can afford a lawyer, but can't find one. Area is Ohio. Can anyone help?
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      Sent: Monday, July 08, 2002 9:05 AM
      Subject: Looking for help

      I have been on the Jail4Judges list for quite some time.  I enjoy reading the wonderfully written posts.
      I'm mom to a disabled 7 year old in NE Ohio.  Advocating for my son against the school system has become a full time job. 
      During the 2000-2001 school year, the retailiation was unbearable so I threw my hands up and surrendered.  I decided that I would supplement my son's education with private therapies and an individualized homeschooling plan designed by myself. 
      But my son needs more help than I can provide and I need to get back into the game and start strongly advocating for my son's educational success. 
      However, I live in fear of retaliation.  During the 2000-2001 school year, I was not permitted to visit my son's classroom.  When I picked him up from school to go to private therapies, the police were always in the office and the secretary watched for me.  When I would arrive the secretary would call the classroom and my son was delivered to me @ the front door. 
      The more I fought, the worse the retaliation became.  At one point, my son was forbidden to play with his best friend who was in another kindergarten class. 
      Until refinancing our home, my husband and I have not been able to afford an attorney to help us.  Complaints to the state dept of ed and Office of Civil Rights were a waste of time.  However, now that we have the funds to pay for an attorney, we are unable to locate one to help us.  We live in a small rural area and I have been unable to locate an attorney willing to help us.
      How can I fight for my son's educational rights and protect ourselves from retaliation?  Do you know of an attorney in NE Ohio who can help us?  School starts at the end of August and I'm already a basket case worrying about dealing with them.
      Thank you,
      Dawn Klein
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