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** It's Our Duty to Put Government Out Of "Business"

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California May 11, 2002 It s
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                            May 11, 2002
      It's Our Duty to Put Government Out Of "Business"
      I think I have valid thoughts as to how we have given up our rights (yes, I blame us as no government can harm us unless we allow them to circumvent our natural rights). 
      ... this means little when some law enforcer of statutory law is holding a gun to your head, so to speak.  That is what must be changed.
      Our elected representation serves only itself and the governments, not the people, so it is and has always been up to us to right the wrongs.
      -- Ed Lewis,   elewis@...
      Below are two excellent expositions of the problem. What must be examined, however, is the solution proposed. If a "full disclosure statement" requirement is established, as described below, by what authority will it be enforced? Where does one take the matter if the "FDS" requirement is disregarded or disobeyed?  --to a government agency in the current law enforcement system? --to a commission or committee in the current justice system? --to a court in the current judicial system?  Or to ANY agency or department within the current government system?
      I believe the writers below agree that our current government system is corrupt. If it is corrupt, the question must be asked: Why would we consider establishing a program or procedure that would be enforceable within the corrupt system?  What would the People gain by looking to government officials of a corrupt system that does NOT protect our rights? Do not the facts of the problem described below show that the current system, under the guise of government, is indeed the ENEMY of the People?
      EVERY FACET of the problem will be resolved by a simple solution: Hold judges accountable to the People according to the limitations established by the U.S. Constitution.
      It is the DUTY of the People to see to it that our rights are secured and protected by our constitutional government-- and unless we have a constitutional government, our rights will NOT be protected. Anything less than a constitutional government will not do. We sure don't have one now!
      J.A.I.L. will fulfill that requirement. There is a lot of talk about "security" especially since 9-11. Instead of surrounding our buildings and airports with "security guards" employed by the corrupt powers that be, we must establish a "security guard" of the People surrounding government which focuses on the ultimate decisionmaker-- the judiciary.  That "security guard" designed to protect the People from our domestic enemy is called J.A.I.L.  Before our rights --all of them-- can be secured, we must have J.A.I.L. in place, as a "watchdog," just in case it's needed to keep our government within its lawful function. 
      Ron Loeber, Lt.JAILer-In-Chief of New York J.A.I.L. said:
      "We only need one good watch dog, and I have mine.  His name is J.A.I.L.  He is still a puppy, but he is growing and learning and developing.  And like all puppies, he loves to learn.  I'm feeding him and training him and loving him.  He is already waiting to sink his teeth into someone.  And when he becomes mature, he is going to be the nastiest Junk Yard Dog you ever saw.  Everyone will think more than twice before they trespass upon my junk yard 'cause they know I will turn J.A.I.L. loose upon them in a heartbeat.  Shucks Bob, my 'friendly legislators' already know about my puppy and he scares the hell out of them. They are afraid J.A.I.L. will bite them."  
      Our thanks to Ed Lewis and Nancy Heiser for the information they provided below.

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      Sent: Saturday, May 11, 2002 2:18 AM
      Subject: It's a business!

      The Police State We Live In
      Or - If it isn't martial law, then what is?
      by Ed Lewis
      Hello Ed,
      Thank you for your worthwhile (above-mentioned) article someone e-mailed me recently!  Please allow me to answer your question (as we observe the same problems on the west coast)....
      In my humble opinion.....it's very simple.....it has become a dangerously big, big, (just may be one of the biggest) 'business enterprise'....to the various state & federal bar associations & it's memberships....an exclusive enterprise....nothing more and nothing less.  We see this over and over again everywhere. 
      When you go into their courtrooms...the judge is a bar member, the public defender(pretender) is a bar member, and, the prosecutor is a bar member....all of an exclusive club that you or I can't belong to....but yet they make laws affecting all of our lives exclusively in one way or another from cradle to grave....and, you know what...they know it too! 
      The $$$$ money to be made in this very huge industry where law (as we thought we knew it) no longer exists in any of our beloved states.  The 'bar associations' run everything from top to bottom.....and, by all appearances they make up the law (called color of law which has nothing to do with each states' respective constitutions) as they go along....they win every time...even when they lose they win....because they send you a big bill.
      Most of the politicians from top to bottom are lawyers.....and, as we all know...they never eat their own.  I personally have been a 'court watcher/observer' in the gallery.....99.9% in our area is all 'plea bargain' and, you can hear the cha-ching of the cash register all day long whether you are guilty or not....it doesn't matter...you know your attorney's bill is growing....you cut your best deal!  It's absolute madness....and, I predict that eventually when the people will not be able to pay anymore.....the house of cards that the 'bar association members' have built and structured for their own selfishness will come tumbling down......maybe sooner than we think. 
      The people are so strapped with rules and regulations upon rules and regulations $$$, laws upon laws$$$, fees and licenses upon fees and licenses$$$, that they never even voted on. Every legislative session (state & federal) produces tons of new legislation (laws) without the vote of the people that I think (in all honesty) is strangling our beloved country to death.
      Perhaps a movement should start to grow across our great land....and that being signed 'full disclosure statements' by the public defender (pretender), prosecutor, and judge (before you enter thru the 'swinging bar door' of their courtrooms) that they all belong to the same various bar associations, and, that their first allegiance is to that bar association, AND, it's membership (look at their charter in your own states' bar association), and, that your best interests come in second. I believe that would be fair and square don't you?  At least the average ordinary person would know right...kinda like leveling the playing field?!  Right now as we all know....they don't.  I didn't fully realize the extent until I started 'waking up' from my sheeple state.
      I believe this full disclosure statement has merit....what say you??
      In God We Trust,
      Kindest regards,
      Nancy Heiser,  copyright during the fall in, 2002.

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      Sent: Saturday, May 11, 2002 9:54 AM
      Subject: Re: It's a business!

      Hi, Nancy,
      I agree on a full disclosure statement.  And I do mean "full".  My studies continue of the type of courts we are subjected to and they are not courts of common law.  Each and every one is unconstitutional as they are courts of equity, neither of which has jurisdiction over the sovereign man or woman with natural rights.  In fact, no natural person can be tried in courts of equity (or merchant law in which the government applies political power) without his express permission.  Of course, this means little when some law enforcer of statutory law is holding a gun to your head, so to speak.  That is what must be changed.
      Thus, full disclosure dictates that the natural person entering the court be informed he is not under the law of the Constitution and that he has no rights, that the judge sits as the judge and jury.  
      He or she must be informed that he is being prosecuted by an agent of the State with allegiance to statutory law, not to the common law of the freeman. He must be informed that the fact is, the statute(s) being applied against him are jurisdictionally applied to franchised artificial persons, including those in government and franchises (corporations) created and privileged by the government.
      Furthermore, juries should be present in every case.  Missouri statute even dictates this unless the defendant waives the right.  The problem is which hundreds of laws, the defendant seldom knows there is a time factor, that if he doesn't demand a jury at least 5 days prior to court, that he automatically waives his right.  Thus, the silence of the government constitutes fraud (See U.S. v. Tweel, 550 F2d 297, 299-300). 
      The defendant must be informed of his right to a jury and the jury informed that they will respond only based on the common law of the Constitution.  This means they must have the right to face their accuser and, for example, a law enforcer writing a ticket is not an "accuser".  The state or level of government he works for is but no government has rights to be violated unless the sovereign has a contract with the state (franchised, for example) placing himself under the de facto laws of the artificial persons.  No victim and therefore, no crime committed.  Thus, the jury must be fully informed as to jury nullification.
      I could go on but hopefully we are in agreement.  And I fully support a nationwide movement to destroy courts of equity applied to we sovereign.
      I would go a step further with Bar attorneys.  I believe they should be prohibited from setting foot in a common law court of the people (only non-Bar lawyers could or any other natural person giving "counsel" with or without pay; that should be prohibited from holding office; that they should be prohibited from being judges; in short, that they should lose their citizenship as their allegiance is not to the Constitution for the uniting of the States which gives express jurisdiction that is not over the sovereign people.  No state has equity jurisdiction over the sovereign and people must be made aware of this.
      To continue, Bar allegiance is to the Bar as you know, and all are associated with the International Bar Association (IBA) of London, England.  I therefore believe that the original 13th Amendment should be fully in force, that by giving allegiance to the Bar, citizenship as a constitutional natural person is forfeited. 
      This is actually factual in regards to becoming a member of the corporate government (an artificial person).  All who subscribe to an oath of office in performing the duties of the office forfeit their constitutionally secured rights and place themselves under statutory law meant to regulate artificial persons.  In their private lives, the common law of the Constitution still applies.
      Well, Nancy, I could keep writing about this for hours.  My current project is writing a complete explanation of the unlawfulness of property tax placed on other than franchised property.  This when done will be easily converted to affidavits of truth which must stand above and beyond courts of equity and merchant law as natural rights stand above "privilege", the dictates of the elected few (equity or merchant), and even the so-called vote of the majority as rights are individual rights, not privileges determined by the majority.
      BTW, I agree it is a business and during my battles against local government, the many crimes (true crimes in which the natural man or woman is the victim) include theft, extortion, mail fraud, misrepresentation, and so on that is clearly defined under RICO as racketeering.  Thus, it is a business relying on deceit and non-disclosure of facts in law (law should refer only to common law).
      Thanks very much for reading the article.  There is another I think you should find interesting.  You may read it at: http://www.keepandbeararms.com/information/XcIBViewItem.asp?ID=2627
      Please don't misunderstand.  I am not pushing myself on others - I don't get paid for writing although many sites use my material.  But, I think I have valid thoughts as to how we have given up our rights (yes, I blame us as no government can harm us unless we allow them to circumvent our natural rights).  Also, if we controlled locally, we would control nationally as a union of States, the people not the State government that we created to defend constitutionally secured rights.
      But, if you want to read other stuff and agree or disagree.  We must never allow disagreements to thwart open discussion, the basis that every party except the Demo-krauts and Republi-krauts has failed.  The two major parties always end up doing what is good for the party which is to say, good for the individual 
      members holding office. 
      Keep And Bear Arms used to archive every article but since "Silent Conquest" have not done so since the site is over-loaded and short on personnel.  But, one that uses every article no matter what I write is World Newsstand at:  http://www.worldnewsstand.net/2001/article/EdLewis.htm
      I believe a nationwide movement is an absolute must.  That is one reason I spend the time and effort to write the booklet I am putting together.  But, even when in sales and teaching sales, I always tried what I taught and the same holds true.  I must rid myself of tax on my property through lawful means (meaning not shooting the bastards extorting my property from me).  This is priority now because I refuse to pay again and I must head off a seizure that would get me into their courts.
      It must be an organization that will say it like it is, even if it means doing so at great personal risk.  And, when dealing with any level of government and confronting it with its crimes against the people, there will be personal risk.  They will not give up the gravy train without a fight.  And, as it currently is, they hold a fully loaded gun while we only have pea shooters.
      Well, I told you I could keep writing.  But, for certain, stay in communication with me.  As I said, I like your idea.  It is an ideal that can be developed along with organizations striving for judicial accountability.  Our elected representation serves only itself and the governments, not the people, so it is and has always been up to us to right the wrongs.
      Best regards,
      Ed Lewis

      J.A.I.L. is an acronym for Judicial Accountability Initiative Law
      JAIL's very informative website is found at www.jail4judges.org
      JAIL proposes a unique new addition to our form of government.
      JAIL is powerful! JAIL is dynamic! JAIL is America's ONLY hope!
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      "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is
      striking at the root."                         -- Henry David Thoreau    <><
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