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* Judicial Corruption Is Rampant Everywhere

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California May 7, 2002
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2002
      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                           May 7, 2002
      Judicial Corruption Is Rampant Everywhere--
      Not Just in California
      Steven E. Grace, WWIIHERO@..., a California JAILer
      "with a will to fight back at injustice"
      Somebody has to do something and soon, or else there is going to be a
      breakdown in the judicial system. People are going to get fed up with these
      Frankly, a separate body of nonlegal investigative committees needs to be
      established to add some common sense to the legal issues when a misconduct complaint is brought up
                                                                                      --Steven E. Grace
      [Mr. Grace writes]:
      Trying to find any civil justice within the court system of the California Ninth
      District is impossible. Non-monetary, Pro Se, In forma Pauperis civil
      complaints are far too complex. The fees for filing are way too costly. This
      discourages many, which have just complaints to even seek the court's aid.
      This is besides the astronomical cost lawyers would charge. That's why most
      civil Non-monetary cases are made Pro Se and In Forma Pauperis because they can't afford the expensive system of legal injustice that's practiced in the
      Ninth District Courts of California.

      The United States Attorney's office in the Ninth District of California runs
      roughshod over such cases with complete impunity with such outrageous
      misconduct in obstructing justice in Non-monetary civil actions it is
      disgraceful what they get away with.

      The judges in this state are no better. It becomes more apparent by the fact
      that out of 1600 sitting judges on the bench in the state of California,
      there are over 2300 misconduct complaints filed every year against these
      judges. That's more then one complaint for each judge every year. Yet, the
      system in place to watch and correct the misconduct of these judges is the
      same as employed by the L.A.P.D in the use of the IAD
      [Internal Affairs Division]. Nothing is done.
      The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in investigating those complaints has a miserable record. Maybe of that number, only barely ten judges have even had their hand slapped. The rest are whitewashed by this one-sided system. The rules themselves governing the investigation process into misconduct of a Judge is so complex that in reality, it is geared mainly to retain judges to the point that only if they commit murder, you might get the bastard off the bench. Otherwise, don't hold your breath.

      Frankly, a separate body of nonlegal investigative committees needs to be
      established to add some common sense to the legal issues when a misconduct complaint is brought up. The rules governing filing and the judgment of misconduct complaints of judges is way too complicated. The ordinary citizen can't even begin to follow; although they know inside the judge is being
      unfair and not doing the right thing by them. They have nothing to help them
      express the frustration they are dealing with in an unjust situation.
      [It is the system's goal to confuse the ordinary citizen when he or she looks to the system for relief. When I commented to a deputy district attorney with whom I worked years ago that rules and procedures are so complicated, he responded "Of course! It's designed that way so that we lawyers can get paid to figure it out!" (words to that effect). I'll never forget it. -Barbie]
      This is a blow to the faith the people once had in the fairness of the so-called judicial system that once looked out for the common man's rights. The court's place in the scheme of things has fallen apart for the people in this state. Magistrate Judges who are openly biased and prejudiced against a plaintiff refuse to recuse themselves from cases. Magistrate Judges sit on the bench and allow Assistant United States Attorneys to openly slander a plaintiff's family member. If the judge had been knowledgeable of the evidence in the case, the judge would have caught the AUSA on this point and demanded an immediate apology from the AUSA.

      The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in the face of overwhelming evidence that supports a charge of misconduct, merely whitewashes the magistrate's misconduct. Even the State Bar looks the other way when confronted with the misconduct of an AUSA. There is no justice in the civil courts of the Ninth District of the state of California.
      Now in the state of Indiana's Seventh District, if the same evidence in this and other cases of civil non-monetary cases were presented, the judges in that District are very much more enlightened and approach the evidence first and apply the law second in a more common sense manner. [Any Indiana people agree?  We have Indiana JAILers that are fed up as well.]
      This is sorely lacking in the magistrate judges now on the bench in this state.
      Giving a six-figure-salary magistrate's position to some incompetent as a
      political favor to be handed out, is a disservice to the citizens of the community to be served of this state. It hardly instills any confidence in
      the legal system.

      "Our legal system depends on the confidence of every citizen. Americans
      strongly support our legal system, but many question whether it dispenses
      justice evenly. Too many Americans think that our legal system does not treat
      crime victims fairly. Too many think that it favors the wealthy over the poor. And too many lack effective access to the civil legal system because they cannot afford a lawyer. Support for effective civil and criminal representation for the poor, and consideration of the interests of victims and the community, are critical to public confidence in the justice system." Janet Reno, US Attorney General.

      It would be refreshing to have a real civil court system that was more
      responsive to the needs of the individual citizen. Perhaps the legal
      maneuvering of United States Attorneys to get out from righting an injustice
      or correcting an error made by some Military branch or the Government
      could be reversed.

      Somebody has to do something and soon, or else there is going to be a breakdown in the judicial system. People are going to get fed up with these
      [I think that has already happened. People must now get J.A.I.L. passed in this country. Let's start with just ONE STATE!  -Barbie]

      JAILer with a will to fight back at injustice,

      Steven E. Grace, California JAILer

      3721 Hoen Avenue
      Santa Rosa, CA 95405

      Folks, the above is typical of the "standard operating procedure" of our legal system throughout the country, and it's been going on far too long!  -Barbie
      J.A.I.L. is an acronym for Judicial Accountability Initiative Law
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      "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is
      striking at the root."                         -- Henry David Thoreau    <><

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