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Fw: Quit Complaining and Solve Problem -- Innocent victims of corrupt Judge!

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      Subject: Quit Complaining and Solve Problem -- Innocent victims of corrupt Judge!

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      Dear Mr. O'Reilly:

      You have indicated you are interested in cases where there has been
      injustices committed by a corrupt judge.  The judge in this report is
      notorious for his bad decisions and has a pattern history.  Not only has he
      further, "Victimized repeatedly the victims" but in his, infinite wisdom
      Court Ordered the Violence Victim to pay  (garnished) her S.S. Disability to
      the Perpetrator.  Worldwide in many Cultures, there is no judge who would
      accept such a cruel situation!!  And furthermore this devoted Sole caregiver
      Mother is now, neither allowed to visit nor to see her Beloved child!  
      "Guilty of no crime law compliant". That's an inhuman situation!!!  This case
      should give you a lot to write about. J.A.I.L....please help this vital cause.

      Mother and Child abused by the power of a Judge!

       Nicholson vs Nicholson
      Cook County Illinois #92-D18247, 92CO 00410
      FL# Appeals #97-2003

      Sila Hernandez Nicholson and her minor daughter were treated unhumanly in the
      Court of Florida by Judge Lawrence Korda.  He has perpetrated fraud upon his
      Court as evidence to obstruct justice of her Constitutional rights.

      Either he was not aware of the severity of abuse to this mother, and child
      or, he took advantage of a young lady who was born in Colombia and was not
      aware of all the legal ramifications of the laws of our country.  One reason
      that he was blind to the abuse is the fact that he refused to review her
      ex-husband's domestic violence history from Illinois,  Regardless, he should
      be held accountable for all the heartache and agony, the destruction of lives
      and financial ruin, he has put this mother and child through.  As of this
      date, they are still separated, absolutely innocent of any crime, but have
      been victimized by the Court.

      Sila Hernandez Nicholson lived in an abusive marriage with a man who not only
      abused her but their daughter as well.  And yet, this judge awarded full
      custody of child to him after knowing all he had done to them.  The daughter
      was taken from Sila, who had primary custody since birth.  While, Sila held
      Active Order of Protection against husband's violence, on Mother's day 1997,
      the police, forcibly broke into Sila's house and forcibly kidnapped her 7
      years old child.  Police failed to protect domestic violence victim, per VAWA
      Act.  Mother was ordered to pay this able bodied man 70% of her Disability SS
      check for child support, which was further punishment unwarranted.

      I trust that you may be able to see some justice restored in the state of
      Florida by exposing this judge and his cruelty to a helpless law abiding
      innocent mother and child.


      Victim Advocates
      Fallbrook, CA 92028

      TIME   LINE

      The Nicholsons were married August 31, 1990 then on May 11, 1992, Mr.
      Nicholson abandoned mother and daughter after abusing them both.  Mrs.
      Nicholson was given extended order of protection by Court and filed for
      divorce December 1992 for mental, emotional cruelty and physical abuse and
      was awarded primary custody of daughter.

      However, she reconciles with her husband, after he pleaded with her.  She
      felt compelled to try again for the daughter's sake and didn't want to deny
      her of a father's relationship.

      December 1995, they moved to Florida and August 1996, the abuse started all
      over again.  Mr. Nicholson removed $80,000 from their joint bank account,
      leaving only $60.00 for mother and daughter, with no explanation.

      September 1996, Mrs. Nicholson got order of protection and filed for divorce
      because of assaults and threats from husband and girlfriend.  In October, her
      doctors requested "emergency out of state relocation" in the best interest of
      Mrs. Nicholson and her daughter.  Judge Lawrence Korda denied this request
      and locks mother and daughter (violence victims) into the same city and state
      with perpetrator.   This is a grave violation of the VAWA Act Protection of
      Survivors, Mother&Children, of Domestic Violence Incorporated May 8, 1958,
      and honored by the Justice Department.

      Judge tells mother, "Tough, get over it, learn to live homeless and destitute
      in Florida.  Guess what, you aren't going nowhere.  And get use to seeing
      your husband with his new lovers and teach your daughter to see her father
      with his new significant others because as of today, I am awarding the
      respondent weekend visitations at his girlfriend's house.  I am warning you,
      if you don't take the child to the police station to hand over to the
      respondent today, I will imprison you and take your child away.  Am I clear
      on that? --- Motion is denied."

      Mrs. Nicholson and her daughter are forced to live in a drug and
      violence-infested apartment complex; however, she sold all her personal
      assets and bought a house in a family oriented community for her daughter's
      sake.  On November 1996 she presented deed of newly purchased 3 bedroom home
      to Judge Korda.  He was not, pleased with Sila's goodfaith action.

      November, 1996, Thanksgiving - husband returns child from visitation and
      commits assault and battery "hit and run" on mother while child witnessed in
      car.  Still with, "Active Order of Protection", nothing was done about this.

      November 19th to May 10, 1997, Mrs. Nicholson obtained a new lawyer who
      proved gross negligence by a previous attorney who was handling the case. 
      All court rule procedures required in a divorce proceeding were ignored,
      including pre-trial equitable distribution and final hearing with absolutely
      no notice, service or response to petitioner.  As a direct consequence, on
      Mother's Day, 1997 at Court Hearing, the guardian ad litem declares husband
      an "unfit father" and there is no emergency to the child who is with her
      mother,  and states that she is not ready to go to trial , because she had
      not visited husband's girlfriend's home yet.  Judge Korda denied motion and
      trial proceeded without the presence of Mrs. Nicholson. This would not have
      prejudiced the respondent at all if a Continuance had been granted.

      On the same day, 9 policemen forcibly broke into Mrs. Nicholson's home.  They
      didn't knock, have warrant, no Miranda rights but ransacked her home,
      handcuffed guests visiting from abroad, and forcibly and illegally abducted
      her daughter, while she screamed in sheer terror for her mother.  No notice,
      service nor right to disclosure appeal for re-hearing or appeals court was
      given Mrs. Nicholson by Judge Korda.  This was a violation of due process and
      family court procedures.

      Judge Korda awarded custody of daughter to Mr. Nicholson, a known abusive
      father and husband, along with 70% of Mrs. Nicholson's SS Disability income
      for child support.  This left Mrs. Nicholson, who couldn't work because of
      her disability, "below poverty level" to face foreclosure.

      June 3, 1997, Mrs. Nicholson filed a timely Appeal with the West Palm Beach
      Appeals Court for "gross violation of due process" of mother's and child's

      October 1997, Mrs. Nicholson appeared in Court with 13 neighbors who
      testified that the child had been inflicted with physical abuse, neglect and
      parental alienation while living with her father for 8 months.  This is a
      cause for change of custody.  However, Judge Korda becomes hostile --
      overwhelmed by the Witness evidence and denies her an opportunity to show
      evidence.  This was in retaliation because Mrs. Nicholson filed an appeal
      against Judge Korda.  He orders Mrs. Nicholson to bond with your child for 1
      hour a week in the "Sexual Pedophile Program" in supervised visits".  This
      was a ridiculous order the judge required of Mrs. Nicholson.  Mrs.
      Nicholson's attorney objected to this grotesquely, inappropriate, restrictive
      visitations which was not supported by any evidence.  Judge Korda denies
      motion for relief.  Therefore, on December 13, 1997, Mrs. Nicholson starts
      her one hour visitation, where all criminals go to see their children when
      they are released from prison.  Even the Director of the program couldn't
      understand why the judge had sent her there.  Later, Mrs. Nicholson was
      thrown out of the program because she and daughter were crying and praying in
      Spanish.  They were threatened, "you can only speak English." 

      January 1998, new guardian ad litems were assigned and who were less than
      compassionate.  They were verbally and emotionally abusive to mother and
      daughter and threatened that they "would never be together again".  In their
      reports of Mrs. Nicholson and her daughter's visits, they belittled and
      devaluated Mrs. Nicholson's maternal values of religious, Cultural and
      traditional differences which were a vital part of her child's rearing since
      birth - now 100% prohibited, including their native language.

      February 1998.  In collusion, Judge Korda and the guardian ad litem coerced
      Mrs.Nicholson, who was under great stress, into an overnight court hearing
      for a psychological evaluation.  This was against court rules and procedures.
       A court cannot force a victim of violence to a psychological evaluation in
      order to use it against them to impede child visitations or determine
      custody.  Mrs. Nicholson's rights were violated and she was prohibited from
      obtaining competent legal council.  She was told if she did not comply, she
      would not see her daughter again.  Why should Mrs. Nicholson have to go
      through an evaluation and the Respondent husband Mr. Nicholson, who was
      abusive, did not?  Judge Korda said, "The respondent would not be bothered
      with none of this, Nonsense".  However, a court procedure requires that a
      respondent with an established abuse history and "any parties that the minor
      child is exposed to should be psychologically evaluated" in the child's best
      interest.  This did not happen.  Mrs. Nicholson's rights were again violated.

      February 1998, Overnight Court appointed psychologist did a hostile character
      assassination of Mrs. Nicholson, not supported by any evidence.  This was
      needed in collusion with the guardian ad litem and Judge Korda to violate a
      law abiding devoted mother's parental rights. 

      June-Oct. 1998, Mrs. Nicholson files a motion to enforce parental rights. 
      Judge Korda denies motion.

      September 9, 1998, Mrs. Nicholson Wins Appeal court ruling for gross
      violations of due process and abuse of discretion and power by Judge Korda. 
      A trial proceeded.  The guardian ad litem informed the court she was not
      prepared to testify and there was no emergency to the child.  The court
      denied and the trial proceeded.

      Final Appeals Mandate, case is reversed and remanded, all parties go back to
      prior status quo and all relief is awarded to Mrs. Nicholson including
      lawyer' fees.  Mrs. Nicholson tried to enforce the mandate for a new trial
      with a new judge.

      October 9, 1998, in retaliation, Judge Korda, railroaded Mrs. Nicholson into
      a second fraudulent divorce without her presence.  At the time, she was in
      Chicago, at the FBI Building,  seeking help and her right to Enforce Final
      Mandate of Appeals diligently seeking, competent legal counsel.

      Mrs. Nicholson's attorney filed 18 page "Emergency Write of Prohibition"
      motion of Violations, which was denied by Judge L. Korda.

      Mrs. Nicholson's attorney filed "Motion to Recuse", denied by Judge Korda.

      Mrs. Nicholson has been unlawfully prevented from seeing or contacting her
      daughter for 5 years (May 1997 to present).  She lost her only
      home(foreclosed) which she purchased sacrificially for her daughter's
      security and safety, because of expenses entailed in her effort to regain
      custody of her child.  Judge Korda further placed additional financial
      pressure on Mrs. Nicholson when the court ordered her to give up 70% of her
      SS Disability benefits, which put her "below poverty level - displaced". 
      Judge Korda did this "willfully knowing the financial destruction" that it
      would cause Mrs. Nicholson life.    

      (all facts avail)

      contact: Mrs. Hernandez-Nicholson
      Tel: 787 791-1116
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