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The Judge - A Black Hole Quantum Theory

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California February 20, 2002 The
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                    February 20, 2002

      The Judge -
      A Black Hole Quantum Theory
      "Lose all Hope, All Ye who Enter" (from Dante's Inferno)

      Just like the Black Holes of the Universe, the Judges' black robes have the power to suck everything in sight; nothing can survive the gravitational attraction. Similarly, you can compare the works of a Black Hole Judge to an automatic garbage disposal mechanism. Anything that falls in comes out in tiny chopped bits from the other end.

      Why are Judges' robes black, and why are Black Holes in outer space black?  No light can escape from a Black Hole, just like no truth can escape a Black Robed Judge:  Truth, Reality, and Justice, have, 'de facto', disappeared.
      A Black Hole's and the Judge's gravity of dense, thick brain cells is so overwhelmingly strong that nothing -- not even a Defendant running like the Devil was chasing them at the speed of light, can escape; therefore Dante, famous Italian writer of the "Divine Comedy," dedicated the sign posted on Hell's door to warn all innocent souls: "Oh lose all Hope, all Ye who Enter."
      Imagine that sign at your local Courthouse's fancy entrance. To generate such gravitational force and absolute control, backed by total Superstar immunity, any outer space black-robed object has to be very massive in the posterior side, and unimaginably dense. How, then, does an innocent flabbergasted, non-legal person expect to survive without major collateral $$$ asteroid-size damage? 
      It is well known in scientific circles that the incredible gravitational force of a Black Robed Judge would flatten any person. The visual distortion around a Judge's Black Hole Superstar as caused by his gravitationally-challenged and dense brain matter, is measurable by the Swine & Snort, Esquires, metrics equation Pro Se brief formula: 
      JD2 =  -(1 - R / r )c2 T  +  -(1 - D / P)c2 + Delta Phi (infinity $$$ Vortex) = Galactic-sized Pecuniary $$$ Mass in the Bank matter.

      Here JD2, the Judge, is a metric measure of coordinate distance R (for Reality check), coordinate time T, plus coordinates angles D (for Defendant)
      and P (for Plaintiff). Coordinate distance R (reality) is directly proportional
      to the pecuniary $$$ mass in the Bank that creates the metrics between coordinate D (Defendant) and P (Plaintiff).  An important radius is found from this equation when Delta Phi (Judges' secret ex-partes society) simply diverges to infinity (the case goes on and on forever or until funds are depleted and photons litigants declare bankruptcy and/or are found with their tongues purple and sticking out). ....
      The photon litigants continue to come toward the neutron Judge Superstar until they impact the surface either face down, or falling on their bankrupt behinds, (or fall through the event horizon savings total eclipse). This critical radius is given by the cubic equation non-solution.  Einstein corroborated this with his Quantum and Relativity theories. To Infinity, and Beyond! And beam me up, Scottie, I wish! 
      In the final analysis, it is this theory that proves one thing, and one thing only:  stay away from Black Robed Judges, and don't get sucked into the legal Vortex.                                   #  #  #
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