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Give Me That Judge's Address, Please

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  • jail4judges
    GIVE ME THAT JUDGE S ADDRESS, PLEASE Inasmuch as several people have written JAIL asking how to get in touch with the below judge, we thought it worthy of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2000
          Inasmuch as several people have written JAIL asking how to get in touch with the below judge, we thought it worthy of sending the additional information we received out to all. It is as follows:
          Honorable Donald P. McDonough
          % Fairfax General District Court
          4110 Chain Bridge Road
          Fairfax. Virginia 22030

          Clerk of the Court phone number:     703-246-2153
          Hours:  8 am to 4 pm EDT,  Monday - Friday
          This was on Face The Nation
      A letter expressing encouragement to this man for being a judge with a "different" attitude toward the public might be fitting.

          I just heard a story about a Judge in Virginia on Face the Nation.
          Seems a landlord hauled into court a deaf couple who were $250.00 behind in their rent. The landlord wanted them evicted.  When Judge Mac Donald learned that the couple had miscalculated their finances, he whipped out $250.00 in cash, handed to the landlord and said, "I'll pay it.  Case Dismissed."
          Some times it's good to hear positive things about the judiciary.  We can't judge the whole barrel by the rotten apples.  Too bad we don't have more stories like this.
      From Connie O.

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