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* State Legislature Ignores the Elephant in the Room

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California January 22, 2002 For a
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                    January 22, 2002 
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      State Legislature Ignores
      the Elephant in the Room
      From dickins895@...  
      On New Year's Eve Mr. Christopher Slawson of Booneville, New York, took a gun and, with it, blew his estranged wife's brains out.  He then turned the
      weapon on himself, and took his own life.  The Associated Press tells us that
      the incident was the result of an obviously bitter custody fight over the
      couple's two children.

      Except for local authorities and close family members, it's safe to assume
      that no one will ever really know exactly what chain of events occurred that
      lead, ultimately, to such a tragic end.  For anyone who has found him or
      herself in similar circumstances, however, one thing is painfully certain. 
      The New York State legal system and its courts, aided and abetted by an
      entire industry dedicated to the dissolution of our families, is, in very
      large measure, directly responsible for providing the accelerant with which
      otherwise smoldering fires are transformed into raging infernos.  Once swept
      up into its vortex, there is no turning back, and any hope of peace vanishes
      altogether ... forever.
      Retired New York Supreme Court Judge Brian Lindsay states that "There is no system ever devised by mankind that is guaranteed to rip husband and wife or father, mother, and child apart so bitterly than our present Family Court System."

      Depression and despair, we are told, are anger turned inward.  Their most
      extreme expression is quite often suicide.  Suicide is the turning of that
      anger against oneself.  Occasionally, as there was in the Slawson case, there
      is "collateral damage."  ....
      Certain of our elected representatives have, indeed, had the courage to
      propose the reforms necessary to untie the Gordian Knot in the State's
      domestic relations and family law.  By and large, however, the New York State Legislature has chosen to simply ignore the elephant in the room.

      Speaker (Rabbi) Sheldon Silver, Assembly members Roger Green and Helene Weinstein, and Senator Stephen Saland are are all well aware of these issues, and each has the power to facilitate, in a heart beat, the changes necessary to address them ..., if they were so inclined.  Instead they have
      collectively and purposefully obstructed each and every attempt to deal
      effectively with these important family related matters.

      Shame on them!  Until they are prepared to do so, the blood of Mr. and Mrs. Slawson, as well as hundreds - perhaps thousands - of others throughout the
      State will remain on their hands.
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