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The Enforcement Merry-Go-Round

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    The Enforcement Merry-Go-Round Dear George: This is Ron, in lieu of Barbie. I hope you won t mind my responding to your concern. Seventeen years of your life
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2001
      The Enforcement
      Dear George:
      This is Ron, in lieu of Barbie. I hope you won't mind my responding to your concern. Seventeen years of your life is a large investment trying to get clear law, as written, respected.  To that end, you are to be complimented. However, what you are trying to do is get a law written that says that the law on the books shall be respected.
      Let me tell you that there is already enforcement for all laws that are on the books, including AB 195. It is found in Article V, Sec. 13 of the California Constitution. It specifically sets forth, "...the Attorney General shall be the chief law officer of the State. It shall be the duty of the Attorney General to see that the laws of the State are uniformly and adequately enforced."
      In other words, you should be able to go directly to the A.G. with your complaint that the law is not being enforced, and it then becomes his Constitutional duty, requirement, mandate, etc., to see that that law is properly enforced.
      However, your problem is, after you have spent $700,000 plus on getting signatures to get a new law on the books, how do you enforce the  enforcer to enforce the law as he is required to do. Barbie, has already discussed below that this question would then have to be brought by a citizen before a judge who would also have no way of enforcing that judge to enforce the law. Hence they would be back to zero. And let's not forget that the chief law enforcer is also counsel for the judges who choose not to follow the law. You are on an enforcement merry-go-round.
      The bottom line is that JAIL4Judges is your only answer! You can  achieve what you seek only after J.A.I.L. becomes law.

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      Subject: sanctions

      Here in California we have a law, AB 195, that states certain phases of
      the appeal process are to be accomplished is certain time frame.  But
      like all Bills, there are no sanctions in place to enforce compliance. All
      that has to be done is amend the Bill to add sanctions if the sentencing
      judges fail to comply. Then it is up to the Attorney General to file
      If the Attorney general fails to file, then a citizen can file. The Bill has to be written and passed by the legislators or written and placed upon the ballot so the people can make the law.  But here in California it takes about $700,000 plus to hire signature gatherers to obtain enough signatures to qualify. 
      I prefer to work as I have this last 17 years plus, making change with
      out getting involved with other groups.  I did that and got burned.


      Dear George:
      I just read your article below and wondered if you heard of J.A.I.L.
      You're on our mailing list, so you should have. You state This is why we need sanctions to FORCE judges to comply with the law.
      Before whom do you take a petition or motion for sanctions? Another
      corrupt judge who refuses to comply with law?  And before whom do you take an appeal?  Yet another judge who refuses to comply with law?  Where does it end? 
      I'll tell you where-- before a Special Grand Jury of citizens under J.A.I.L.  The reason judges do not comply with law is because there is no independent system of judicial accountability to the people.  J.A.I.L. provides that, and under such a system, judges then will be FORCED to comply with the law.
      If you're interested in that objective, look at our website at
      www.jail4judges.org and read the initiative.
      We have 47 states at this time and the initiatives all substantially
      follow the basic form of California. Then, if it makes sense to you, consider becoming a JAILer for your state. Let us know and we can add you to our National JAILers' Network List which you will find very
      interesting. We network across the country. It's like family.
      You send us copies of a lot of emails from you-- we see your name all
      the time. Learn what we are about, and maybe it's what you've been looking for.
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