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  • jail4judges
    RICO ROBERTA WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU! Dear ALL: Will you ask Henry Hyde how many of these [RICO actions] does he want to see? I definitely know a wonderful
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2000
      Dear ALL:
          Will you ask Henry Hyde how many of these [RICO actions] does he want to see?  I definitely know a wonderful lawyer who is more than able to do my case and many others, and do the media coverage, books, talk shows and all the trimmings.
          Brother Hyde, we uns is jest past de time of no returnin, and all of that.... and dis ol hillbilly is fixin to see justice restored to our nation---- de onliest question be what is it you be fixin to see done?  Do ye see yoself in de court in KNOXVILLE where de jedges is already on some VERY thin ice due to the staff in JJDUNCAN's Office tellin that he was engaged in de esparte
      cover wid de fed judges dere???  Do ya'all see tat staff person under oath along with jjduncan and de judges if needs be?  I be seein' it dat a way.  But den who is I ta say?  I reck'n as how dat be yer departmenta.
          The moral to that little story is never underestimate the power of a woman, especially if she has been beaten and butchered in a military facility with corrupt politicians, in conjunction with  rotten to the core judges and court officers who provided the succor and support! 
          Let's put in the plainest of terms. This old bitch ain't in heat and nobody is going to screw her over! When this RICO is filed, should the Judiciary Chairman and the 5th Circuit Courts of Appeals judges chose for it to go down this way, you can consider yourselves screwed the way you gave the screwing!
          I'm in total disgust, but still willing and able to work with anyone who will work to clean up the judicial system up and restore America back to our constitution!
      I am, Roberta Hamlin

      PS - In just the last 15 minutes I got 27 more of complaints on Rico of all levels and concerns, and ALL of them seem to be viable for Rico! The little lawyer can end up the richest man in Knoxville. With a few who can afford the filing fees, he is off and running!  Tell me there is not God in Heaven!

      From: connie j oneill <for-unison@...>
      To: robertahamlin@...
      Subject: RICO
      Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 13:56:15 -0700

      Dear Roberta,

          We can afford to hire an attorney to handle a RICO action, but the problem is finding an attorney who will handle it.  We live in Washington State and the attorneys here are deeply in bedded in the system.  RICO can be filed in any State under federal jurisdiction.  If you know of an attorney who would be interested in representing us in a 6 1/2 year old case, we would be very appreciative for his or her name and how to contact.          We have extensive documentation to prove RICO right up to our State Supreme Court.  The reason this RICO has occurred is to protect an attorney and his highly prestige law firm.  This attorney just happens to be the son-in-law of a C/A Judge who sat on the bench of the C/A for 26 years.  The C/A Judge in his attempt to protect his daughter's marital assets, which are extensive, used his influence to justify his son-in-law's malpractice.  This resulted in forcing his brethren and court nonjudicial employees to violate law to achieve the results he
      desired.  It also created a monster RICO situation.
          When I speak of documentation at the Supreme Court level, I am not talking about involvement by the Justices, but acts by nonjudicial employees there.  There is a tremendous problem within the court system through out the country with corrupt nonjudicial court employees who influence judges to make damaging rulings.
          The reason we have so much documentation is because we could afford to get transcribes of all court proceedings and depositions and because we know enough about the law, we have kept a complete file on the case. Space does not allow for me to identify everything we have.  I can only tell you that we are smart enough to know when we have an A-1 case.

      Connie O'Neill
      (253) 927-7451

      J.A.I.L.  (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)
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