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Barb Willing Speaks To Michigan Supreme Court

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    Ron: Today, I made presentation to the Michigan Supreme Court as public hearings were being held on changes in court rule. I was warmly received. When I
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          Today, I made presentation to the Michigan Supreme Court as public hearings were being held on changes in court rule.  I was warmly received. When I returned home there were three calls from the State of Michigan on my machine.  ...
      The following is a portion of my speech:

          My name is Barb Willing. I am host of a radio show by the name of "Suburban Whistleblowers."  I have no litigation in the courts.  I am a courtwatcher and have been for over ten years.  That being said, I would thank this public body for its accessibility to the citizens of this state for public comment
      on proposed changes and amendments to law and court rule. 
          The entire Family Court system acts as a criminal enterprise and should be immediately abolished.  I have witnessed custody changes made in three minute motions under the guise of a temporary basis, with the former custodial parent often never seeing his/her child again, or at least not until well after the new custodial environment is established.  This is shameful.  
          The courts are run like a corporation.  Courts must dispense justice and not act like a fortune 500 company.  Otherwise, I would invest and retire a rich old lady.  The price to get into court for the average person is prohibitive. There is no justice.
          It is a reasonable expectation that court rules be followed by all. Currently, court rules are followed by no one.  In fact, the introduction of procedural shortcuts contained no where in the court rules or law increases the risk of error, but more importantly, violate due process.  Due process, as I'm sure this court is aware, is described as "a course of legal proceedings according to those rules and principles which have been
      established for the enforcement and protection of private rights."  No court rules followed, no protection. 
          Chief Justice Weaver questioned me regarding the election of judges.  I said, "If you wish to recuse a judge, which chief judge do you ask, the probate or circuit?" 
          She then said, "So you want rules?"  I responded, "There are no rules." This brought chuckles from the audience.  She was trying to see if I was rules oriented and I responded, "Do I stop at a stop sign at 4 a.m. in the morning in the middle of a bad area?  No, but normally, do I stop at stop signs, Yes." This brought chuckles from the audience and smiles from the panel.  ...
          When she knew I knew about the legislative aspect of the Family Court, she immediately dropped it. ... Freedom is not free and I would not pass up this opportunity to address this court, at least to get my name known with them. 
          Further, the one "justice" I will be attacking for his record in the coming election, literally was whispering to a fellow justice during one presentation.  Had he done that during my presentation, I would have immediately stopped and requested of the Chief Justice to politely ask her brethren to at least look like he was listening.  He did not do this during my presentation--what a smart guy after all.
      --Barb Willing

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