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Judicial Bad Behavior

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California December 14, 2001 Judicial
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                 December 14, 2001 
      Judicial Bad Behavior
      An exposition by Michael Stephen Chacon
      "To refuse to assist when the Constitution is not being upheld, is to give aid and comfort to the treasonous enemies of our State and Nation."  
      Michael Stephen Chacon  godliveddevildog@...
      (By Mr. Chacon):
      The following letter was written to the California Lawyer Magazine as a submission to a column they publish called "In Pro Per."

      To the editor,

      My name is Michael Stephen Chacon. I have opportunity to read the California Lawyer Magazine regularly. I look forward to it.

      Out of sheer necessity I am currently a perceding in a case attorney pro per. Recently I have had my share of trials and tribulations in the Los Angeles Superior Court arena and have discovered a number of unlawful practices being used by one judge in particular.

      The problem manifested itself in an obvious and vindictive bias originating from a judge who got caught deliberately trying to cheat someone he could not control with the threat of license suspension or revocation, including:
      • Unlawful forced appointment of a hostile public defender against my will;
      • Refusal to relieve unlawfully appointed counsel until a waiver of right was signed;
      • Documents forged by the court;
      • Denied the right to a speedy trial as defined by the California Penal Code;
      • Transcripts changed to cover unlawful activities of the judge!

      To willfully fail to uphold and support the Constitution is a flagrant act of treason in addition to a breach of the oath of office.

      It should be noted that all of the above, and much more, comes on the heels of a minor traffic citation contest in which I faced the same judge six months previously. In that previous case, a police officer was caught perjuring himself, and the judge asserted himself to attempting to smooth over the incident at my expense. The policeman's perjury arose out of an issue that was impossible for me to have anticipated. Although I had a credible witness whose testimony was in complete solidarity with mine, the judge still found me guilty of the offense!

      I appealed based on the testimony, penal code and constitutional law and was eventually able to get the verdict overturned; however this judge refused to overturn the verdict on any merit of my appeal. Instead he claimed to have reread the violation charge and had determined that I was not guilty of that particular offense! Where the hell was he during the trial?

      During that incident, a minor traffic citation fineable at $104.00 rose to an outrageous $5000.00 before I was vindicated. Tremendous pressure was coercively placed on me to just pay the rising fines and penalties of an offense of which I was innocent. Now I come before this same judge on a different charge, and he's made up his mind! He's going to get even!

      I had gone into all of this assuming that the law was fair, all judges were honorable, and that our U. S. American System of Justice works! So far I am feeling just a little naive.            

      I have found the local courts are using highly unethical and flatly abhorrent procedures and techniques amounting to little more than deception and trickery to achieve their own municipal income ends. Our  Constitution is thought to contain absolute inalienable rights. Yet judges everyday make mockery of constitutional truths by allowing unproven "case precedence" formulas to prevail in courtrooms across this nation, rather than relying on the Constitution.

      Here is an old truth that gets uglier and more repulsive as time goes on. Trickery and deceit, fostered by the Judas Judges, are a boon to courts and law enforcement agencies who share in the spoils of their booty. Soon no amount of coercion will be able to recapture what was lost to greed and arrogance.

      It has become painfully clear that few judges are actually willing to maintain  their sworn oaths to support the Constitution.

      It is this attorney pro per's legal opinion that because the rebellious members of the judiciary in BAD BEHAVIOR have set to knowingly and willfully enforce its unlawful and unconstitutional decisions with the aid of armed "peace officers," the judiciary has implemented a treasonous violent overthrow of our government.

      Perhaps with the influence "California Lawyer," you might consider an editorial based on the perspective contained herein. Enough is enough!

      Thank you,

       Michael Stephen Chacon 
       Indigent Attorney Pro-per

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