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Intercession for a JAILer jailed.

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  • jail4judges
    Dear JAILers: I have just been informed in a yesterday s email that Dr. Rebecca Carley will be put into jail tomorrow, i.e. today. The reason is contempt
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2001
      Dear JAILers:
      I have just been informed in a yesterday's email that Dr. Rebecca Carley will be "put into jail tomorrow," i.e. today. The reason is "contempt" because she asked the judge not to yell at her.
      I have had the opportunity of seeing Dr. Carley in action via video. She is sponsoring a cable TV program, as I remembered, called, "Ask Dr. Carley," or "Dr. Carley Speaks." I was very extremely impressed with her right on point issues about J.A.I.L. being absolutely necessary. She shows real leadership qualities, and is currently serving as a Nassau County Warden for New York J.A.I.L. She is a such a great asset to J.A.I.L., and I would not hesitate, if asked, to recommend her for any promotion. She is sharp.
      I am told that her overall situation involves is the taking of her son from her to silence her from exposing their evil deeds.
      What can we do for her JAILers? We can start with those who believe in prayer, raising up supplications to God on her behalf. Others can write her letters of encouragement at nassauwarden@.... Even if your emails are not immediately accessible to her, she will get them in due time. Normally, jailing for contempt lasts from 3 to 5 days, although judges have been known to go for something like 30 days. Too much power is concentrated in the hands of judges, and that is why J.A.I.L. is a growing body of resistance by lawful means.
      Thirdly, if we have any J.A.I.L. legal eagles out there who wish to take up advocacy for her on your personal volition, and not on behalf of J.A.I.L., go for it. Believe me, I have been behind enemy walls of two feet thick concrete, and it is comforting just to know that someone is outside that concrete wall, or who is in that courtroom standing up for you. I remember thinking that my friends could be only two feet away leaning on the same concrete wall I was leaning on, but may as well be a thousand miles away.
      When I was brought out in chains as if I were a murder, only to be greeted by a commissioner whose first words out of her mouth was, "I hear you gave the police a hard time." Ah, yes, I asserted the Constitution, and it was a threat to them. Every time I mentioned, "I stand on my Constitutional rights," they turned on the electricity to torture me. When they got through with having their fun, they took me to the hospital to have the doctor remove the probes they fired into my body. I still have the pictures of the wounds in my body that was taken by a nurse. If that is giving the police a "hard time," then yes, I gave the police a hard time. The police told me emphatically, "You have no Constitutional rights." I said, "This is still America, isn't it, or am I in some foreign country?"
      Then a detail of police came down to my cell with night sticks and tazer guns asking me to cut a deal with them. The deal was that they would not break my fingers, shoot me again with their tazer guns, or knock me unconscious if I would surrender my personal property without a warrant, or due process. I entered a bargain with them under duress, saying I would give them what they wanted provided they would sign the very same paper they wanted to place my finger prints on, saying "Taken by force, without a warrant, or process, and obtained under duress." They agreed, and so I surrender my property on that condition, and they signed it. Believe me, I know what terrorism is about! My suit against the police on this lasted eight years at a defense cost to them of millions which them hiring big time lawyers. Of course, the courts all the way up, both state and federal, covered up for everything the police did. But out of it, after years of litigation and courts, those particular police officers learned to respect me greatly, knowing they had no criminal element they were dealing with. Even their lawyer respected me. I told her, "I like you! I just think you are on the wrong side of this issue." In the initial event one of the officers sitting beside me in the back said, "Go ahead and sue me, I've been sued before, but I have never had to pay any money." Responding on that statement years later, my opposing attorney said in court, "One thing never to say to Mr. Branson is, "Go ahead and sue me." Yes, the officer was right, he did not have to shell out any money, but the taxpayers did, and that royally.
      Let's let Dr. Rebecca Carley know she is not alone. Rebecca, please consider this my personal sentiments to you.
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