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So Much For Military Takeover of Airports

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California November 18, 2001 So
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                       November 18, 2001 
      So Much For
      Military Takeover Of Airports
      As we all now know, military presence is to dominate all airports throughout the country "for our safety and security," or at least that is what we are told.
      Below is an account of the result of military occupation of at the airport. We need to point out that J.A.I.L. neither supports or opposes any political party. This account is one of a Green Party leader. We ask that you read this account for its practical lesson of military occupation, and not as a promotional of the party of the writer.   -Ron Branson
      My Day At the Airport
      By Nancy Oden

      On Thursday, November 1, 2001, I left my farmhouse on the North Coast of Maine, where I'm an organic grower, and headed for the Bangor International Airport in Bangor, Maine. I was dressed conservatively in a
      long, brown skirt with a matching jacket and turtleneck sweater, no jewelry, no buttons or other political indications attached, looking very like other women my age in this part of the world.

      I am a relatively well known environmental, social, and political activist who has run for public office. It should be noted that, while I've been an activist for over thirty years, I've never been arrested, nor has there been anything in my life that would signal I meant harm to anyone.

      Also, this was the third time this year I had traveled out of (or attempted to, in this case) Bangor Airport on American Airlines using an e-ticket purchased from Priceline.com bought weeks before with my own credit
      card. They had no reason for profiling and singling me out. It had to have been because of my political views which, of course, is not a good reason (see U.S. Constitution's first Ten Amendments, otherwise known as the Bill of Rights).

      I was headed for Chicago for a Green Party USA National Coordinating
      Committee meeting, where I was to speak the next night .... 

      I arrived at the Bangor Airport the now-requisite two hours ahead of the flight and walked in to the airport to the sight of a couple of dozen
      National Guard troops carrying machine guns in their hands wandering around the lobby. I walked down to the American Airlines ticket counter, where there were no other passengers, and told the airlines ticket agent my name. I was holding out my picture ID and the printed itinerary they told us to bring, but he barely glanced at them. I remember thinking, "Does he have a picture of me under that counter? Why didn't he look at my ID?" ....

      The ticket agent spent an inordinate amount of time on his computer,
      then finally produced a boarding pass with a large "S" written on it. I asked him what that meant, and he said I had been picked to have my bags searched. Well, one expects that now, so I said, "Oh, that's okay." But I had a feeling there was more. .... Then to the x-ray for my bags and me. .... 
      Neither my bags nor I set off any beeps in the machinery so we walked right through to the boarding area. Here I sat down with the other
      passengers. There was one National Guard soldier in the boarding area; he was a short man with a black eye wearing camo gear and carrying a machine gun.

      Soon after I sat down, the National Guardsman looked at the dozen or so passengers, his eyes stopping at me and he yelled, "Bring those bags over here!" Since he didn't call my name, how did he know which person was me, since I did not look appreciably different from the others?

      When I didn't move fast enough, he yelled again, "Hurry up! Move! Bring those bags up here!" This did not make me move faster. By now people were beginning to stare at me as if I might possibly be someone bent on doing something wrong.

      I set my two smallish bags on the table where two women were waiting to search my bags. As one of them had trouble with a zipper on my older bag, I said, "Oh, that zipper is not right, here, let me open it for you," and I reached over the table to undo the zipper. Immediately, the soldier yelled out, "Get your hands away from there!" By now the other passengers were getting nervous, of course.

      He was standing at the end of the table with the women on one side  looking in my bags and me standing on the other side of the table. I turned to face him, which put my back towards everyone else, and he grabbed my left arm and began loudly spouting pro-war nonsense into my face. "Don't you understand we have to get them before they get us? Don't you understand what happened September 11?" and so on.

      I immediately pulled my arm away from him and said, "Do not touch me.
      You cannot do that," and stepped back a foot or so, saying that I didn't want to hear his views on why he thought we should kill starving, helpless people in Afghanistan.

      He grabbed for me again. I stepped back further stating emphatically, "Do Not Touch Me," and further emphasizing that I did not want to listen to his views on the war. He was about to leave his position and come after me again, but I saw the senior security man who is usually there shake his head "No" at the soldier, who then backed off, but he was angry that I would not submit to his holding me while he forced his views on me.

      I turned and there just a couple of inches away was the man with the
      metal-detecting wand. I stepped back a foot or two so he wasn't right up
      against me, and he did the wand thing. I was the only one whose bags were searched. For a woman of a certain age such as myself to stand there with arms outstretched while a man skimmed my body with a device was very embarrassing and demeaning. .... While he was doing the wand thing, I heard the soldier, who was behind me, say, "Don't let her on the plane." I thought he was talking to himself.

      Then they were done with the searching, and I walked the three feet to
      the boarding gate. The American Airlines agent said, "You can't get on the plane." I asked why. He replied, "Because he [indicating the soldier] says you didn't cooperate with the search." I said, "But you were standing here the whole time. Didn't you see him grab my arm and talk loudly into my face?" He said he couldn't see that because my back was to the people, that he only saw me back off.

       I then told the American Airlines agent that I needed to get to Chicago
      and stated what I had to do there. The American Airlines agent then said,
      rather softly, probably so the guardsman soldier couldn't hear, "We'll put
      you on the four o'clock plane; that's the last one out today that you can go through Boston and still get to Chicago tonight." I replied, "Fine, let's
      just do this. I don't care if I'm late so long as I get there."

      Unfortunately, the Guardsman overheard, and he wasn't done with me.
      Clearly, this non-subservient female had to be punished for not being
      sufficiently obsequious. He saw me picking up my bags to go out into the lobby and wait for the 4 o'clock plane, and yelled (that seemed to be his
      only means of communication), "Come With Me!" I asked, "Why? Where are we going?" He replied, louder, "Come With Me!"

      A few people to whom I've told this insist the government/military is
      trying to "criminalize" me and other political activists who don't have
      criminal records. .... I
      f they then get convicted of a felony, they've go to prison and probably a few years of parole when one's rights are mostly non-existent, and draconian restrictions are put upon one's activities. Convicted felons lose a lot of rights in this country: their travel is henceforth limited, in some states they can't vote, own a gun, and various other limitations.

      Under the circumstances, and because I had a few hours until four
      o'clock anyway, it seemed best to go with the guardsman. The circumstances being that each individual soldier/national guardsman seems to be The Law unto themselves. Each of them makes it up as they go along, punishing people who don't hop to. ....

      He took me to the entrance area, apart from anyone else. Then he ordered, loudly, "Sit Down!" I gave him a look and then sat. The soldier
      found the airport policeman and told him to stay with me. Upon reflection, I probably wasn't free to leave, but I thought I was waiting for the next plane so just stayed there.

      The Airport policeman was a pleasant local man and we talked about what had just happened as well as people we knew, etc. Within minutes I looked up to see 5-6 National Guardsmen in their camo gear all carrying machine guns marching in a sort of formation towards me. I was sitting down quietly talking with the policeman. The situation looked like a bad movie.

      It occurred to me that this is how people get "disappeared," which has
      happened to over 1,200 Americans so far since September 11. We used to hear about this only in repressive military regimes in other places (usually bolstered by our tax dollars). I'm sure they were ready to arrest me for allegedly "not cooperating with a security search," with which I had, indeed, cooperated.

      All of a sudden the ludicrousness of the situation struck me. There I am, sitting down with my bags, a woman clearly not a physical threat, and
      this phalanx of soldiers in formation descends upon me ready to arrest me for something I did not do. I gave a little laugh and said to the lead man, "What, all this, just for me?" Then, I asked, "What's this really about? What's going on here?"

      He replied, "We understand you didn't cooperate with a security search." I said, "That's ridiculous. They searched my bags and they did the wand search. The only problem was your man here [I indicated the short guy with the black eye] grabbing my arm and spouting pro-war views loudly in my face." The lead soldier (I don't know his rank) said, astonishingly, "He told me he only hit your arm."

      I looked at the lead soldier wide-eyed with a few unbidden (certainly
      unwanted when I'm trying to look fierce) tears in my eyes, and asked, "Even if that's all he had done, would that be okay?" I think he then realized the guardsman had been way out of line and said, "Wait here." They left, and the policeman stayed with me. I don't really think I was free to go, although I had not been arrested.

      I found out later they had gone upstairs and told the Bangor Airport
      manager to tell all airlines in the Airport not to allow me to fly out of
      Bangor that day, and possibly more than just that one day. Since the military are in charge of our airports and they can override civilians in charge, this was made to happen.

      I was to be punished for the crime of questioning their authority,
      especially for the guardsman to hold my arm and force me to listen to his
      brain-washed rantings.

      Every airline in the Bangor Airport was given my name and told that I did not cooperate with a security search. Not cooperating with a security
      search at an airport is a federal crime. If, indeed, I had not cooperated,
      they would have arrested me right then and there. But I had been searched so they couldn't say that.

      However, now I have to wonder if every airline in the world doesn't have me in their computer as a person who didn't cooperate with the security
      search, which means they can deny me passage in their airplanes. We will find out as time goes on.

      They told the policeman this news and had him tell me that I wouldn't
      be allowed to fly out of Bangor that day. So I said I had to go American
      Airlines and get my money back. The policeman came with me.

      The same AA clerk was at the counter. He stepped outside the counter to converse with the policeman and me. He confirmed that they had been told not to allow me to fly out of Bangor that day. I asked him about the next day and he said he didn't know. This is not a small matter for me since the Bangor Airport is 100 miles from where I live.

      The AA clerk then suggested I drive to Boston (5-1/2 hour drive) and
      fly out of there. There were several problems with that, I told him. First,
      my old car barely made it the 100 miles to the Bangor Airport and might not make it to Boston or back again. Then there were the parking fees in Boston as well as the fact that I might not be allowed to fly out of there or might not be able to get a seat once I got there. Also, if they would not honor my now-expired ticket, I'd have to pay full fare, which I couldn't afford. Not a serious option.

      I then asked the American Airlines clerk for my money back so I might
      consider some alternative means of transport. He said he couldn't refund my money. I asked him why and he said, "It's a non-refundable ticket." ....
      Then the policeman, half apologetically, told me I'd been banned from
      the Airport for that day, and that he had to escort me out. I told him I
      understood that he was under the military's rule, and that I would call it 
      walking me to the door, rather than escorting me out of the Airport. We
      walked to the exit. I thanked him for being kind and considerate, which he had been, and left with the sinking feeling that something bad is happening to our country. And this is how it begins. ....
      Nancy Oden is an organic farmer and Green Party organizer. She lives in
      Jonesboro, Maine. She can be contacted at: cleanearth@... http://www.counterpunch.org/oden5.html

      What is interesting here is that Constitutionally, military power must be  subject to civil powers. Our Founding Fathers purposed this to avert a military takeover of civil government.
      J.A.I.L. has repeatedly emphasized that a military police state is impossible in the presence of an accountable judiciary, for its promotion can only advance by the judiciary either endorsing the such conduct, or by turning their head the other direction.
      J.A.I.L. is the new means of a peaceful revolution in this country.
      J.A.I.L. is an acronym for Judicial Accountability Initiative Law
      JAIL's very informative website is found at www.jail4judges.org
      JAIL proposes a unique new addition to our form of government.
      JAIL is powerful! JAIL is dynamic! JAIL is America's ONLY hope!
      JAIL is spreading across America like a fast moving wildfire!
      JAIL is making inroads into Congress for federal accountability!
      JAIL may be supported at P.O. Box 207, N. Hollywood, CA 91603
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      "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is
      striking at the root."                         -- Henry David Thoreau    <><
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