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Response to: Massive Revolt At State Capitol

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  • jail4judges
    COOKING THE BOOKS IN TENN. As many of you know from the article sent out a few days ago by JAIL, Massive Revolt At State Capitol (printed below), that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2000
          As many of you know from the article sent out a few days ago by JAIL, "Massive Revolt At State Capitol" (printed below), that Tennessee is going through a tax revolt against the idea of beginning a Tennessee State Income Tax. Such tax is being proposed under the theory that the state is "running out of money" for its basic operations.
          With the above in mind, we thought it fitting that the below response to that article be printed, which refutes the theory that Tennessee is "running out of money" and faces close-down.
          Governments everywhere seem to be crying "wolf, wolf," they are "running out of money," when in fact it has be documented that they are carrying two sets of books. One for public consumption, (i.e., "we're broke"), and the other for lavishes government purchases and payraises. The "other" book is called C.A.F.R., (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) of which Donald R. Cuva speaks. It is these billions of dollars  that are "hidden from the public."
      -Ron Branson-
      JAIL For Judges

      Dear Friends:

          If anyone knows the telephone numbers of the talk shows WLAC and WTN please e-mail me as soon as possible. I will try to get them myself, but any help to speed the process up will be appreciated.
          I need to talk with the host about the State Income Tax and to let them know that the state is keeping two set of books. The second set of books will probably show a minimum of a ten BILLION  dollar surplus, yes I spelled it correctly. Kentucky's report shows a $9,440 Billion surplus that is being hidden from the public. I have a copy of this record in my possession.

      Donald R. Cuva
      Cumberland County

      J.A.I.L.  (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)
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      Tennesseans honk for freedom
      Massive revolt at state capitol
      stops new income-tax plan
      By Patrick Poole
      © 2000 WorldNetDaily.com

      NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Police cars blockaded Tennessee state capitol entrances and troopers patrolled legislative hallways this week as the state legislature found itself under siege by thousands of angry taxpayers upset at a plan to implement a state income tax.

      Tennessee is currently one of only nine states without a state income tax. Opponents of the measure, which would assess a 5 percent tax on any income above $100,000, are skeptical that legislators would maintain that high an exemption threshold for very long.

      As protestors began to gather outside the legislative chambers Monday evening, several legislators were taken away by ambulance and hospitalized for blood pressure and heart problems as tensions rose and tempers flared. By Tuesday morning, tax protestors were brandishing signs reading, "Let's send them all to the ER!"

      Trouble began brewing Friday evening as the state income tax proposal emerged from a legislative conference committee considering the state budget after local news shows had already aired.

      Legislators supporting the income tax had hoped that a vote would be taken on the proposal Saturday morning to avoid giving anti-tax groups time to mount a repeat of the tax revolt that occurred last November, when an earlier income-tax measure died as taxpayers besieged legislative offices with tens of thousands of calls and e-mails every hour.

      But the hopes of income-tax supporters were dashed when two of Nashville's competing talk radio stations, WLAC and WTN, joined forces and served as the catalyst for opposition to the legislative proposal.

      Speaking to WorldNetDaily and barely audible above the virtually non-stop horn honking, WLAC's morning show host Steve Gill gestured to the standstill traffic encircling the state capitol and said, "Do you hear that? That's the sound of freedom."

      Phil Valentine, Gill's afternoon show counterpart, chided legislators on-air for conducting most of the legislative discussion regarding the state budget behind closed doors.

      "If this is such good public policy, why are they afraid to do it in public?" Valentine said.

      While it appeared Monday that income-tax supporters had enough votes to push the measure through both houses, support crumbled as the tax protests grew.

      "These legislators have received a rude awakening in the past few days," said Darryl Ankarlo, morning drive time host for WTN. "They're realizing that taxpayers are tired of politicians picking their pockets at every turn."

      Ankarlo and his WTN colleague, Dave Ramsey began broadcasting their respective programs from a remote radio site located at the entrance of the legislative plaza, where they could wave to supporters driving by. They would regularly announce on-air the position of state legislators on the income-tax proposal and provide telephone and e-mail information for constituents to contact their representatives.

      The effort to pass a state income tax is being led by Republican Gov. Don Sundquist, who won two gubernatorial races handily in 1994 and 1998 after promising to prevent an income tax from ever being passed.


      Patrick S. Poole is a regular contributor to WorldNetDaily.

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