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Exposing wanna-be-judge Kirk Vitto

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  • jail4judges
    Exposing wanna-be-judge Kirk Vitto of Nye County Nevada Ron: You are doing such a wonderful job exposing the corruption of judges around the country. I believe
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2000
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      Exposing wanna-be-judge Kirk Vitto
      of Nye County Nevada
          You are doing such a wonderful job exposing the corruption of judges around the country. I believe you can help the citizens of the State of Nevada. The Chief Deputy District Attorney Kirk Vitto in Nye County, Nevada, is a wanna-be-judge running for District Court Judge in Nye County, Nevada. This territory covers the cities of Pahrump, Beatty, Esmeralda, Mineral, Tonopah and other little communities.
          The story I am about to tell you is scary, very scary. Before I tell you the story, I want you to know that I am a Christian, I
      believe in God and depend on the Lord for every step I take in my life.
      Here is the story:
          In 1997, a young black, mentally retarded, and disabled man, David Turner, was arrested for shoplifting a pack of cigarettes, candy and a pizza pocket from a store here in Nevada. The items totaled about $6.00. He was also found in possession of 1/2 of a marihuana cigarette and some aluminum foil claimed to be shaped into a pipe. 
      He spent a few days in the county jail in Pahrump, Nevada at the time of the arrest.
          David Turner is a 21-year-old man with the intelligence of a 10-year-old boy. Mr. Kirk Vitto has labeled these charges as Felony Burglary, Felony Drug Possession and Misdemeanor Drug Paraphernalia. His attorney had made arrangement with Mr. Vitto to drop all felony charges and charge him only with the misdemeanor.
          This young man's family believed those problems were resolved and they relocated to Houston, Texas.
      David Turner is not only retarded, he also has several disabilities including hydrocephalus "water on the brain." He had several brain operations and now has a shunt in his head.
          Now, three years later Mr. Kirk Vitto decided to prosecute this young man on all charges for something that happened in 1997. He set a court date for last March, but David Turner, nor his family was informed and of course the boy did not appear in Court. Kirk Vitto issued a warrant for David Turner's arrest and ordered him to be extradited to Nevada.
          The prosecutor in Houston, Texas could not believe this man (Vitto) wanted to extradite someone on a $6.00 crime, he called Vitto to try to reason with him. Mr. Vitto refused to reason and insisted to extradite David.
          David Turner's mother called Mr. Vitto trying to explain the medical condition of her son. Vitto told her that no one would care about his medical condition.
          David Turner was picked up from Houston, Texas, spent a night in a prison in Hountsville, Texas. From there he was taken in a bus without air-conditioner to New Mexico, Arizona, Tonopah, and Pahrump, Nevada. It took longer than a week to get there -- without medical attention. David Turner's defense attorney, Robert E. Glennen III, and every member of his staff have been extremely concern about this young man's health problems, but Kirk Vitto refused to cooperate. David's mother contacted Governor Guinn's office and finally he was taken to a hospital.
          By extraditing this young man from Texas for a $6.00 crime, Mr. Vitto has proven very little respect for the money of his "employer" the citizens of the State of Nevada.
          Mr. Kirk Vitto is a Nye County District Attorney who claims to be a Christian, who performs his duties as a Minister in a Full Gospel Church. A man who desires to sit in a bench as a judge for the Fifth District Court of the State of Nevada.
          The County of Nye is growing fast and it is clearly understandable that we need more judges, judges with full knowledge of the law and experience, but also men with honesty, integrity and humanity who can interpret and apply the law according to the Constitution of the United States of America. Mr. Kirk Vitto does not fit this category.
          It is extremely important to expose the corruption of judges already seated on the bench, but it is more important to block people like Kirk Vitto from becoming a judge.
          As of this afternoon, and after much attention from the local media, David Turner was released from jail under the same deal offered to him three (3) years ago -- a misdemeanor.
          His attorney, Robert E. Glennen III, stayed with him until he was placed in a Greyhound bus back to Texas. Mr. Glennen gave David some money for food, and asked him to stay in contact with him.
          This story has attracted so much attention that even George Knapp, with Channel 8 News (who very seldom pays attention to cases of minorities) interviewed David Turner for over an hour.
          Officials with the Governor Guinn's office, members of the Southern Nevada Catholic Charter Services, members of Mr. Glennen's staff, and Mr. Robert Glennen himself stayed with David Turner until he left Nevada in the 2:30 p.m. Greyhound bus.
      Thank you for your time,

      Rolando Larraz
      Las Vegas Tribune Newspaper

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