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Sledgehammer Justice

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    Sledgehammer Justice No state shall...pass any bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts, or grant any title of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2001
      Sledgehammer Justice
      "No state shall...pass any bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts, or grant any title of nobility."

      From: Ray Hickman [xraycommd@...]
      To: Dudley Brown
      Sledgehammer Justice
      Tribune, Thursday, September 20, 2001
      Recently my 19-year-old son was fined $3,000 and sentenced to 21
      months in federal prison. I would like to describe his "crime" to see if
      anyone else thinks this situation is as ludicrous as I do:
      He found an old .22-caliber rifle in his grandmother's basement which his grandfather had modified over 30 years ago. Needing some quick cash
      and having absolutely no idea that a .22 with a shortened barrel was an
      illegal firearm, he took it to the pawn shop. The owners, employees and a Provo City police officer who was in the store at the time looked at the gun and they also did not recognize it as illegal (I have since learned that
      the laws regulating modified firearms are very nebulous).
      Twenty days later, the pawn shop arranged with my son a time he was
      to pick up the gun. After he paid for the .22 and turned to leave, he was
      shocked to find several federal agents waiting for him. He had been set
      He was arrested and spent the next 105 days in jail and a halfway house
      awaiting his final court date. I was positive that three and a half months
      of lost freedom was a fair consequence for his error, but the federal
      mandatory sentencing guidelines required my son to serve 21 months in
      prison (a convicted rapist typically serves less than a year).
      There was no discussion in the courtroom of what my son intended to do with the gun; that it had been shortened before it was illegal to do so; that he was ignorant of the law. The only fact considered before my son's freedom was taken was that he had possession of an illegal firearm.
      Incidentally, his grandmother also had possession of the gun as did the pawn shop, but my son is the only one being treated like a criminal.
      It is a crying shame that a young man will now spend almost two years
      of his life in prison just because he needed a little money and innocently
      took the wrong item to the pawn shop. As a citizen, I am outraged at this
      injustice. As a mother, I am devastated and desperate for help.
      If I thought my son was deserving of a federal prison term, I would be the first one to say so, and he knows it. The fact is, he is not a criminal nor is he a danger to society. This whole situation is absolutely  ridiculous, and I want it changed.
      We will live free, or we will die.  We will, however, live as the chattel of no man ... nor of a conglomerate thereof!
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      Ron's Comment:   Here we have another statistic of the fact that our American Prisons are bulgging to overflow with "criminals" with far more citizens per capita in American prisons than in any tyrannical communistic and terrorist nation in the world. If the definition of terrorist is those who use force to terrorize people, then I can find no greater terrorist nation than America.
      Now that the U.S. has officially declared war on terrorism worldwide, it has opened the door for so many opportunities to expose the U.S. as the greatest supporter nation of terrorism in the world by spreading U.S. tax dollars all around the globe in support of every terrorist organization under the sun. Now the chickens are come home to roost. (How about that $43 million U.S. tax dollars sent to CIA trained Ben Laden just this year for terrorism. But that terrorism wasn't suppose to come home to U.S. was it? Or was it? You've got me wondering. Hmmm.)
      No wonder U.S. is among the most hated and disrespected nation in the world. We're good for a hand-out to every cause, particularly evil ones. Name one enemy nation of this country that U.S. tax dollars has not financed big time! Yes, let's clean out terrorist, starting with the U.S. government. Having accomplished that feat, we will have gone a long way to asuring the return of liberty and prosperty in America.

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