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Barbecue By The Sea Agenda

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    Barbecue By The Sea A J.A.I.L. Presentation & Fundraiser Program Agenda & Detailed Directions (Times and order may be flexible) Date: This Saturday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2001
      Barbecue By The Sea
      A J.A.I.L. Presentation & Fundraiser
      Program Agenda
      Detailed Directions
      (Times and order may be flexible)
      Date:         This Saturday, September 22nd.
      Social Hour:                                     10 am - 11 am
      Attorney Gary Zerman - Master of Ceremonies
      Introductory Remarks -                   11 - 11:15 am
      Henry Nichol -                                  11:15 - 11:55 pm
      Terri Lynn Day -                              12:05 - 12:45 pm
      Wiley Drake -                                   12:55 - 1:35 pm
      Barbecue Food Break -                    1:35 - 2:10 pm
      (& introductory of distinguished guests)
      Clarence Malcolm -                          2:15 - 2:55 pm
      Ron Branson -                                   3:00 - 3:40 pm
      Closing statements -                          3:45 - 4:00 pm
      Dancing, music & swimming            4:00 pm - ff.
      Synopsis of speakers and participants -
      Attorney Gary Zerman is the number two man in J.A.I.L. known as the J.A.I.L. Lt. Commander-In-Chief over the nationwide J.A.I.L. movement. He is very principled and thoroughly disgusted with what he has personally witnessed in his law practice, and is entirely dedicated to J.A.I.L.
      Henry Nichol is the J.A.I.L. Warden over Ventura County, California. He has a very keen understanding of what J.A.I.L. seeks to accomplish through its initiative, and has written a very fine treatise on it. He also has a very good business head.
      Terri Lynn Day is the Warden of Monterey County, California, and is an experienced speaker and activist. She brings her skills to our podium.
      Wiley Drake is the famous bulldog Baptist pastor who has fought with the Buena Park City Council over his church's homeless ministry. He has given the City of Buena Park a big public black eye. The media  has  covered his numerous run-ins with the City Council. Wiley has forced the City Council to back off. He has proudly accepted the position with J.A.I.L. as Warden of Orange County, and loves his title Warden Wiley!
      Clarence Malcolm is a vociferous speaker that pulls no punches. He openly defies the powers that be, exposing their hypocrisy. Being a furniture and sign-maker, he has used his talent by such things as huge signs mounted on top of vehicles that no one could miss. Everything is out in the open with Malcolm.
      Ron Branson is the founder and J.A.I.L. Commander-In-Chief. The one who brings to you the J.A.I.L. News Journals whom one heretofore unknown judge properly identified from the bench as, "There are thousands of these emails of this Association that is going out across this nation, but let the record reflect, I don't read any of them!"
      Detailed Directions
      In beautiful Pacific Palisades, you are going to the Clubhouse located at #1 Aloha Drive, which is the fifth street on the right as you proceed up the steep incline, all of which is inside the Tahitian Terrace. The entrance is 16001 Pacific Coast Highway. This entrance is approximately 200 feet north of Temescal Canyon Road off the east side of Pacific Coast Highway. (There is a special lane along the bluff. Do not leave this special lane as you will be turning right at the end of this lane.) In your Thomas Guide, you will find this at 630 j-6.
      Coming from the 10 Freeway through Santa Monica, drive through the underpass and proceed north up the coastline until you pass Temescal Canyon Road.
      Parking:  There are two considerations of parking. Once you climb the hill to the Clubhouse, turn around and face down hill and park as near to the right-hand side as you can tightened up behind the car parked in front of you. Overflow will have to park on Temescal Canyon Road in the same fashion, and either walk up or wait for a shuttle.
      If you have items you would like to donate to the auction, please bring them. If you have any questions, call Doug Johnson, (818) 895-1239. Thank you for helping make this "Barbecue By The Sea" wonderful  success.
      -Ron Branson-
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