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Bill Gates Takes On Federal Gov't.

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    BILL GATES TAKES ON FEDERAL GOV T Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2000 7:01 PM Subject: Government of Microsoft - FYI Microsoft Alleges US Government is a Monopoly
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      Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2000 7:01 PM
      Subject: Government of Microsoft - FYI

      Microsoft Alleges US Government is a Monopoly

      Microsoft Alleges
      US Government is a Monopoly

         Redmond, WA - Microsoft today filed papers in Federal District Court alleging that  the United States Government is a monopoly.  The papers allege that the current  government has stifled competition, and has prevented innovation in government, by using its monopoly power to pass laws prohibiting the formation of another Federal government.
          "American's don't have a choice in which army will protect them. They have no choice in who will collect their taxes.  Less than 50% of the people even bother to vote because they know it won't make any difference." said Steve Ballmer. "It's time that the US Government opened up to some competition, that would
      get people out to vote and wring out a lot of the inefficiencies."
          Microsoft is solidly against splitting up the government saying it would cause too much harm to the public.  They suggest letting Microsoft set up its own government and let the marketplace determine which government should rule.  Bill Gates said, "We already have more money than most governments around the world, and we have our own army."
          On what a Microsoft government could do for the people Mr. Gates added, "Talk about bloated code.  Have you seen the tax laws?  A Microsoft government would have a simpler tax code, and each citizen would be given a copy of Microsoft Money to help them track their finances."
          A coalition of companies headed by Sun Microsystems filed a brief shortly after Microsoft stating, "If they get to form a government, we get to form a government."
          The Department of Justice is expected to respond to the allegations within a week.   It is expected that this case will reach the Supreme Court.

          We admit the above sounds like a spoof. However, if Bill Gates seriously wants to make a real legal threat to the federal government that will have them sweating blood, then someone please get in touch with him and tell him JAIL would like to talk with him. We'll give him his money's worth that will cause him to sit back and laugh hard. And just think of the tremendous advertisement he will get from his investment!  -Ron Branson
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