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JAILer Encouragement - Part II

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  • jail4judges
    JAILer Encouragement - Part II Dear Michael Nowik: I know very well whereof you speak having been through it fourteen times in front of the U.S. Supreme Court
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2001
      JAILer Encouragement - Part II
      Dear Michael Nowik:
      I know very well whereof you speak having been through it fourteen times in front of the U.S. Supreme Court followed by placing  documented complaints before Congress. I know well, very well! Yes, and this abhorring conduct is repeated so many times on a regular basis that even the Congressmen are fearing this thing will blow up in their faces.
      Complaints seeking impeachments against federal judges, including the Supreme Justices, have come in in piles and are stacking up until they have to get rid of them by paper shredders.
      There will be no hope in Congress until they are placed in a position that it could become their re-election that is at risk! That is what matters to them. I'm a national expert on the subject on which you speak. No, you are not by yourself! There are many, many others just like you! I am coming across others who have suffered just as you and me at the hands of these Supreme Court "Justices." If you really knew how repeated your situation is among those who have gone before you, you would be totally amazed. It is as common as changing your underwear. As I said, even the Congressmen are afraid of the magnitude of it. They know what's going on. They are afraid to acknowledge to you that you even filed a complaint for impeachment against a federal judge. Here's my challenge. Ask your Congressman to document for you how many complaints have come in against federal judges in just this last year.
      The only remedy is directly from us, the People, not through any office of government. I've been there and done that. I know, how well I know. I further know that you will have no redress except through J.A.I.L.
      How many times have I said, "Nothing is going to change until J.A.I.L. becomes the law of this land?" and "J.A.I.L. is the ONLY answer!" This is not stated as nice sounding words, but for reality! I have said it so  many times that I take the heat for it, and I continually will say it. Oh yes, I'm getting a few now to listen that perhaps "Ron" may know what he is talking about. I continually place out shocking and unbelievable horror stories all over this country and the world. Some have written and commended me, saying, "Ron, you've opened my eyes. I now see the light."
      I couldn't tell you how many people that would still be ignorant except for J.A.I.L. Even the judges are starting to sit up and take notice of J.A.I.L., and we shall continue on our course until every judge in America either curses us or blesses us.
      Two days ago a judge joined J.A.I.L., and we are now working on another. We are indeed winning this war. And when we have won the courts, we will win the rest of the government too with an unbelievable army of soldiers we have amassed. Keep your eye on the inevitable Victory, and God bless you, Mike, and never forget, J.A.I.L. is the ONLY answer!
      -Ron Branson-

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      Sent: Monday, August 20, 2001 12:51 AM
      Subject: Re: JAILer In Urgent Need Of Encouragement

      As I stated, I am the only true, legally declared representative of the U.S. Constitution and the American people.  There is no one else that I know of who is publicly known to have the interests of the Founding Fathers of this country at heart and in action.
      No one has responded to my express communications to the Congress and Senate, the Justice Department, the White House, or to the state legislators or governor, or indicated that they are representing the United States, the Constitution and laws, or the people. 
      In this legal case of mine, the North Dakota Attorney General's Office has even written a letter to the United States Supreme Court that it does not represent North Dakota in this matter against the state of North Dakota and its agents and officials. 
      I am now a self-appointed independent federal prosecutor who, alone, in great debt and under great stress and impossible circumstances, is after criminals and corrupt government officials for racketeering and am investigating further into unlawful and unconstitutional activities.
      Jail4Judges has been aware from the onset of the illegal and unconstitutional taking of my driver's license, an illegal and unconstitutional fixed trial, the state court of appeals' decision that a citizen is not entitled to due process or equal protection of the laws....the issues now before the U.S. Supreme Court.
      Is this America?  Am I the only real American around here?  On the internet?  Is Jail4Judges that naive as to sit on such a corrupt state court decision and not make it public knowledge in every way possible immediately?
      I am personally involved in this case, of course, and being in the courts, there is little I can do to publicize it.  The local media are protecting the government here, aiding and abetting their corrupt racketeering.  State and federal officials certainly don't intend to let the public know what they are doing illegally and unconstitutionally to the citizenry.
      But I have been making plans, again all alone, to defend, enforce, and uphold every principle and promise of the U.S. Constitution, something which shouldn't have to be necessary in a country with over 280 million supposed Americans.
      That objective seems to be foreign to those who I have been hearing from online or on the news.  And why is that?  Because the very erroneous idea that all those in government are somehow superior to the rest of the people frightens the average person into submission to their authority and jurisdiction, legal or otherwise.  Just look at the court clerks in your own courthouses and see how they knowingly cater and acquiesce to corrupt officials and their acts of oppression. 
      Having been in the government for years myself, and as a Vietnam veteran, I know that many do not take their oath of office and patriotism very seriously.  It is a fact that those who commit wrongful acts against their own government cohorts or offices are quickly exposed and prosecuted, but those violations against other citizens are perpetually ignored if possible, and swept under the rug by dishonorable men.
      The solutions to any corruption problem must come from enforcement of the laws and constitution, not from apathetic discourse and discussion that refuses to recognize the problems.  In many parts of the world, this comes through civil revolution of one kind or another.  Just look at the Middle East or the Balkan states and you might see the difficulties in restoring law and order and peace.

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      From: J4J
      Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2001 11:43 PM
      Subject: JAILer In Urgent Need Of Encouragement

      N.D. JAILer-In-Chief 
      Needs Encouragement.
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      To: Ron
      Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2001 5:34 PM
      Subject: Re: A Word of Caution

      I am now trying to build a list of my own for emails relating to my current legal efforts to restore liberty and justice to this country.  It seems to me that there are too many people online who just want waste my time, to inundate me with advertising, junk mail, and phony political causes and issues which have nothing to do with ending government or judicial corruption now, not twenty years from now.
      I am in the U.S. Supreme Court, and the state of North Dakota has filed a fraudulent waiver form, is in contempt of court as far as I am concerned, and has no Counsel of Record with which to negotiate for settlement.  Neither do any of the other multiple parties to the case.  As you already know, a denial of my Petition will not decide anything and will leave everything hanging in the wind.
      There is currently no legitimate State of North Dakota government, and in the next few months my life will be on the line whether the Supreme Court decides in my favor or not.  I am the only lawful representative of the United States Constitution and the people, and am risking my life to change that. 
      I guess you and the rest of JAIL may not care much about that, but I do, and I have no time for playing games with anyone who is not a sincere patriotic American ready, willing, and able to help protect the Constitution and other United States citizens from unlawful and unconstitutional harm whenever necessary.
      If the Court ignores my valid case, I certainly do not intend to submit to criminal officials or their agents and their only option in imposing their authority or jurisdiction over me will be through genocidal assassination. 
      The Judgment I have appealed is clearly null and void, the state is in illegal control of the people, and they are continuing to persecute and oppress people without proper authority.  Do you think I should just give in to them now and let them do whatever they want?
      If that is JAIL's only solution to the immediate dire problem of my being held prisoner in my home for the rest of my life or being killed, for never having violated any law, and for seeking justice through the courts, I must continue to look anywhere I have to for American support.  Because, like I said, in a few months, I intend to come out fighting for my freedom, either through victory in the Supreme Court, or organizing, establishing, and instituting a new constitutional state government for the purpose of prosecuting these official racketeers and all the real criminals I can find.
      Mike Nowik
      (701) 225-0507

      Dear Michael:
      I do not believe there is a person among us in JAIL who does not want justice and accountability now. As I sit here before this screen hour after hour responding to people, your cry is the same as others - the need for justice now. I don't blame you for feeling as you do as I too am a man that considers truth and justice as ultimate and primary. I have been praised by the patriots here because of my tenacity of taking on the system for the last twenty years with the reputation, "You're like a bull dog, you never let go of an issue once you clamp onto it."
      If I thought there were other possible means of obtaining the goal you seek, I would have doubtless pursued it. The unfortunate conclusion is that there are no shortcuts. Even if one decided to take a "radical shortcut," it could only be to go down with a few and reported as the act of a "deranged person."
      Yes, and I am sure that many of us have executed the "shortcut" method in our imaginary mental processes repeatedly out of frustration for a lack of remedy. This is natural.Your situation is not to be minimized. It is real, it is certain, and that is all the more reason why we need the urgent passage of J.A.I.L. in this country. I too am under threat and intimidation at this very moment, and I too will fight by any means at my disposal, but I cannot sacrifice the bigger picture of Victory for the instant gratification of seeing my enemies go down.
      Mike, what I am now seeing, as I sit here answering people is that we are like being in a deadly epidemic with hundreds of thousands of people lying dead on the ground and thousands upon thousands more dying. One comes up to the doctor and grabs hold of his sleeve in tears crying, "Doctor, doctor you've got to come and help my child, she is dying."
      Mike, if you heard some of the other stories, you could give thanks to God that you only have your situation. Yes, why could we not have started on J.A.I.L. thirty or forty years ago? But we didn't. Even now there are so many who still do not see the need for J.A.I.L. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will reject thee." We right now have all the power, resources and means to cure the problem. What we lack is knowledge, to wit, people who will open their eyes. Are we not told of those who have eyes to see, but will not see, ears to hear, who will not hear? People have loved the bliss of ignorance of ignore it and it will go away, or that I've got other matters more pressing.
      I suggest you reread the article we placed out entitled, "Too Busy." If you do not yet have it, I shall be happy to resend it to you. Having so said this, tell us how us JAILers can be of help to you, Michael. I'm sure you will receive advice from other JAILers other than me.
      Let's not forget, "Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise." Heb. 10:35,36.
      God bless you, and hold your head up high.
      -Ron Branson-
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