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Government Conditioning Of Your Children

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  • jail4judges
    J.A.I.L. News Journal ____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California August 19, 2001
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                           August 19, 2001 
      Government Conditioning
      Of Your Children
      Austin, TX - ­ From fans at the Superbowl having their faces scanned to
      kids thumscanning to purchase lunches in the school cafeteria, Americans are being conditioned to give up their privacy and independence in exchange for the "safety" of biometrics technologies.
      Police departments across the country are debating the implementation of invasive and unconstitutional Big Brother biometrics "for our safety and convenience," or, in the case of Ybor, Florida they have already instated and misused faces scanning cameras to victimize an innocent man.

      Across the US and the world, from Odessa, Texas to Beijing, China populations are being forced to accept the incredibly invasive technology of biometrics. Right out of the gates biometrics is being used only in Big Brother type surveillance monitoring and tracking efforts. Just imagine elementary school children in Pennsylvania who attend the Lakeside school district classes being forced to digitally fingerprint to obtain their lunches. We’re talking about everybody,­ all the children, no cash allowed!

      Two things are happening here: The children are being trained to accept a cashless society where all of their transactions are recorded and, more
      importantly, they are being put into Federal and State databases. In the
      past, only criminals were fingerprinted.

      You see, we’re all being treated as if we’re guilty until proven innocent.
      In fact, Detective Todd who runs the biometric cameras in Tampa, Florida stated to the press, "I don’t see the big problem with it if you don’t have anything to hide." Yes, this was the mantra of Nazi Germany: "You are free to go once we see your papers." Imagine what Hitler would have done with this Orwellian tool which is already being used in England to deny people to stores and sports arenas. ....

      But where are they getting the databases to match the faces and fingerprints with names and Social Security numbers? That’s right: they got them from States’ drivers’ license facilities. In the past eight years, State DMV’s in 38 States have been collecting digital photos, thumbprints and signatures. And now, Washington DC’s Mayor has announced that all the school children will be face scanned, thumbprinted and then loaded into the drivers’ license database.

      In one fell swoop they have put the cashless society surveillance grid in
      place, and they’re training the children that cash will no longer get them a

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