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Judges Distrubed About J.A.I.L. (Comment)

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  • jail4judges
    ... From: Robert Birdwell Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2001 1:00 AM To: jail4judges Subject: Re: ** Judges Distrubed About J.A.I.L. All j4j jailers: (forward)
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2001
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      From: Robert Birdwell
      Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2001 1:00 AM
      To: jail4judges
      Subject: Re: ** Judges Distrubed About J.A.I.L.
      All j4j jailers: (forward)
      This [pseudo arrest] is precisely what you can expect in the future, except, greater hostility and a more ferocious "self-protection" excuse by whatever thugs with badges they send out against you. ("A tyrant is most dangerous when he sees his no-longer-obsequious-slaves building the gallows for his own hanging!") (mine)
      Never go into a courthouse alone anymore than you would go to a "Blood's" rally wearing a blue bandana or to a soccer game in Scotland and sing "Ireland rules." Well, you get the picture. Some things just bring out the hooligan in those cursed with lizzard brains.
      If you haven't figured it out yet, lizzard brains are a valued commodity when applying to become a "law enforcement" officer these days. "All rational persons who will refuse to obey an unlawful command from a senior lizzard need not apply!" All persons who would even understand what an unlawful command is, need not apply.
      As you have read in my piece, "Public's Courthouse now turned into private bunker," these people are terrified of anyone who not only can discern the truth, but actually dares to tell the truth!
      I happen to be aquainted with an individual who actually works for the National Security Agency. He always has, what I call, "this Chihuahua" (tiny Mexican dog) look on his face, like he's absolutely certain something sinister is sneaking up on him, about to pounce on him and eat his face. Sometimes, when I'm not looking, I actually think he can do a 360 with his head. Now that's nervous.
      I asked him one time, "why are you so nervous all the time, you work for a super-secret government agency?" He said, "That's why I'm nervous!" Then he added, "just remember, the government's not your friend!" Every time I bump into him, he always does this 360 thing with his head, when I'm not looking, and mumbles, "remember, the government's not your friend." That really "creeps me out."
      The other thing I've asked and have never gotten an answer to is: Why would a super-secret government agency, like the NSA, no, especially the NSA, have an office and Chihuahua type operatives in a place like Vancouver, Washington?
      I guess I figured that out one morning while shaving, just before I went on the radio.... to talk about corruption in government!
      "Remember, the government's not your friend!" NSA agent
      "Government, like fire, is a very dangerous servant. Its only function is force!" George Washington
      "Do not sleep, for they will come as a thief in the night!"
      "Oh, stranger! Tell the people of Greece that we have done as we should and as they would have wished." (Loose translation of the last words of King Leonidas (Leonydaes), of Sparta, on the plaque at Thermopylae, where he and his 300 palace guards died holding the pass against the entire Persian army. A treatise on the duty to do right by your fellow countrymen no matter the peril)
      Robert O. Birdwell

      Judges Disturbed About J.A.I.L.
      Hi Nancy [Nancy Grant, FL. Lt. JIC]: 

      I [John Schestag] went to the criminal court house this morning to gather more information about my Aug. 17 hearing against the many judges you know about.  As I came up to the security guards, they asked me my name and called for "back-up" and a supervisor ASAP!  They would not let me go anywhere and detained me. 

      The "Back-up Sheriff's" came up all around me.... about 5 of them.  Then came the supervisor.... and the first guard pointed to a public wall with a display of 8 1/2 x 11 mug-shots and I was on the top "first" row as a special notice to all Sheriff's, Judges and Court Officers that I was a "danger" and had "mental disorders"!!

      ..... I tried to read what it said and they moved me into a hall (what I did see was that I had called them about the July 4 Jail4Judges Rally and they also had your name down on my Special Security Notice.... like
      you were someone to watch out for because we were going to demonstrate together even though we had asked permission weeks in advance. 

      They kept me for about 20 minutes with three cops standing around me as armed guards while I sat on a bench in the hall with people stopping and looking at me as the cops squawked on their radios back to the
      headquarters about what are they holding me for.  I asked them to arrest me or let me go and they let me go after about 10 more minutes. They said I was not under arrest, they were just "detaining" me and doing their job for their "protection".  This was just pure harassment set up by the Sheriff and Judges to punish us for having the July 4th Rally!!  Pure and Simple!....
      They also had Jail4Judges, GovBusters, CLR and your name written out in public view.  It looked like a FBI's most wanted posting you would see in a Post Office. ....
      I'm outraged because I know the corrupt judges are all behind this to punish us all for the Jail4Judges Rally and my earlier protest against other corrupt judges.  I went and checked later and the poster was
      removed!! ....
      John Schestag
      FL. JAILer
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