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Pursuing The Prize

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    Pursuing The Prize To All JAILers Throughout America: The below is an intercommunication memo from Sherree Lowe, Florida JAILer-In-Chief, addressed to her
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2001
      Pursuing The Prize
      To All JAILers Throughout America:
      The below is an intercommunication memo from Sherree Lowe, Florida JAILer-In-Chief, addressed to her subordinates. I pass this on to all JAILers as it should be very instructional, though-provoking, and  encouraging. (I have excised the personal notations and names from the message for publication purposes.)

      Sherree writes: ---


      We also need to gather a list of all J.A.I.L. members, with snail mail, phone numbers and email addresses. Those who do not wish to have theirs made available to all should let this be known to the group leader. We will only have leaders able to contact them. We know that their are those who must retain a low profile, and we must respect this. We will add them only to a secure file to get news letters, and keep the information private.

      I am at a point that I must rely on others to help, the state is too large for me to cover it. To date I have traveled over 51,000 miles since January, and find that I am spreading my self too thin, and this thing with JAIL can not be a one man operation.

      I am counting on all of you. There are 67 counties, and so far we have 10 counties with established leaders:  Miami, Palm Beach, Okeechobee, Manatee, Desoto, Charlotte, Lee, Lake, Hardee, Highland/Glades...
      and the area around Tampa, Clearwater, Ocala, will be covered soon. .... As soon as our leaders get some personal issues out of the way

      We are currently working on setting up a main website for Florida, and sites will be available to JAIL members. We now have a member who will do this for us, and give a link to the main J.A.I.L. site.

      Ron Branson is also working on a secure site for all of us, with pass words to enter the site, and post Florida news. This of course is a very time consuming effort. J.A.I.L. is growing so fast that we are pushed for time, and way behind, hoping to catch up soon.

      We, here in the southern part of the state, have been holding rally's. We have signs made on a plastic coated board  17x24 with J.A.I.L.4 JUDGES on it, in 6 inch letters, and www.jail4judges.org in smaller letters across the top. ....

      We are taking county by county, and working our way north, gathering in front of the courthouses. We are always quite, respectful, just walking and letting the signs speak for us, and hand out the jail flyers.

      Our followers are growing in numbers. We now have a judge's wife,  doctors, and lawyers joining us, asking us to protest in their counties.

      We need someone from every county to take on JAIL leader status, and start to do similar walks and peaceful protests. We need communication among members, and to support those who have court cases by attending hearings with them. This is being effective down this way, and members on the street with signs with the judges' names on the signs  during the hearing, or early prior to the scheduled hearing. This seems to have a positive effect on the ruling.

      We also attend the local civic meetings such as chamber, city council, and pass out flyers. Many convenience stores are allowing us to leave flyers with them, and at the news stands.

      We also have business cards, which we give out. People are more likely to hang on to these and visit the site.

      We forward to our members write ups concerning judges and cases, and those I receive get cut, copied and pasted to email and sent to Ron Branson. These will get posted to our Florida State on the J.A.I.L. web site. When our site is up, we will do the same here. The bigger the mountain we build of reports of abuse, the faster we will get the passage of J.A.I.L.

      Currently, we have found some small discrepancies in the Florida J.A.I.L. Bill. These are being corrected. We are also considering placing it up as an [Constitutional] Amendment, instead of a LAW. This way we by-pass the Supreme Court which will not even consider letting it on the ballot.

      When the editing and corrected edition is ready, I will post it to members of Florida J.A.I.L. so that we can start collecting signatures,

      We will need to select a group to carry it to the floor of the Legislature.
      Time is of the essence to get this all done for the spring session, and prior to the 2002 election.

      Hopefully, should I not be able to attend tomorrow's meeting, the above information will be helpful.

      Gratefully yours,
      Let's hang in to jail the judges and stop the injustice

      Sherree Lowe/ Florida Chapter/ JAIL4Judges
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