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** Public's Courthouse Now A Private Bunker

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  • jail4judges
    J.A.I.L. News Journal ____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California August 4, 2001
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2001
      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                           August 4, 2001 

      What you are about to read provides excellent enlightenment of things you may have already known, but have never seen openly expressed. This is called irrefutable "self-evident truth." As the public opinion shifts concerning "honorable judges," viewing them more and more as the crooks they are, we shall increasingly see judges ashamed to publicly admit they are judges. For example: How many IRS Agents go around publicly boasting they work for the IRS? They are always just "accountants."
      by Robert O. Birdwell

      The dark cloud of paranoia has engulfed what used to be the Clark County Courthouse. The questions that must be asked and answered are why? and why now?

      Never before have the functionaries occupying that public structure felt the need to declare all who enter to be a threat to life and limb. What has changed? My answer to that particular question may stun the uninitiated, for the public has not suddenly become inordinately insane or dangerous.

      The people wanting the scanning devices installed will probably say they’re now there to protect the public from "terrorist attack." What utter nonsense.

      First of all, the term "terrorist" has historically been adopted by the people using it to deflect attention from the real culprits: themselves! The terms "terrorist" and "terrorist act" was effectively used to label the French resistance to Nazi occupation. Nazi forces would declare all attempts to stop their aggression and atrocities as "terrorist." Later, the Soviets would install the Berlin wall "to keep ‘terrorists’ from infiltrating the peoples workers paradise." Both notions were absurd. Both the Nazi’s and Soviet’s knew it was absurd. There was only one thing both criminal enterprises wanted to prevent from entering or escaping: the truth.

      Much earlier, a lawyer (of course) with the unlikely name of ‘Maximillien Francois Marie Isidore de Robespierre’ stole the entire country of France and established laws where all property could be confiscated at will and anyone could be arrested at anytime of being a suspected traitor (anyone not on Robespierre’s good list). The French didn’t have scanners, metal detectors in the 1790’s, but he was ‘bunkered down’ too. He was finally arrested and executed (by those ‘returning, very mad, chickens’) for his state sponsored and inflicted ‘reign of terror’ on the French people.

      This brings us back to the former Clark County Courthouse. Fear now emanates from its innocuous brick and mortar. You can smell it. You can feel it. Its portals are now staffed with armed persons ordered to exert absolute control over all who enter. Scan, search, probe. For what? Weapons? Weapons to do what? Do they really think some nut is going to come in with a machine gun and start randomly mowing people down? Of course not. ‘Random’ violence by an unthinking, irrational, person is not why they’re afraid. Something else. Something very important, is causing their fear: Their very own conscience, and their fear of real justice when the putrid, adulterated, imitation they’re currently dishing out becomes more widely known to ‘rational,’ ‘thinking,’ men and women!

      Rightly or misguidedly, since the founding of our country, our public institutions and the people holding those important offices were respected and protected by the people themselves. No one but the criminally insane or a violent criminal bent on escape would even consider harming a judge or prosecutor. People just knew these were honorable people doing the right thing. People and institutions worthy of respect. What has changed?

      Most people still assume these are honorable people "doing the right thing." But "most people" didn’t come up with the idea of installing scanners, probes, and armed guards. The judges and prosecutors must have. So what do they know that "most people" don’t? Could it be that they know they are not doing the right thing? Could it be that they have done so much wrong to so many people for so long a time that they fear the chickens they’ve clipped, dipped and fried will come home to roost... but not as chickens?

      Consider this:

      If you go to the Clark County Sheriff’s webpage and look at its ‘mission statement’ and ‘code of ethics,’ you’ll discover that it no longer exists as it was constituted. You will not see any semblance of its constitutional and statutory powers and duties. Instead of it ‘upholding, protecting and defending the constitution of the United States and the State of Washington AND defending and enforcing the individual rights of each citizen, the Clark County Sheriff’s Department now exists to ‘promote diversity;’ ‘defend the weak’ and ‘respect the constitutional rights of people.’ It would appear that the Sheriff had a twelve year old girl, steeped in the warm and fuzzy fantasies of little girls, write that department’s mission statement and ethical code.

      Butterflies, adolescent fantasies and unicorns are sweet literary concepts, but the Sheriff’s department is an organization necessarily structured to commit the most extreme violence in defending the rights of each citizen to be free from force and fraud.

      So, now you can see that the Sheriff’s department no longer works for you, the citizen. The Sheriff no longer acts as the Shire Reeves, the highest ranking elected official in the county. It’s now merely a political hack organization run by eunuchs.

      The County Prosecutors Office exists as the lawyer for the County. They do not represent you! That office does not work for you!

      The Vancouver city police work for the City Manager. They do not work for you! The Vancouver city attorney is the lawyer for the city. They do not work for you!

      So what about the courts? Due process is now whatever a corrupt judge says it is when you have the misfortune to show up in his or her courtroom. There is no ‘equal protection of the laws,’ as judges have given themselves ‘immunity’ for committing crimes that you would be thrown in the slammer for ten years if you did the same thing. The judges and lawyers have a huge organization that protects them from you, while you have nothing but yourselves to protect you from them!!!. And, they will protect each other even if it means the death of justice in our country, which it has!!! They have murdered it!!!

      You don’t have to take my word for it. If you would only get off your butts and really examine the situation, you will discover for yourselves that the prosecutors commit, and cover up, more criminal activity than they will ever prosecute.

      They will never prosecute a friend, political crony or colleague; they "recycle" the same poor, helpless, unconnected, and nearly retarded citizens through the "system" simply because they can, and it fools people into thinking they are doing their job. The judges know the routine and grease those revolving doors. In civil matters, the judges don’t bother to know the law, and could care less about the facts. They have "procedure," "inherent powers," and "broad discretion." With those big three, who needs to know the "law?" Sprinkle the courtroom with the magical powder of bias, prejudice, and add partisan relationships to the mix, and you will have a potion that dissolves "justice" into a meaningless goo you will want to scrape off your foot.

      If I were a corrupt prosecutor or judge, I would want to operate in a bunker too. Bunkers are where dangerously incompetent, corrupt, people belong. That’s where Hitler ran. A walled-off, seemingly secure environment was the only environment where the criminal bosses of the former Soviet Union and mindless thugs of the Aryan Nations could operate. Crack houses operate in secret behind a wall of security. Why do our current public officials, and public buildings, suddenly resemble these people and places?

      Are the corrupt and incompetent afraid? Yes. They’re afraid of you. They’re afraid of all of us simply for the truths we may tell. They simply want to be the only ones with a weapon when that truth is said and fully realized. But, their weapons are useless.

      If they weren’t corrupt and incompetent, they would already know that scanners, prober’s, walls, armed guards, and other false security, cannot keep them safe from what they fear most: the simple truth; exposure of their wrong-doing!

      What they refuse to understand is the people that will ultimately fix the problem--- i.e., ordinary people; honorable but currently intimidated judges and prosecutors (where are you?),--- are not the people who would ever even consider inflicting physical harm on their persons, or cause damage to a building. That’s just not the American way, nor is it the American way to allow criminals to harm us, and disarm us, from the dank bowels of their bunkers. The simple truth, and our American law, is more powerful than any lie and can penetrate any bunker.

      Some of us still actually believe we are a nation of laws, not of men! For those that don’t understand, and cannot live by that simple, yet noble, concept, and will only feel safe and secure behind reinforced, well guarded walls, ---there’s always Sheridan Federal Prison.

      Robert O. Birdwell

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