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"Give em' the Hot Place, Wiley"

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  • jail4judges
    To All JAILers: We ve made a great step forward for mankind with the inclusion of Pastor Wiley Drake, now aka Warden Wiley Drake of Orange County, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2001
      To All JAILers:
      We've made a great step forward for mankind with the inclusion of Pastor Wiley Drake, now aka "Warden Wiley Drake" of Orange County,  the nation's hotbed for patriots and independent thinkers, and Warden Wiley Drake is now over all J.A.I.L. activities there. He is very well known.
      Wherever Wiley is, there is controversy! His presence and controversy are inseparable! He stirs the pot. He challenges the soul. He defies the powers of evil. "Give em' the Hot Place, Wiley." Let's all give Warden Drake our hearty welcome and let him know he's got our ears and support from around the nation!

      I think I already said "Yes," but in case you didn't get it, my answer is "Yes." I like "Warden Wiley Drake"
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