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* What Can We Do About "Gangster Government" ?

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California July 28, 2001
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                             July 28, 2001 
      What Can We Do About
      "Gangster Government" ?
      Dr.Viera sees the problem and realizes that We, the People, must do something about it. He 
      recommends a non-government "Citizens' Constitutional Investigatory Commission" to investigate "gangster government."  That's only part of the solution. More specifically, we need non-government statewide citizens' Special Grand Juries having autonomous power to determine whether a judge brought before them should be held accountable for alleged unlawful judicial conduct. After all, it's the judiciary that have the final say in this "gangster government."

      DISCLAIMER:  I put out this newsletter for informational purposes only.
      Gangster Government

      Transcript of a speech by Dr. Edwin Vieira at the National Press Club,
      29 June 2000

      Dr. Edwin Vieira is a graduate of Harvard College, the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Law School. He is an attorney specializing in constitutional law; he is the author of Pieces of Eight, the Monetary 
      Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution,
      published in 1983.
      The conclusion to which I come, from history, at least, is that all of them [our political leaders], to the last man and woman, minus one or two exceptions, haven't done their duty, they're not doing their duty, they have no intention of doing their duty, and no reality, no piling up of petitions, or pleas or kowtowing or begging, will ever cause them to do their duty, or to accomplish anything other than aiding their critics to establish a record of their willful and persistent derelictions of duty. ...

      Or, if this were a matter of criminal law, which in the fulness of time it may yet become, the conclusion would be that as government officials, these people knowingly, intentionally and wilfully have enforced an arguably invalid Amendment with reckless disregard of its invalidity and therefore should be held criminally liable as violators of American civil rights [audience applause].

      Title 18, United States Code, section 241, seems to have been written with them in mind. Perhaps more interestingly, though, to me at least, is to view this spectacle through the lens of political science, or political philosophy. I
      don't think this is much a matter of legal craft as it is of soul craft, if you know my meaning. The failure to act on the part of all of these individuals in high office for so many decades, and especially during the last fifteen years,
      during which they have been on repeated notice of the documentation compiled in The Law That Never Was, must have had some reason other than mere sloth.

      For, according to their own press releases, and their political propaganda, these people are the very best and the brightest of all Americans. They are uniquely qualified by their intellects, their experiences, their motivations,
      their qualities of leadership, ad nauseam, to fill the highest offices of the land.

      That's why they run for office, for heaven's sakes! And surely, political psychology tells us that the most plausible reason for the inactivity of such men and women must be their own self-interest, which, no doubt, they know better than anything else.

      Now, the American people must ask themselves, "What is the self-interest of political officials sworn to support this Constitution, to preserve and protect the Constitution, to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, what is the self-interest of those individuals who would maintain this
      country in subservience to an 'income tax amendment' they know, should know, and have every good reason to know, was never ratified, and is therefore not part of the Constitution, and not a law, to be faithfully executed or even to be executed in any way, shape or form?"

      Clearly, it is not the self-interest of true and honest agents of average American men and women. For in no rational sense could such deceitful and disloyal officials, behaving in such a lawless manner, be considered the people's representatives. Then who or what have they been representing all of these years? And more to the present purpose, who or what are they representing now?

      Realistic political science teaches that there are two, and only two, kinds of government. One, is what the ancient Romans called, a res publica, a "public thing", a government for the people. Not necessarily a democracy, because ancient Rome was not a democracy. And not necessarily a republic, because the ancient Romans from time to time appointed  dictators, with good reason. And one can even imagine an aristocracy or a monarchy that would put the public interest, the general welfare, the common good of every citizen, ahead of all narrow special interests. Well that's one form of government.

      The other is a government of, by, and for a self-selected, self-perpetuating, crew of elitists. This is not a res publica, a public thing. It is La Cosa Nostra, "our thing."  [audience laughter and applause].

      That is, gangster government. And such is precisely the nature of what passes for the government today in Washington. And in the states, and the counties, and the cities. It's just a different "family", depending on where
      you are.

      This explains what is going on with the "16th Amendment" far better than any legal mumbo jumbo such as the doctrine of  "political questions."  America's gangster government does not give a rotten fig what the law actually is.

      Because law is just a camouflage, or a cover story, for the gang's looting and oppression of the rest of society  [audience applause].

      America's gangster government operates under what it's legal mouthpieces called a "living Constitution." That is, a Constitution, the meaning of which depends on the interests of the big shots who happen to be living [audience
      laughter], and who pull the legislative and judicial strings.

      So, America's gangster government can function perfectly well under Constitutional Amendments that were never ratified, because whether an amendment was ratified is far less important than whether it can be enforced.

      And I remind you of the wisdom ... the man was not a Sicilian, he was a Neopolitan, but he had tremendous wisdom in this area ... Alphonse Capone, one of the great political philosophers in American history [audience laughter]. He said "You can go a long way in life with a smile, but you can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun." [audience laughter]. It's what you can enforce.

      Now, what is the point, I might even ask what is the rationality of asking a gangster government, or particular gangsters in the government, to investigate and pass judgment on their own wrongdoing?

      Do you not already know what they will say? And whatever they say, will you believe them?

      Do you believe what they have told you about the Oklahoma City bombing? Do you believe what they've told you about Waco? About TWA flight 800? About Mena, Miny, and Mo?  [audience laughter].

      Well, that raises another question, though. What can common Americans do about this gangster government? After all, it is the government! And it's much more dangerous precisely because it's composed of gangsters. ...

      So, in what I call "the program of the four I's,"  Investigate, Inculpate, Indict, Incarcerate, [audience laughter] the first and most important step must be investigation. The machinery of investigation should center around a Citizen's Constitutional Investigatory Commission, composed of legal scholars, historians, other qualified individuals who are capable of assessing and arriving at correct conclusions from pertinent evidence.

      This Commission, however, must not seek any governmental direction, assistance, or other involvement. Public officials may appear before it as witnesses, and indeed many should be summoned to testify and to submit documentary evidence. But otherwise, no public official should be allowed to participate in such a Commission's work, as any such connection would raise insoluble conflicts of interest.
      Rather, I anticipate that they will do everything within their power to obstruct, obfuscate, and delay, if not derail entirely, the Commission's investigation, and then to criticize, belittle, and ridicule the Commission's findings.

      Because, let's face the facts, the income tax is one of the major props of the power structure. Enough said! At that point, though, finally armed with the whole truth on one side, and face to face with the political classes'
      intransigence on the other, the American people will be forced to decide whether they are sheep or men, whether they can mount a grass-roots political movement to throw these elitists out of office once and for all and reassert self-government in this country, or accept the other alternative.
      *  *  *
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