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Not Only In Missouri

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California June 16, 2001
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                               June 16, 2001 
      Not Only In Missouri
      May 10, 2001
      Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel
      3335 American Ave.
      Jefferson City, MO 65109-1079
      Re:  Attorney Robert H. Ravenhill
             File # 17,765
       Dear Missouri Bar Association/Ms. Sara Rittman,

      I am writing to report and complain in reference to Saline County Missouri ex-Judge Robert Ravenhill, now a practicing attorney, who was deposed in Federal District Court by Federal Magistrate Fred Whipple for violating procedural law (8 laws), in a case of Matthew Elias Vanderpool against the State Of Missouri, litigated by attorney Arthur Benson of Kansas City. 

      As a Judge, Robert Ravenhill did not give any notice of hearing in placing and ordering the placement of my son, Matthew, with his maternal grandparents.  This placement occurred without any hearing or proper procedural law of Missouri State Court being followed, as ordered by Robert H. Ravenhill, approximately November 15, 1991. 

      No reason was stated for this. No allegations of abuse or neglect exist within the Saline County Court record concerning Matthew Elias Vanderpool (Somers) in regards to myself or his mother, or my parents.  An order was rendered from Saline County Court via Robert H. Ravenhill that I not be allowed to have ANY contact with my son Matthew Elias Vanderpool, and that my parents not be allowed any contact as well as his mother.  This order was in effect for months for no stated reason. 

      Mariam Decker, Attorney in Columbia, Missouri can testify to these facts, as she handled the case, resolving it some 8 months later.  Ms. Decker disgustingly recalls being in Mr. Ravenhill’s court chambers, and hearing him comment “I bet this is the only court you’ve ever been in where the decision has already been made before the hearing is heard”.   Ms. Decker helped Matthew Elias Vanderpool obtain Arthur Benson to litigate the case.  My father, Jack Vanderpool, witnessed in Federal District Court, in front of Federal Magistrate Fred Whipple, Mr. Ravenhill being deposed for violating these 8 points of law.  I have failed to be able to locate or access these Federal Court Records of this disposition. 

      My ex-wife has stated that the hearings on the matter where “closed” – yet Jack Vanderpool was there and witnessed Federal Magistrate Fred Whipple depose ex-Saline County Judge Robert H. Ravenhill for these numerous violations of law.  It is a matter of Federal Court record and Saline County Court Record – they are using the ruse of it being a “juvenile” matter to attempt to keep the record “closed”. 

      There is NO pending litigation at this time in reference to these matters that I am aware of.  Saline County Court records in reference to Matthew Elias Vanderpool and myself PROVE and EVIDENCE that Mr. Ravenhill violated 8 points of Law, blatantly abused his power, violated my civil rights, that of Matthew Vanderpool’s, and Mara Somers. This evidence is at this time is being suppressed from me, as Saline County Court Sharon D. Crawford has previously refused myself access to the court records concerning my son, hearings of which I was a part of back in 1992.  Ms. Crawford’s May 2, 2001 letter to me states that Judge Dennis Rolf has recused (withdrawn) himself in the matter of answering the question of whether I should have access to these records, and the “other” Saline County judges have declined to accept assignment. (They don’t want to be involved with a political “hot potato” that could endanger there political careers due to wide spread publishing of these matters on the internet and other media – nor step on their buddy Ravenhill’s toes.)   Otherwise, why has every Judge in Saline County even refused to accept the answering of my request for records dealing with my own son???  What’s the big deal?  Their colleague Robert H. Ravenhill violated the law, and is by definition a “Criminal”.

      My question to the Missouri Bar Association is how can they allow a "Criminal” to practice law in the State of Missouri, and why have they failed to bring disciplinary action, or even begin to investigate my allegations?  I refer you to attorneys Arthur Benson, Kansas City, Missouri, Mariam Decker, Columbia, Missouri, for further collaboration of my allegations, and witness of Mr. Ravenhill’s blatant abuse of power, violation of civil rights, and violation of 8 points of law.  By definition this man is a Criminal, regardless of whether Judicial Immunity existed or not, and violated the ethical codes and conduct of a Missouri Licensed Attorney to practice  law.

      They are bringing in a judge, Judge John R. Hutcherson on the 15th and 16th of this month to review the file and authorize disclosure of any documents he “deems” proper.  It was several months later that a hearing over the matter was finally set. This is the reason, apparent violation of procedural law and the Sunshine Act, that ex-Judge Ravenhill was deposed in front of Federal Magistrate Fred Whipple. 

      How can the Missouri Bar Association license and allow someone such as Robert Ravenhill to practice law, when he violated the law in which he practices?  I would like to request a formal inquiry and investigation into the matter, as records in the matter have been denied me by the court, even though I was involved in the hearings subsequently held months later after the “illegal” placement of my son with his maternal grandparents with no hearing or notice of hearing, nor any allegations of any abuse or neglect, or any other reason. I believe you will find the court records to bear the truth of what I am alleging. It is a tragedy that at this time those records have remained suspiciously “closed” to me. This is because court records prove without a shadow of a doubt that Mr. Ravenhill abused the law, and failed to follow the law.

      Please let me know if you are investigating the matter, and what the outcome of that investigation and any possible disciplinary action might be.  It is a shame to think that the Missouri Bar Association would “knowingly” continue to license a “criminal” to practice law, the very law he violated and abused, as evidenced by court records – Judicial Immunity or not.   It is also a shame that this is my third letter in prompting this investigation, and that I have had to have the help of Senator Mathewson’s office to move things along, and that it has been since March that your office has still not moved to investigate that matter.

      Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I hope this will be sufficient in bringing the investigation and disciplinary action long overdue to Mr. Ravenhill’s breaking and abusing the laws of the State of Missouri.  I apologize for not being able to offer case numbers, court records, etc.  but it is impossible for me to do so when the courts deny me these things, and keep the records suspiciously ‘closed’, etc.

      Politics is a ruthless affair. The sad and sobering question most pertinent to ALL MISSOURIANS is, how much longer will your office deny accountability or jurisdiction and hesitate to investigate blatant violations of law and allow such unethical conduct of a licensed Missouri Attorney?  How many other Missouri Citizens are being taken advantage of by the criminal and unethical doings of Mr. Ravenhill due to your inaction, hesitancy, and denial of accountability over his license to practice?  How much longer will you allow this attorney to remain licensed to practice the very laws he violated and abused to keep innocent folks from their child (my family)?  How can you allow someone who abuses the rights of a child to practice law?   Will another day go by and another child in our state be taken advantage of by an attorney you continue to license to “practice” law?   I can be reached at the address below. 

      Best regards,
      Michael Vanderpool
      1102 S. English St.
      Marshall, MO 65340 
      (660) 831-5435
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