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JAIL's email system in a temporary hold pattern. %R

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  • jail4judges
    To All JAILers and other key people: Trying to coordinate our two computers! PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the handling of our email traffic is going to be irregular
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2001
      To All JAILers and other key people:
      Trying to coordinate our two computers!
      PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the handling of our email traffic is going to be irregular for a while until we get our two computers coordinated. Some of you may be getting duplicates, or other irregularities. There'll be delays even more than usual for time being. We have gotten a second computer, thanks to those who contributed for that purpose. It's an upgrade from the existing computer and it'll be the "Master" and the existing one the "Slave."
      The problem right now is that we aren't able to get the two operating together with the same files. When new emails are brought in, only the computer bringing them in receives them, but not the other. For now, Ron wants new emails brought in on the Master only, so I can't work on current ones on the Slave computer that I'm using. My main objective is to clean up old ones anyway.  The other problem is that the address book on the new computer is all mixed up and has to be straightened up. That's going to be time consuming because we have so many names to go through. After loading our lists from the Slave computer to the Master, in checking the Master, we find that the totals on each list differ between our two computers. Why? We don't know yet. We'll have to wait until the weekend when both of us are here together to try to straighten things out. I don't know how much success we'll have.
      Probably the most frustrating thing is not having the computers coordinated so both of us can work on emails from a common filing system and address book. What I do in my computer should be reflected in the record of Ron's computer, and vice versa. If I delete something, or file something, that action should be shown in Ron's computer. We have a "network cable" installed but that doesn't seem to help bring the two computers together in operation. Ron is making inquiries to try to find out how to correct this problem. He says "What in the world do other large operations do when they receive thousands of emails daily? Our needs can't be unique. Rush Limbaugh says he receives about 30,000 emails daily. Certainly they aren't handled from a single computer or multiple independent computers! He must have quite a few operating from a joint database and common email system."
      So for the moment, in order to take 3 steps forward, we're having to take 2 steps back. I say that inasmuch as we do have a second computer, but it's just nice to look at right now. Once we know how to get them jointly operational, we'll have what we need. Meanwhile the emails are building up daily and we're not able to take care of them like we want to, and must do.
      We ask that you bear with us while we go through this frustrating period. If anyone comments about "What's happening with JAIL's email, or with Ron" please let them know we're in a temporary "holding pattern." We don't know how soon we'll come up with a solution, but Ron is diligently working on finding it. We appreciate your patience.
      God bless.
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