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The Modern Day Thought Police

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ____________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California May 15, 2001
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                               May 15, 2001 
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      The Thought Police
      The Associated Press
      May 11, 2001

      OLDSMAR -- A boy was taken from his elementary school in handcuffs after
      his classmates turned him in for drawing pictures of weapons. ...
      ``There were some drawings that were confiscated by the teacher,'' Oldsmar
      Elementary School Principal David Schmitt said. ``The children were in no
      danger at all. It involved no real weapons.''

      Still, Schmitt refused to discuss details of the boy's case.

      ``All I can tell you is it was a threat . . . against students,'' he said.
      ``Nobody in particular, but students in general.

      ``We just need to get it through kids' heads that there are certain things
      you don't say and there are certain things you don't draw,'' he said.

      The boy was handcuffed by school police for his safety, according to
      Pinellas County School District spokesman Ron Stone.

      ``That's normal procedure in a situation like this,'' Stone said. ``The
      primary concern was to make sure we get appropriate services for the

      Making threats is not unusual for students in elementary and middle
      schools, said Nancy Zambito, a director of school operations for the school

      Depending on the severity of the threat, Zambito said, the outcome for the
      student can be a number of things.

      Those possibilities range from disciplinary action by the school _ like
      suspension or expulsion _ to being arrested, or taken to a hospital under
      Florida's Baker Act, which allows for the involuntary commitment of people
      who threaten or try to hurt themselves or others.

      ``It's nothing unusual and we address them all seriously because, of
      course, we don't know,'' Zambito said. ``And in most cases, our prime goal
      is to let those students know what is appropriate to say and what is not,
      and how to be angry and cute and funny without alarming people.''
      Copyright © 2001, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

      Have we now become to sensitive that one can no longer draw a picture of a knife or a gun without turned in and hand-cuffed? Are we not only one step away from being arrested for exercising our thought processes?
      All in the name of "art," what is being promoted at taxpayer expense? An upside down broken cross floating in a bottle of urine! One man urinating in the mouth of another man, etc., etc. This is called expression of thought, but drawing on a sheet of paper an outline of a knife or gun is not, and you can be hand-cuffed and carted off.
      I can see it now, "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the law says no person can carry a piece of paper with a drawing of a gun, and the defendant was obviously in possession of such a drawing. The law clearly states such should be condemned. What say you?"
      Did not even Christ say, let him that hath no sword, sell his cloak and buy a sword? Oh, no, not even a drawing of a sword, but a real sword. Horrors.
      -Ron Branson-
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